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Alessandro MS1i Reviews

Positive Reviews


Modders Dream - Wonderful Sound


Pros: Clarity, detail, beautiful mid-range, punchy bass, easy to mod, great value

Cons: Comfort (initially), can get expensive once you discover the joy of modding, no isolation

These were purchased on impulse - more to experience the Grado/Alessandro sound than anything - and quickly became one of my favourite headphones.  Incredible sound, incredible value, and the ability to modify them yourself so that they punch far above their original weight.   For this review - I'm using them at my desktop with FLAC recordings using Amarok player (Linux) via and Audio-gd NFB-12 (using the brighter 8 x upsampling minimum phase apodising filter) .   Product Description The Alessandro MS1i is the entry level headphone from Alessandro (Grado) and is sold primarily outside the US (although they can be purchased within the US as well).  The MS1i...
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Negative Reviews


Better Available


Pros: good detail

Cons: Uncomfortable, Open=Leaks=Quiet and noisy depending on room noise.

They were ok at first, I enjoyed the added detail as they were my first good pair of phones. But they got VERY uncomfortable VERY quickly. Not just physically but audibly as well. very fatiguing.  Just got Sony 7506's and they are better in every way, comfortable, easier to drive, quieter background noise, better detail. better dynamics, and I can listen for hours comfortably.  I've been using a dac port pro for both sets. for 10-15 bucks more go sony. 

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A Musicians Take on a Music Series Headphone


Pros: Styling (subjective), Price Point, Modifiability, Great Starter 'Phone

Cons: Styling (subjective), Plastic can be a mild turn off, Somewhat narrow musical bandwidth

Allow me to begin by stating, along with many others, that I am no Audiophile. Not yet any ways ;) What I am is someone who listens to a whole lot of music for many many hours on end. I'm able to listen to music at work so I use the cans 8 hours straight every night and usually another 2-3 after I get home. I was originally set on grabbing a pair of Sennheisers as per their legendary reputation. I then saw a few pictures floating around of these "grado" cans and noticed a lot of folks were singing their praises from rooftops as well. After learning that a company I was familiar with from my other musical hobbies were tweaking these said "awesome" cans, and on the much appreciated...
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Not really that super


Pros: clear and powerful

Cons: too bright,no mentionworthy bass

- Uncomfortable due to high pressure on ears, huge earpads added = ok - Sound : Very bright, no mention worthy low bass (even with amp), pretty annoying = sold

Alessandro Music Series MS1i Black Walnut Cups


Pros: Smooth Mids and Treble, Full Bodied Bass, Light Weight, Easy to Drive

Cons: Smoothed Over Sound, Laid Back Tone

Alessandro Music Series MS1i Black Walnut Cups $169 Big thanks to JoeDoe of Head-Fi as he performed the cup installation as well as the swapping out the headband.  I paid a little more for mine due to the lovely Walnut Cups, price for a Stock Alessandro MS1i is $109        Now the headphones themselves have been outfitted with an Auvio Headband. Which offers a slightly more durability than the stock Grado Headband.     It has a nice construction, very light weight has a good feel in the hand. It also have a comfortable head band and a sturdy feel to it's hinges.      My only fault with the Auvio...
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Great for value, but not for all genres of Music


Pros: Sound quality (Subjective), design, ability to mod easily

Cons: Standard comfy pads causes ear fatigue within an hour, Not as portable, treble may be too sibilant for some people

These were my first ever "High end" headphones. I had to decide between these, the SR60, or the SR80. I decided to go with these as they were the same price of the SR80, but most people claimed for them to sound like the SR 125.  First listen was slightly disappointing. I overestimated the sound quality, coming from Bose AE2's. However, given several, maybe 50 hours of burn in, these cans really opened up. The soundstage was bigger than I imagined, and it really helps if you picture yourself at a concert. Instrument separation was great on this too. I was pleased after the burn in and didn't regret buying them at all. After a few weeks, I decided to try the hole punch mod, and so I...
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Outstanding for the price


Pros: Lovely rich warm sound while retaining that bit of Gradoness

Cons: For the price, none. Well ok comfort is never going to be a Grado selling point.

One of my favorite headphones period.  This side of the 225i's, there really is no reason to buy any Grados, the MS1's sound better and costs much less.

A beautiful pair of headphones


Pros: Open design, overal pretty flat sound, lightweight, great sound, very moddable

Cons: Somewhat fragile, leaks sound (obviously), y-split cable isn't great, initially uncomfortable

I love my MS1i's, they sound amazin, after I got used to it are quite comfortable and just sound beautifully open. The sound is quite flat and in turn is quite good for an amateur music producer like me, my dad's an expert on mastering and such and he says my mixes sound quite good. The cable has an y-split, which isn't too bad, but the cable itself after it splits is twisty and annoying and I had to replace it. But because the headphone is so moddable, it was really easy to do. For the price this headphone really is the bang for your buck, but be careful of import taxes. I had to pay about €25 extra (~$32) for importing it from America.   The headphone leaks sound, as you...
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not really a review


Pros: perfect for metalheads like me :p

Cons: too bright (sometimes)

metalheads ? this is what you're looking for :) need an amp to shine though.

My favorite cans to rock out to my music


Pros: AMAZING SOUND QUALITY (especially for rock)

I love these for when I want to enjoy my music, especially for rock.  Added the L-Cush pads on mine, which I find opens them up a bit more and improves comfort as well.  Best bang for buck cans, and a bargin at ~$100



Pros: Good female vocal with heavy bass,not expensive

Cons: uncomfortable

The vocal and the bass are just balanced! The bass aren't cover the vocal  Best HP in this price 

How MS1i sounds


Pros: Bright and clear sound, non-overpower bass

Cons: sounds Sizzle when playing MP3, uncomfortable

At first (after unboxing), they sounded not so good. Too bright sound and lot of sizzle. since 20 hours burned, it sounded better, larger soundstage, less sizzle but is still offensive to ears. now it's 30 hours burned. its sound goes better and better but is still too bright   The pads are always irritating my ears. If put them on long enough(20 min), it wont be irritating.   They'd go better with Rock music (light-rock) Metal is too hard work for them XD   Bodyslam's (Thai rock band) normal songs (only the songs which are not so heavy) are performed so nice with them! Queen's and Eagles's too lololololol
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