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Alessandro MS-Pro

100% Positive Reviews
Rated #88 in Over-Ear


I moved up from low end Grado’s and have been listening for about month now.

Delicate, warm and exciting. Very tight controlled base. Loving them for most music, but especially folk / instrumental / jazz etc.

Not for everyone, but I like the Grado design. Very light to were and reasonably comfortable.



Pros: Neutrality and overall refinement

Cons: May lack excitement for some

Initial impressions of these was a bit ho hum, but in reflection that is where these headphones really shine.  No matter what you throw at them they will retain an air of dignity and restraint, and they would never do anything so vulgar as to shout in ones ear.


The overall presentation is very neutral and refined, and not unlike my HD650's in their measured and polished manner.   Treble or bass junkies these are not the headphones for you, however they will surprise you in their ability to reach the lowest of the lows, and the highest of the highs without ever sounding strained.


Overall these require a more refined pallet, and acoustic or vocal centric source material to really shine. But its the tone of the delivery that will get your attention, where the warmth and natural sound is just so beautiful.


Pros: instrument separation, airiness, bass

Cons: nothing...besides the typical lack of comfort

Any Grado fan who hasn't heard this model MUST check it out.


Pros: Near natural and fast presentation, musicality, wooden sound texture.

Cons: Require a decent amp, treble have too much decay.

The woodies have a near neutral presentation, just add a bit warmth to the sound.


Bass: Accurate and fast, the quality is superb.

Mids: A little bit on the warm side, neither too forward nor too distant, but can be a bit bright when not properly amped.

Treble: IMO this is the only weakness of its sound. The treble of the ms-pro is well extended yet has very long decay. For some music genre, especially for classical music with piano, this decay make the music sound delicate and airy, which is a good thing. However, the decay is not perfect for fast music such as pop and rock, the delicate treble also sometimes gives me an illusion that the treble is a little bit roll-off, although it is not the case. I can see that the ms-pro may voiced for classical music, but they are still quite good with playing almost every genre.

Soundstage: not huge but very accurate and round soundstage.


The headphones are very good, although the treble is not of my liking. It is a shame as they could be my go-to headphones. But still, some who prefer more decay on treble may love their sound. Besides that, they are very good headphones.


Easily more detail than the k702 I own, and much more musical, a pleasure to listen to.  I'd rate them the same as the Grado RS-1.


Pros: Imaginge

Cons: price if you don't know where to look

These are my favorite "Grados".  With flats the bass is incredible.  The midrange is so lifelike you are taken to the front stage of a concert.   I've tried a lot of headphones and these are what I always go to and the price is reasonable. Mine are the i (latest improved) version.  I highly recommend these to anyone with a Solid State, Hybrid, or OPT Tube amp.

Alessandro MS-Pro

Grado style, open air wood chambered headphones

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