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incredible for heavy metal

A Review On: Alessandro MS-1

Alessandro MS-1

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Pros: amazing sound, good bass, clear highs/mids, comfortable

Cons: they look kind of ugly, questionable durability, open back

I ordered the alessandro ms1 on june 15/2011 and they just arrived today. after many delays from canada post and their strike i finally received it.


i am incredibly impressed and pleased with my purchase.


let's start my review



if i had to complain about anything on these headphones i think it would have to be be the looks and durability. after holding them in my hands i noticed they are made of plastic.and look quite unappealing. durability wise the cord seems a little loosely connected to the headset and i feel twisting might harm it. also they are open back so this makes it hard to take places. they are masters of noise leakage.


Update: The screw which screws the extender to the ear cup has become loose and it keeps falling out. It's not a huge issue as the headphones still work and when their on your head they don't fall out, but it is really annoying.



many people say grado's are uncomfortable. well perhaps they are correct. but these are really comfortable. their lightweight and have comfortable pads.


Sound Quality

ok so this is the most important part. this is only a first impressions so it might change after i get used to it. sound quality is for the most part amazing. these are not harsh or abrasive and they are not honest making listening to badly recorded music more fun. these have loads of bass. those who say they don't are crazy. they are really fast headphones and the mids are very present. the highs are not harsh or sibilant.

now im a metalhead and listen to almost exclusively metal so this is my impressions on that matter.


electric guitar is very forward and fun. it has the energy it needs to have. drums are very present. and bass has a very forward sound to.


now folk metal is another thing. with my shure srh840 i find flutes and folk instruments hard to listen to. these make them clear fun and not screechingly harsh.


now i don't have very much experience with headphones so take my review with a grain of salt but i feel that for $99 these are definitely worth it.


now stop reading this review and buy a pair.




Agreed on the cables/plastic -- was expecting something a little bit better. However, I don't think they look at all ugly. But then again, I also like how the ER4 looks...
well thats the way all grado's look, TBH this is one of those cases in which sounds stands up over everything else. I dont think thay have loads of bass tho, the SR80 has it, this have just the right ammount for me, and the punch! might be my favorite aspect soundwise, great for metal indeed.
i quite like them. they are really good. but i feel my shure 840 is better. but i am waiting for the return of those. i think i like both cans for different reasons.
i will do a comparison review when my shure returns.
I know I'm jumping the gun, but out of curiosity... How well are the 840s built?
phenomenally, like a tank. read my comparison review between my 3 pairs of decent headphones
Interesting...Never thought they looked too well-built from the pictures.
trust me they are really well built. yes it's plastic but it's strong plastic.
ok im sold on the sound of these. guitars sound very upfront and powerful. this is what i want metal to sound like.
Great honest review, makes me curious about the Shure's but I never was a fan of their IEM's compared to other offerings so I have a bad taste in my mouth from that.
can't say much for their iems but i know their headphone line is top notch value for the most part.
I have to disagree with you, bcasey. Though I bought the 109$, i-version. I find that while the bass is present, of course, the headphones are very lacking in bass; the bass is not loud, and absolutely not booming. And I like booming bass. Gives the music a little extra punchieness. Also, I find that the drums sort of get in the background, which is also to my disliking. What I enjoy is that the music sounds very clear, making my old headphones sound muddy in comparison.
wolham, everyone may have different experiences. i heard the non i version has more bass.
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