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AKG K 702 Headphones Reviews

Positive Reviews

YoYo JoKeR

AKG K702: The Best Kept Secret


Pros: Reference Performance, Well Engineered, Very Comfortable, Unbeatable Value

Cons: Bass Slightly Lacking in Quantity

Me: I am a 21 year old student living in a small town in India. I would like to call myself a music enthusiast, rather than an audiophile. I was inspired by music since childhood, and as the time passed, the passion of music grew in me, and that subsequently led me to join Head-Fi. Eventually, I found the pleasure of listening to music mainly by the HD600 and recently, by the seductive LCD2 headphones, and realized the true components of recorded music. I usually like to listen to Indian Classical Music along with Bollywood songs. My main listening genres include classical, vocal, instrumental, jazz and sometimes pop.  With time, my sonic preferences have very much grown. I avidly...
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Dev Avidon

All Work and No Play


Pros: Dead neutral, detailed and revealing (though oddly enough, not on the same level as the much warmer HD-650s), extremely comfortable (for me anyhow)

Cons: Not "fun" to listen to. Cold, analytical and soulless poorly amped, hardly inviting even out of my best gear. Cheap plastic on band breaks easily.

And yet, of every headphone I've ever owned, heard, lived with, worked with...you name it at a sane price range, these are the ones that time and time and again I come back to when I'm testing out new gear.  That should basically say it all.  When I want to know what, on average, a new DAC or amp (especially a new amp) is worth, these are the first cans I run through them.  Because if it can do these justice, it's looking good for pretty much every other hard-to-drive can in my inventory (and there are a few).  I also use these pretty much exclusively for tracking and mobile editing.    And as much as I want to malign their lack of apparent musicality, I nevertheless end up using them for...
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Negative Reviews




Pros: very wide soundstage, detailed

Cons: not much "below surface" detail, unnatural timbre, little bass impact and NOT neutral

I can only conclude that, after several months trying to like this headphone, (and oh did I try) I just have to give up trying and admit that I don't like it.   Bass:   Fans of the AKG k702 (or the K70x or Q70x e.t.c.) series will tell you that, not only is the bass well textured and accurate, but that it has a "neutral" quantity of bass. I don't find that to be true. Unless the only instrument playing is, say, a bass drum, the K702 allows every other part of the spectrum to overwhelm the bass, causing it to lose all impact. You are not only supposed to hear the sound of a bass note but also feel (as close as that is attainable on a headphone) the impact.   Take...
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Don't believe the hype


Pros: Weight, Comfort, Soundstage

Cons: Tone, Fatiguing

I used this out of a USB Pico DAC -> Dynalo (Sheer Audio HA-006+) -> K702 using well ripped FLAC files   I really thought this was going to be better, but I really just do not like these headphones much at all. Probably my biggest complaint is the airyness and tone of the vocals. I also have a pair of Grado HF2 and the HF2 just absolutely completely super duper destroys the K702 in tonality, especially the vocals.   It's also very fatiguing for my ears for some reason, even at quiet-medium listening levels. I've read this is because it has a high frequency spike or something. Oh well. I learned a valuable lesson with these K702, the best and only way to know if a headphone sounds...
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More Reviews


A great companion to the HD650


Pros: Spacious sound stage; realistic vocals; high level of detail; lightweight and comfortable for long sessions;

Cons: Can be a little on the cold side

I've owned these for the best part of a month now and have done some extensive listening with them both in extended listening sessions of several albums and of comparative listening sessions with with my HD650. I feel I am ready to comment on the qualities of these phones.   I had always intended to put these and the HD650 against each other and sell one, as I had thought it would be an indulgence to keep two expensive open circumaural home-listening phones. The problem I have found (and it's a good problem to have) is that the are fantastic companions. Any type of music the HD650 does not do so well with, the K702 shines with and where the K702 seems a bit too formal and cold, the HD650s...
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Basically Awesome!


Pros: Comfort, build, sound.

Cons: Nothing that I can think of.

