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Amazing headphones (Newbie).

A Review On: Alessandro MS1i

Alessandro MS1i

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Pros: Detailed High and Mids.

Cons: Comfort & Bass.


Note: I will be comparing these to the AKG K430.




Bass: Bassheads? Go away. These headphones can not be categorized under "For Bassheads". These MS1i's are very light yet very detailed with the bass. There are some "thuds" and "umpfs" but not to the point where your ears would vibrate even a little. The bass on these headphones (as stated before) are very detailed, you will hear the nice "uud" in worldwide musics. Overall? Detailed bass but very light.



HIGHS: The highs on these MS1's are amazingly clear (compared to the K430. The K430 are known for clear portables as well!). The highs on these MS1's will not pierce your ears if you turn the volume moderately high. The MS1's has laid back (only a little) the highs, mids and lows so that they all balance out, doing this allows the MS1's to show it's clear-ness with the highs through out many songs and genre that I listen to.


MIDS: The mids on these are (as stated before) laid back a little bit to allow the HIGHS and LOWS to show them self. The mids are very detailed and is very well balanced out.


LOWS: The lows on these are amazing, you will hear them fairly well and is somewhat detailed and not muddy compared to the K430.


Genre for these cans: Due to these cans being very well balanced out, they would fit in nearly every genre, except for those that uses a lot of bass (or moderately).



*Click* without headphones = 100% (Hearing percentage)

*Click* with headphones = 98% (Hearing percentage)


Isolation? No sir!


Comfort: I've used these for hours! 3 to 6 hours, and they don't hurt! Only until I take them off...


Design: All comes down to personal taste. I like them! :)


Value: Great. At the official website selling for $110? I'll get them! They are great and I highly recommend them for THAT price (or cheaper). But due to me being way to new to this! Don't judge only by my words!


Overall: Fantastic! 


Huh... Personally I think they have plenty of bass. I guess it goes to show how subjective things like this are.
Either way, glad you're liking them.
theeyealtering, welcome to the Grado sound spectrum!
At least you addressed the bass in simple terms. "Bassheads? Go away." Very nice. Most people shoot down Grados because of the lack of bass, but as theeyealtering said, the bass is enough for plenty of people.
it has to much bass for me personally. it really shows with bass heavy music. but overall they are amazing.
Sorry if there were some errors within my review.. I tried to find some "bassy" music in my music collection before I wrote the review. I looked in techno, dubstep, gorillaz and many more! But I in every song I heard within these heavy bass genres/artist, I couldn't find a song that would vibrate my ears with thee cans. I might be lookng at the wrong aspect of "bass" so, please do tell me if I am.

Thus, while I was writing the bass section in this review, I was jumping back and forth about the bass aspect. Is it about the vibration or is about the nice sound? So, please do correct my errors
nah i think bassheads just demand to much bass. at those levels it's amazing they can hear any more of the music.
I really should find some bass headphones, just so that I can understand what "bass" really is ^^"
I know a very bassy headphone. Try the Audio Technica A700. Thump! Thump! Thump!
Bass in Grados are fine.
And mooshimuushi, please also review the K242 ;)
Actually don't review the K242 until you get your amp.
I'm used to headphones like the AD900 and K702. Both have great bass IMO, just emphasis is on clarity rather than boom.
I was going to compare the MS1's to the AKG K242 HD (before i got the headphones).

But after 3 seconds of listening to the K242 HD, I was like..."not going to happen", because the akg was literally lacking an amp (from my point of view/listening).
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