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AKG K 550 Reviews

Positive Reviews




Pros: Open Stage, No Congestion at High Volumes, Quality Built, Reference Response Curve, Comfort

Cons: Artificial Treble (can be improved with burn in & DAC/amplifier), Earcups Maybe Too Large For Some

Introduction I got these headphones around the national holiday. These came out about 2 years after I had got my K701. I was first attracted by its classy design and colour. I thought I would never get another pair of AKG headphones since K701 has been my favorite all the time. I finally decided to purchase a pair due to the discounted price of $180 USD including shipping in my country; and most importantly, I needed a closed can(s) to enjoy music at night without disturbing others. In this review, I will skip all the con(s) about these headphones and straightly elaborate on the sound quality and cozy build structure of these headphones. The reason is that at this price point, there are...
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Amazing Deal for the Price


Pros: Very balanced monitor style. Great with classical music. Great construction

Cons: Bass could use more body. Bulky and sometimes sweaty.

Bought these bad boys on sale from Harman Audio. Very clear and balanced sound for the price range, I have also had some good Grado SR80i headphones that I gave to my brother but the AKG K550 has very good sound with little leakage compared to open backs (good for office use). I love how Beethoven and Bonobo sound, these headphones have a very 'true to life' reproduction. So far I have found that I notice many details in tracks that I have not heard before!    Perhaps not the absolute best audio in the world, but definitely one of the best values in the crowded sub 300$ space. If you can get them on sale, I would highly recommend them to any budget conscious...
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[$200 & Under]Best Beginner $200 Headphones


Pros: Sound, Fit, Style

Cons: Ears Can Get Sore

I've constantly said I wanted to try these. I've seen the price tag stay at $200, and it's appropriate. It's big, but has elements. It's sound is stand out, Class A, $200 Sound.   The AKG K550 I've been wanting to try these since I seen the price tag, after searching for an upgrade, looking at the MDR-7506, and seeing these side by side, the MDR-7506 is OK, but has a purpose. It's a Studio Monitor, that's it's justice. The AKG K550 is an important piece in it's price range, and it reminds us as the why the M50 lost it's reputation.   I finally got a chance to borrow these.   Let's discuss. Build Quality: - To one who can appreciate, is to one who's more likely...
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Negative Reviews


AKG K550 Review - An attractive and well built closed headphone that has many strengths, but ultimately falls short on sound quality.


Pros: Looks, Build Quality, Decent tonality and fairly flat FR from midrange down to bass, no treble emphasis, decent soundstage for a closed headphone

Cons: Serious peak and resonance in one spot in the upper mids ruins an otherwise decent headphone

  First Impression   When I first listened to these headphones, my initial two thoughts in this order were: 1. Wow these sound pretty fast and also fairly even - 15 seconds later - 2. Wow something is wrong with the upper mids     Packaging who cares   Build Quality/Aesthetics These headphones feel very well built.  I can't speak to their longevity or durability, but they are nice to hold, feel sturdy, the movements are tensioned well and feel solid, there's no creaking of cheap plastic.  The finish feels durable and well made.  One of the better headphones out there IMO for it's apparent build quality and finish....
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Inoffensive but uninspiring


Pros: Spacious - for closed back. Non-fatiguing, easy going sound. Work surprisingly well with iPhone.

Cons: No better than a reasonable £30 pair of open back 'phones.

I tried these with a Benchmark DAC1, a Fiio X3, a Fiio X1+E17 and various lesser devices including an iPhone. They seem pretty easy to drive. Music was a mixture of classical and Jazz - both CD quality and HiRes.    My value rating is based on the £107 I actually paid from Amazon. I am having to keep reminding myself how cheap they now are in order to give them much praise though. I guess the heavy discounting of these should have told me that they were not that special.I would certainly have been pretty pis**d if I had paid full price.   Their best attribute is a surprisingly spacious presentation - about as good as a cheapish pair of open 'phones. To me...
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It's alright, but build quality and sound are not for me


Pros: Good mids, and decent treble

Cons: Subpar build quality for a 300$ pair of headphones

Well, the K550s don't sound bad by any means, however, the sound signature isn't really for me. I like a little less mid focus and a bit more bass. Less neutral and more fun, really.  Now the build quality of the K550s are not superb by any means. Firstly, the headband cushion was peeling off in the corner right out of the box. Which was really disappointing. The construction of these headphones felt flimsy, even though it is built of aluminum. The M50s have much better build quality than the K550s.  It's really love or hate for me. The comfort isn't great either. My ears touch the drivers which causes them to hurt my ears after only an hour of use. 

More Reviews


[Comparison Review] AKG K550 & Audio Technica ATH-A900X


Pros: Excellent bass extension & mid-range clarity. Smooth & grain-free treble. Spacious soundstage.

Cons: Treble rolls off a bit early. Lower-treble a bit too forward. Mid-range and bass could both use some additional body. Sound imaging a bit indistinct.

Comparison Review: ATH-A900X, AKG K550   Two years ago, when I was looking to upgrade my aging ATH-A9X, I came across the AKG K550 and the ATH-A900X, both then newly-released, with several head-fiers reporting that they are tonally-similar headphones. Unable to decide which one to get, I bought both to do a comparison. I ended up keeping the K550 for myself and giving the A900X to my wife (who still uses it and loves it).   Below are my thoughts regarding how these two cans compare.   ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ Craftsmanship & Comfort   Audio-Technica ATH-A900X The A900X isn't a bad-looking headphone, but lacks K550's elegance. That said, comfort level is excellent and...
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Mark K

Big sound....as the size suggests


Pros: Clear high band, acceptable mid tone

Cons: Absolute lack of bass

Well, the infamous K550 was there. Big, comfort at an incredible price. I had to wait for one week before I got mine so I put it on. Absolutely better than K701 I had a while ago. However, the overall quality is killed by zero presence of the bass. Where have they gone?

