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Alessandro MS-1


Pros: Neutral, Very Good For Spoken Word, Acoustic, Vocal Music

Cons: Narrow But Precise Soundstage

These are my third pair of audiophile headphones. In the 1970's I had a set of ~$200 cans driven by a reel to reel, fed through a paragraphic 7 band per channel equalizer and a DBX Box.


Fast forward thirty years to 2003. I bought a pair of Grado SR-80's. Wow! About half the cost of the earlier high end headphones (Sennheisers?) I had owned. Tight sound, worked well with tv, ipod, and anything else, including an almost audiophile grade am radio. Sadly my middle god-daughter sat on these one day, breaking several bits and pullling out cables. (My hearing is still fine in my mid-50's, and I can still hear and appreciate Maddy Pryor or Yma Sumac hitting a high register in good form. I can also hear the awfulness that is inflicted on Maddy Pryor by mp3 direct-download album purchase--her voice did not and does NOT chatter or stutter on LP or cassette versions of the same song from the same master!)


I replaced the SR-80 model with the entry Alessandro offering-a factory "second" with some off-center moulding that didn't affect the sound. These are usually fed by a portable DVD/VCD player (an XRT) going into a Little Dot Mark III with Soviet military tubes, upgraded from stock.


These are more comfortable than the SR80 model and seem to conform better to my ears, and in general have a sweeter but still largely uncolored sound. I listen to a lot of Old Time Radio broadcasts, sourced mainly from transcription discs, chants, Niyaz, vartious other "world" artists and a lot of Bach. I haven't trtied these with orchestral music or arena rock (Rush et al) so I can't comment on whether or not this design can work magic with those as well.


Now that I have been introduced to the realm of after-market professional/enthusiast  headphone rebuilds and modifications, I am in a quandry: Should I sell the Alessandros and then have the Grado drivers rebuilt with a pair of wood cups? Or the other way around?


Pros: Clear Highs / Mids, Smooth Bass, Retro Looks, Overall Hi-Fi SQ

Cons: Plastic Build Quality, Uncomfortable Stock Pads/Headband, Cords Get Twisted

I wanted some tried and true entry level Hi-Fi quality headphones.  Easy Answer:  Grado. 


I research and researched... Which ones to get?  SR60i, SR80i, SR125i?  Then I found out about Alessandro.


Alessandro MS1 was basically the SR125i sound, but for only $99.00.  Perfect! 



The first time I played these (even with no burn in) I knew I had made the right choice.  CLEAR!  So clear with a wonderful mid bass bump.  I heard things in songs I never knew were there.  Amazing.


After almost two years of use, the sound is ever so slightly smoother and a tad warmer.  Though I would not call these "warm" headphones.  Just warm compared to the rest of the Grado Product Line.


These headphones do have their issues.  The open design means these are basically "home use only".  And even there, I can hear my air-conditioning blowing air, I can hear the fan on my refrigerator kick on.  Though on a positive note, I can hear when I get a text or phone call.  smile.gif


Comfort.  Yeah, not great.  Stock earpads can be itchy and hard.  Plus they are so close to the driver, you get little to no soundstage.  Easy solution though.  $13 Quarter Modded HD414 Bright Yellow Ear Pads [Link]  Cheap and easy fix.


Next, I had to do something about the NO padding headband.  After a while it felt like it was digging into your brain.  Another cheap and easy fix, a $15 Beyerdynamic Replacement Headband [Link].



This is how my MS1 looks now:





I do love these headphones.  I love the retro looks, I love that they are different, I LOVE the SQ.




Pros: amazing sound, good bass, clear highs/mids, comfortable

Cons: they look kind of ugly, questionable durability, open back

I ordered the alessandro ms1 on june 15/2011 and they just arrived today. after many delays from canada post and their strike i finally received it.


i am incredibly impressed and pleased with my purchase.


let's start my review



if i had to complain about anything on these headphones i think it would have to be be the looks and durability. after holding them in my hands i noticed they are made of plastic.and look quite unappealing. durability wise the cord seems a little loosely connected to the headset and i feel twisting might harm it. also they are open back so this makes it hard to take places. they are masters of noise leakage.


Update: The screw which screws the extender to the ear cup has become loose and it keeps falling out. It's not a huge issue as the headphones still work and when their on your head they don't fall out, but it is really annoying.



many people say grado's are uncomfortable. well perhaps they are correct. but these are really comfortable. their lightweight and have comfortable pads.


Sound Quality

ok so this is the most important part. this is only a first impressions so it might change after i get used to it. sound quality is for the most part amazing. these are not harsh or abrasive and they are not honest making listening to badly recorded music more fun. these have loads of bass. those who say they don't are crazy. they are really fast headphones and the mids are very present. the highs are not harsh or sibilant.

now im a metalhead and listen to almost exclusively metal so this is my impressions on that matter.


electric guitar is very forward and fun. it has the energy it needs to have. drums are very present. and bass has a very forward sound to.


now folk metal is another thing. with my shure srh840 i find flutes and folk instruments hard to listen to. these make them clear fun and not screechingly harsh.


now i don't have very much experience with headphones so take my review with a grain of salt but i feel that for $99 these are definitely worth it.


now stop reading this review and buy a pair.




