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An excellent-value, clear-sounding DAC with a good headphone amp

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Anedio D2 DAC

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Nice (video) review Amos! I mostly agree, though the sound sig is just about perfect for my taste most of the time. I can see how it might be "too much" for some people though, where a smoother sound would be more welcome - especially with certain music or headphones. 
What a cop-out of a con... sheesh... :-P
On the contrary, it is MUCH easier to demonstrate something working, and more useful to do so, than write it all up. There is a lot of gear I wish I could have seen how it worked before buying it. 
Oh, I meant to tease you about the "CON" portion... "too hi-fi"
I have the Anedio D1 and feed it directly to my HD800s.... I then have it setup with RPGWiZaRD's Foobar2000 Mod.
The components are outstanding in their own but I feel that the synergy really is outworldly. It's not a mellowed or romantic sound by any means but the clarity and precision is the best I've personally heard in any system at any price. When listening to something like "Massive Attack - Dissolved Girl" in FLAC the rendering is so clear, precise and accurate that that alone sends shivers down my spine. I personally don't find it "harsh" at all, I just find it "clear" and I kind of "relax in the clarity".
When I started out in Head-Fi I thought I was in the romantic & warm tube camp, the Anedio and HD800 made me change my mind and I haven't gone back since. In fact - I've been so pleased with my setup I haven't changed a thing for nearly two years. If you want a "direct window" into music you'll struggle to do better!
Who still have the driver file for D2 DAC? Their WEB is gone. 
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