Very impressive technically as well as musically


Pros: imaging, clean sound

Cons: no carrying case included

I have been using AKG K550 for past few weeks and enjoying them pretty well. This is my first foray into mid fi and I think its a solid contender for getting into mid fi sound especially as it has very low barrier for entry (whole setup). I am driving it with Audinst hud mini, entry level dac/amp and it drives it with authority and good clarity.   I have been using Sennheiser HD518 extensively, and have auditioned HD595 as well as HD650 before this. So thats my reference point here as HD5XX series is rather popular and what you can expect to get if you go for K550.   First some sound signature differences between sennheiser and akg. k550 requires you to be engaged to music...
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The Versatile AKG K550


Pros: Balanced response, Versatile, Closed-back with an open sound, Build quality

Cons: Lack-luster with classical, ears touch drivers, take a while to break in, lose some personality with time

            When I purchased my AKG K550, I was in the market for a closed-back headphone that gave me the best open-back sound while containing the noise so I could use them in a dorm room. The AKG K550 does that and much more.               After a few days of pink noise break in and heavy music listening, they really showed their true high-performance colors. The highs were balanced and resolving, the mids forward as in any AKG headphone, and the lows are rich and placed perfectly within the frequency spectrum. I was initially blown away by the response of these headphones for being closed back,...
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So open you forget they are closed back

Having owned quite a few closed back headphones I have never experience the open sound these AKGs produce. Yes they may be light on bass but they excel in every other quadrant. Detail, tone and space ooze from these headphones and draw you in. At this price point I would dare to say they are unmatched if you want a truly uncoloured musical listening experience. One snag is people with smaller heads may not get a good seal around the ear cups which will ruin the experience. Try before you buy!

My Daily Cans


Pros: Clear, Articulate, Powerful, Wide sound stage, Easily driven, So Comfortable, Extremely solid build quality and $300!

Cons: Long cable (braided it, perfectly fine)

I have loved these headphones since I picked them up out of the box. They are mostly metal with thick, soft, leather pads and sit on your head very snugly (and if they don't for some reason you can bend it slightly, feel free to message me if you have questions). They produce excellent sound and with a solid burn in it only gets better. The soundstage will open up and the overall sound quality improves greatly. However, one annoyance for me was the long cable which I just braided, afterwards no problem at all. Also I bought an extra pad for the headband for when I want a super snug fit and I highly recommend getting one...
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Pros: Sound is spotless. Design is nice and clean. Like Crocs are to your feet, the AKG K550 is to your head, nice and comfi.

Cons: No detachable cable.

When i first saw the AKG K550 i was blown away. The design was so unique and very good looking and when i listen to them i was blown away just more. I bought them without hesitation and hurried home with my new badboys. I have now had them for 3 months, and i have been happy for them every day since. I wish that hearing them was a part of  this review, because the sound is phenomenal.   Sound quality: The bass is very deep, soft and round without getting muddy. The mids is extremely rich and powerfull. The highs is 100% clear. Overall this headphone sounds terrific. Some even say that they sound like an open hedphone, but i would not say so that they do. I understand...
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Absolutely Fantastic cans by AKG


Pros: Amazing build quality, open sound, closed headphone

Cons: so big! And cord isn't detachable.

These headphones are fantastic!   Build Quality- These are the best built headphones I have ever seen.  They are all leather, pleather, and metal, and feel tough yet very lightweight. Comfort- These headphones are unbelievably light and comfortable, but they are so big that some people have complained that they feel like these headphones swallow their heads.  If you have a small head you might want to reconsider.  Also the leather earpads have foam inside, which is comfortable, but not exactly the sort of feel I was expecting. Sound-  as a previous reviewer said, these have two bumps in the bass.  However, the bass is understated. I personally prefer...
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Get them while you can !


Pros: Sound, Overall quality, Comfort, Closed-back but they don't sound like it, Bang for the buck

Cons: Non-removable cable, Cable is very long (3m), Can be hard to drive from small devices, not recommended for small heads because of sealing issues

This a review, as well as bit of a comparison to the Focal Spirit One, as those are the last headphones I owned and I absolutely loved them.  Man, where to start with these; right off the bat let me tell you that I absolutely love them. They are totally different from the Spirit One, and in a very positive way. When I first got the 550's, I was surprised at how heavy the box is. Now to anyone who thinks you get a lot of accessories with the K550's, I have to disappoint you. All you get are the headphones and a quarter inch adapter, the latter of which is gold plated and screws on top of your cable. Everything about the headphones exudes quality, which couldn't be said about my...
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I've never heard music like I did with this headphone?


Pros: great sound stage. reasonable tasteful bass. Great MIDDD range

Cons: Pads wear out and they do not sell replacements. it can be too big and fall off.

INTRODUCTION   few months back my friend tried these headphones. Few days ago she wanted to buy it from me. And I quote her to start this review off "I've never heard music like I did with this headphone"   Hello ladies and gentlemen. I am a hobbyist that creates reviews and post beautiful Instagram photos of various audio equipment. That being said, my passion for audio quality started with my Sennheiser HD598s. However over time I felt the HD598s lacked bass. But I loved my HD598s and wanted something that contains the sound stage + bass. I came across the AKG 550  and immediately fell in love with it. If anyone asks me "what should my first audiophile headphone be?"...
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