So I have essentially re-p[purchased a pair of K702s, in as much as I previously owned and sold a pair of K701s   I had got rid of the K701s because I just wasn't using them much, due to the fact that I'm basically bald and found the bumps on the underside of the headband quite uncomfortable.   I came back to these after a very disappointing experience with a pair of Beyerdynamic T90s - I know some folks love them, but they did absolutely nothing for me.   With the smooth, non-bumpy headband and removable cable, the K702 is pretty much my perfect set of 'phones.   I really rate the build quality and design and find them supremely comfortable now the headband...
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Prog Rock Man



Pros: Detail

Cons: Detail

Can you have too much of a good thing? Going by the various threads and reviews of the K702s, yes. These cans give you so much detail it is not true. Sounds appear that have never been heard before in the background of familiar tracks. That satisfies some and manages to irritate others. i did not understand that until recently.   When I first got my K702s I only had open backed headphones. But the demands of family life and travel meant that my next few purchases were closed backed to limit noise leakage, of which the K702s have loads.   I then got used to the deeper more bloomy bass, in your head sound and echo like resonance of closed backed cans.   Returning one day after...
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AKG 701, great phone, amazing value

Airy soundstage, sparkling detail, and a slightly cool presentation, with accurate and detailed bass response, lighter bass than others I've owned but not bass-light.  Paired with my WA6se, Sovtek rectifier (to fill out the bottom end) and Sylavania 6DE7, they sounded wonderful.

Clear, detailed, bass light.


Pros: really clear, good soundstage, comfortable

Cons: hard to drive

I like the AKG k702, they are pleasant to listen to, do a good job of positioning, very airy and open.  Sound is very balanced for the most part, but could use a little more bass (might also be my amp, I don't think my littledot has enough power for these or the hd800s)   I like them 99.7% as much as my HD800s (out of this source) if that gives you any hint!

love 'em or hate 'em


Pros: excellent value; wide soundstage; great rendering of acoustic instruments

Cons: lacks bass impact; shouty upper midrange; headband bumps are uncomfortable for some

Just trying to pull the average up. can't believe someone would give reference headphones of this quality a 1.5 star rating overall. but, that, i suppose is the love/hate nature of the k701/k702.   personally, i feel they are wonderful headphones.  and, at $260 street price at time of this posting, you'd be hard pressed to find a better sounding pair for the money.   they are a little light in bass impact, and a little strong in the upper mid (female vocal range).  harmony vocals can get a little shouty sometimes.    but, what they do well is render acoustic instruments with startling realism, and produce a spacious sound that is perfect for listening to concert hall recordings.    ideal...
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Pros: Very detail oriented

Cons: headband not so comfy past 30 min.

I loved them while I had them, recabled them with DHC Nucleotide cable and liked them even more. There is a but, I was not able to pony up the cash to power them properly so I had to let them go. I thought I could make them work with the rig i had (uDAC->Indeed hyrbid) but it ended up just frustrating me. They were awesome with female vocals and any acoustic recordings! Every once and a while I get phantom memories of those mids and cry a bit inside because they are gone...  Someday I'll own them again!    

Fantastic detail and soundstage


Pros: Detailed sound and huge soundstage

Cons: Bumps on headband kinda hurt, needs proper amping.

Beautiful detailed and analytical sound provide a well balanced and easy listening experience. This, coupled with a huge soundstage, put these headphones at the top of my list. 

Great Product, Highly recommended


Pros: Comfortable, Light, Great quality, large soundstage

Cons: Very Neutral

These are my first pair of AKG headphones and I am very impressed. At first I was worried that the headband would not be comfortable, but surprisinly it is very soft. The sound stage is very large and impressive. I like that an amp is not needed for enjoyable listening, unlike my Hifiman headphones. The headphones are very neutral though, lacks energy. Would recommend because the sound is very clear though.

had this for a day


Pros: good soundstage

Cons: too dry

It was just alright. I wanted to look for something close to hd800 soundstage but cheaper. This one did not do for me.
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