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A Review On: AKG K701 Studio Headphones

AKG K701 Studio Headphones

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Pros: SQ!, build quality, design, comfort*

Cons: comfort* and sometimes bass

Lets start with:


Design, build quality & comfort:


They are white - thats what people notice on the first look. I must say I really like the design and the "feel" - The leather headband is a nice addition to the white and gray colors.


Build quality is very very good - they are very sturdy and don't feel like breaking apart after a month. I dropped them incidentally few times, rolled with my chair over the cable and they are still in prefect condition. 4 Stars


*Comfort - before I bought them I read alot about the comfort (haedband) issue and when I put them first time on my head I was sure that the rumors were true - the bumps were digging a hole in my skull.

BUT: I got them about 2-3 months now and the comfort is no longer a problem for me. About a month ago I tried to soften the bumps by squeezing and pressing them. I'm not sure if it helped, but now I think that they are one of the most comfy headphones I tried! The best are the pads - very thick and deep:) 4 Stars

The K701 leaks alot to the outside - they could be very annoying to other people. They also don't block much of the outside noises.



Audio quality:


When I put them first time on my head I was simply out of my breath - the amount of details I've never heard was amazing! Vocals also sounds great.

They shows their best when listening jazz, ambient, chillout and classical. Sadly they DO NOT rock. They sound very thin when listening SOAD, Korn or Sepultura:/


The BASS issue: the bass is tight, controlled, very deep, the only thing lacking in K701 is bass IMPACT in bass-heavy music and rock/metal.

They've got huuuge soundspace (some say: too big). This is a feature, which makes them great for movies (at least for me).


Amping - is another big thema with K701, but DON'T EXPECT NIGHT/DAY DIFFRENCE! - if You don't like them unamped, you'll probably won't like them with powerful amp. When properly amped their sound becomes more smooth and less fatiguing - the bass is also a bit better in all aspects.


Burning in - beat me, I'm not noticing any spectacular diffrence over the time.

Overall: 4 and half Stars





If youre looking for high details, great with jazz, classical (!) and vocals headphones you can't do better at 250$!


I was prepared for a 600 hour burn in , but listening to them now I find nothing wrong with the sound out of my Voyager amp or little tube amp. For classical music that is.
First off, great review :)
I just wanted to add that I turned these into Rock Machine if I can says so as "audio newbie" , paired them with FiiO E11 - Gain: High , Bass EQ - 2
Now music like Dope,In Flames or Slipknot came to life, guitars and bass are so much better and there is definitely much much better bass impact while everything else stays clear. In music like Madonna - Hollywood I even have to turn Bass EQ back to 1 because it's already too much.
Great review, really enjoyed it. In regards to your comments about the bass I feel that the K701 is a little more nuanced then people give it credit for. It conveys bass impact when there's meant to be bass impact but not all of the time like other 'phones do. Just wanted to add that bit in. Thanks for the read!
I know this is probably going to sound stupid, but with all of the posts of how picky the K 701 is with amps, I really was expecting a night and day difference. People are always like "oh without a good amp the K 701's sound like garbage" or things of the sort. I hardly find that to be the case. Straight out of an iPhone 4S yes the bass seems leaner than with a good amp and yes the treble is a bit grainy and fatiguing, but amping doesn't make a HUGE difference in sound quality like what I was expecting from people's posts.
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