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Audio-Technica ATH-ES10 EarSuit Headphones

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Pros: sound, look, comfort, easy to drive

Cons: mediocre sound isolation, stock ear pads

Best sound i ever heard from closed-up portables. I tried: koss porta, senheiser momentum, senheiser hd 25, ath es700, ath or7 and others i dont remember and some number of earphones and few gaming headsets and some big old headphones after dad. Nothing came up even close. Every headphone i tried after es10, sounds boring, without bass and muffled. I was never after big opened up headphones for home listening. No doubt ES10 cant compete with those. But in category of portable headphones, es10 is the king. And here is why:



bass - 53mm drivers can produce bass, which 42mm cant. It is not just about quantity, but also about how low it goes and how detailed and accurate it is.

no sibilance

balanced frequency - depends on source, for example with fiio x3, there was emphasis on bass and instruments over voice, with nwz a15, it doesnt apply anymore and it is quite balanced

clarity - like i said, everything else i tried after es10 sounded muffed

music is full of details and there is dynamic, which i miss on other portables

soundstage - everything sounds very close - not good for some genre or taste


Build and looks

I used it a lot. Cups got scratches quickly. Other than that, its like new. Construction doesnt make sounds, it has still same clamping force. Even if scratched, its still best looking head gear i ever saw. Good think about es10 is also fact, that it doesnt make you look stupid thanks to its slim profile. Cabel is ideal for portable headphones. Short and thin.



Thanks to its 53mm drivers, its more around ear than on ear...or something right in the middle. I find it very comfortable. One important thing here: If you want to get the best out of it, you should buy leather ear pads from ESW11. Default ear pads on es10 are sadly from synthetic leather, which are less comfortable for long periods (it started to bother me usually after +- 1 hour) and makes your ears sweat. Leather pads also looks well and some even say, that they like the sound more with leather pads. Clapping force is exactly ideal. I can wear it for hours and also go running with it and it doesnt tend to move at all. Just perfect balance.



It weights more than most portable headphones like Momentum or es700 thanks to 53mm drivers, but its perfectly fine weight for portable use. Cups can rotate more than 90 degree so its also easy to put in bag or whatever you use for traveling. When it comes to isolation, it is somewhat mediocre. For me its perfect balance. I cant hear somebody talking in next room or hear my footsteps but can hear more louder sounds, which i like about it. I wouldnt feel comfortable to go around streets without my hearing. You will hear people talking right next to you, you will here street noise, metro noise. Its not ideal for commuting in noisy environment.


What is it for

I will sound like PR from audio technica but... these headphones are universal as in where to use, with what to use and what to play on it. Even when it is 53mm driver, it doesnt need to amp. Only audible sound difference for me between ordinary player and Fiio X3, was better bass response. Thanks to strong but controlled bass and balanced freq. response, it can take care of all music but of course something is better than other. Lot of people say, that these headphones shine with electronic and hip hop. I wouldnt recommend them for jazz or classical music or anything where is needed space and naturality of instruments. These headphones are so good sounding and comfortable (at least with leather pads), that it can be used also like a home listening headphones. There are of course better headphones to do the job but if you should have just one headphone, you should have es10.


Thats it. If you are looking for best headphones, which you can wear anywhere and plug into anything and you dont mind to pay a premium price, this is the king.


Pros: Angelic highs

Cons: Demonic bass


I like this headphone a lot.


My initial thoughts are... undertones of cherry walnut, infused with Goji berry from the fifth mountain of Ming valley watercrest, beckoned by the hurricane of Sakura, the tiger can't reach the candle.



Read more here - http://www.head-fi.org/t/545288/audio-technica-ath-es-10-appreciation-thread/120#post_8522317





Pros: Sound, Comfort, Lightweight, Build quality

Cons: Price, Blink Blink looks might not suit everyone

I've own most Audio Technica Portables (es7, esw9, esw10jpn, m50) and some other phone (Denon a100, tried Ultrasone 780 & 580). And This is by far my best choice. This may not be as good as esw10 but it is much more comfortable. Unlike esw10 that has huge amount of clamping force, es10 pads sits lightly on your ears. Other than that the build quality in this non limited edition seems more sturdy than the esw10, I think the Denon A100 also have worse build quality compared to this, so I think this is my perfect portable phone: Sturdy, lightweight, comfortable, and beautiful (this may vary).


The sound is also not that bad; I think it sounds great; well it's sounds more consumer oriented compared to esw10. While ESW10 sounds much more natural and seems to be the "reference" quality for portable phone. This phone offers much more fun; it sounds more like m50 than to ESW10 mainly I think is due the bass quantity; Despite that I think it sounded better than m50, it has more bass extension and stronger mids. the bass might be boomy but it never dominates the rest of the spectrum like on other bassy phones. Despite that It also offer great extension and detail on bass. The midrange is what makes it an Audio Technica phones, warm and lush; though it might recess a bit on  poorly recorded track. Soundstage is still small, a bit bigger than AT es line but smaller than A100. Separation is a bit poor compared to esw10, maybe due to bass. Headphone amplifier isn't a requirement but it does scale well; it gain more benefit compared to the old 42 mm AT driver. Nevertheless it's a great phone !


Some Updates, after few days using receiver as source I feel there are noticeable driven when driven by mp3 player that amp is just so so, I'm thinking of buying some Fiio or changing DAP


Pros: Warm and balanced sound, authoritative bass extension and weight, non-fatiguing

Cons: Could be more airy and articulate

For a portable, the ES-10 has surprisingly substantial sub-bass--very similar to the M50, with both able to almost match the D7000 all the way down to 30Hz (although the D7000 does it effortlessly, while the two AT models struggle a little bit more). In fact. The ES-10 and the M50 sounded so similar to the point where I wondered if they use the same driver. It's a pleasant and warm sound without any sibilance, but not as articulate or airy as I'd like. Being a portable on-the-ear is fine since it's actually pretty comfortable, but I still prefer to not have something pressing on my ears at all. I wouldn't pick the ES-10 over the M50 since the M50 costs less than half but sounds so similar, and is more comfortable, being full-sized, not to mention it folds down and is quite portable.

Audio-Technica ATH-ES10 EarSuit Headphones

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