Pros: Very good all-rounder, excellent value for the money

Cons: Tiny soundstage, can become uncomfortable after a while, mid-bass hump, leak a lot, not really suited for portable use.

These where my first good full-sized headphones and have served as my main headphones for home use since 2007 until recently (2013).


At $100 these are a good price, especially for people living outside of the US where Grados are just way too expensive. The sound is relatively flat, but the mid-bass is a little emphasized. Some might call that "fun" or "punchy", but I could live without it, honestly. The MS-1 sounds forward, mainly due to the small soundstage, but also because of a small rise of the upper midrange. These phones don't have that much extension on either side of the frequency spectrum. When listening to classical or jazz you really notice how small the soundstage is. With heavier stuff, like rock or metal, this isn't much of a problem. Surprisingly, these do quite well with organ music; the forwardness of these headphones really replicates the intensity of the instrument well.


The MS-1 are easy to drive and sound with almost any source or amp. They leak a lot of sound. I would never use them outdoors, you'd just annoy everyone around you! After a while they can become uncomfortable as well. I have to readjust them every once in a while, but eventually they just start to hurt my ears.


At $100 these are an excellent introduction to high-end headphones. They handle most music well and the fact that they don't need an amp to sound good is convenient, especially for newbies who are weary of spending more for a good amp. I still use them every now and then, even if my DT880 has now replaced them as my main headphone for at home listening.


Pros: Amazing sound

Cons: A bit odd looking, rubber tip came off of pole

I bought these used off ebay, and already burnt in.  They sound amazing.  Everything is balanced, the bass is tight and punchy, the mids are detailed, and the highs are clear. They sound like you would expect from a company like Grado. Anyone who says the bass is lacking is probably a bass head or major dub-step fan.


On the downside they can look a little goofy, the little rubber tip also popped off one of the poles and I will have to replace it.  These are pretty comfortable, however, the stock headband has no padding and looks a little cheap.  The stock foam pads can be a little scratchy as well. With a nice leather headband and a sock mod, I think that these would look awesome in a retro sort of way.


Another note is that the cord is something like 7 foot long.  That's great at home but if you use it portable the cord you will have to wrap it or something. Also as with all open headphones there is sound leakage so be considerate of your neighbors.


Pros: great sound, light-weight, economical

Cons: the cable

I'm a Grado fan, and when my SR80s broke down after extensive use, I got a pair of these MS1's in a trade. I love their sound, i think they look cool, they're comfortable and they're not expensive.


The previous owner modded them with softer ear cushions which just adds to my enjoyment.


Pros: good sound, highs, mids, bass

Cons: durability, comfort

Do you want a grado? Are you on a budget? Do you live outside the usa? Get these.



I'm going to say it like it is.


Grados past the sr80i aren't worth it. The alessandro ms1 is essentially a sr125i for $99.


I own the grado sr225i (well they broke) and i put these to the test. Since the right cup on my grado sr225 is broken i swapped cups and listening with the alessandro ms1 on the right while the grado sr225 is on the left. I failed to hear any significant difference and it was listenable as a normal headphone. Grado what are you pulling?


I love the sound of grados, they are very aggressive and are amazing for rock/metal. What i don't like is substantial price increases for relatively little sound quality improvement. The alessandro ms1 is everything a grado should be and compares with the sr225i immensely well. Just get this or the sr60i/80i and forget about other grados. Some will say it's just a taste of gradodom but i believe the 5-10% increase at 2x the price isn't substantial enough. I thought the grado sr225 was awesome but that was mostly placebo. $200 vs $99. If you bought both your brain will want to tell you the $200 pair is superioir so you don't feel ripped off. It is superior but in a very small way. At least if you buy ms1 for $99 if it breaks you aren't out of a ton of cash.


Pros: Clarity and detail at its pricepoint. Moddibility.

Cons: Emphasized mid-bass. Small soundstage. Uncomfortable pads.

My first set of 'real' cans.  It transformed my music library over just a few weeks.  The texture and detail are the best I have heard for their price, and the best I have ever owned.  While not good at electronic, acoustic, rock, and metal sounded fantastic.



I unfortunately killed a driver while performing my 900th mod.  I miss them.  Hopefully I will own them again one day.


Pros: Great sound for price,great for rock

Cons: terribly uncomfortable

Make sure you don't mind making some diy pads for these

Alessandro MS-1

Alessandro MS1 (Music Series 1). Alessandro's bottom-tier headphone based on Grado's design and drivers.

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