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AKG K 272 HD High-Definition Headphones Reviews

Positive Reviews


Great value for money.


Pros: Great comfort, great sound, lightweight.

Cons: A bit fragile.

These headphones are awesome. They truly are. I did happen to have some bad experiences with them, but my pair was defective (most likely). It happened that a piece of plastic snapped in half and a screw inside broke, leaving the right earcup hanging. That said, the guys at the Hi-Fi shop took the headphones in to see if they were fixable. Turns out, that was not the case, so they gave me a new pair of headphones. These are great. Just wearing these is amazing, due to the self adjusting headband which provides the most comfortable fit. Another nice thing is that the headband is not too light, it provides some resistance, which is nice. The lack of resistance is a problem that i have...
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Great comfort, okay sound


Pros: Excellent mids AKG is know for

Cons: Slightly bright highs and an anemic bass

    This was my first pair of audiophile headphones, and they got the job done.  They are overall pretty nice sounding, and very easy to listen to for prolonged periods of time.  The only thing I was never happy about with these headphones was the complete lack of bass presence.  While the bass is tight and controlled, and decently well extended, it lacks any real punch or energy to it.  I don't believe a headphone should be overly bassy, but a slight bass emphasis can help to create an overall more full-bodied sound in all registers due to harmonic resonance, which I believe to be a good thing, so long as it's done tastefully.  Also, the highs on...
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Negative Reviews


Awful, no bass at all


Pros: Comfortable, good isolation

Cons: Sound quality is unacceptable

Are this supposed to be Hifi?    I got these from work when I asked for sound canceling phones. No these are not that, although pretty good on isolation. But what disappoints me most is that there simply isn't any low frequencies. Rock and heavy metal sounds just awfully blant. They lack detail too. Using them with a Porta Corda III USB.   Maybe I am spoiled with my HD800 phones at phone, but I would expect more. I just can't use them or my old HD650 in an open office space. Need to find some better closed phones it seems.   Pure crap, don't buy these!

AKG k 272 vs High Fidelity headphones


Pros: Great Soundtstage,light and comfortable fit

Cons: Bad sound,no mids no bas no claps,some high tweets and thats all

I tested these headphones with few songs, on my ibasso dx50 and can say that these offer a disturbing sound & nothing close to High Fidelity,i personally use a pair a pair of Supelux HD-330 and they are much better than akg 272. The sound for AKG is heard like coming from 10 meters long tubes attached to your ears on one side an on the other end a one way baffle speaker of good quality.

More Reviews


Smooth listening


Pros: clarity, bass, comfort, fairly sparkly highs

Cons: overpaid for them since im in canada, soundstage

Awesome pair of headphones for rock and techno music!   I originally went down to a local audio store to audition a pair of grado 225is when these caught my eye. After almost an hour of going back and forth between the two pairs i finally decided to go with the akgs. If properly driven their clarity and definition is great, however the soundstage is fairly small since they are closed.   I'm not hugely versed in hifi audio equipment but i'll try and describe their characteristics as best as i can.   Highs: Fairly sparkly, some great detail on cymbal crashes and despite being closed they sound fairly airy on these depending on the song. Otherwise not too...
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Comfortable and isolating


Pros: non-fatiguing and neutral playback, ergonomics, lightweight, durable

Cons: no replaceable cable, didn't come with alternative pads like K271 MKII does

Value: I paid a steep price for them, you can get it for about $129 nowadays from some places, which would drive the value a lot higher. Still okay IMO. Audio Quality: Doesn't distort, doesn't cause ear-fatigue which I'm usually sensitive to, authentic and unemphasized, precise lows, natural mids with good separation and detail, and smooth, non-fatiguing but clear highs. I can't spot a huge frequency response hump in either end or the middle, seems natural and transparent, just the way I like them. Design: I guess they have some retro value, the suspension system looks funky, I don't like the aesthetics or colour a lot to be honest, but it's very comfortable, durable and...
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Pros: Overall sound, comfort, feeling, replaceable cable, on-off switch.

Cons: Some may think they are a little weak in the lower octaves.

Very comfortable! Sound is great, although the bass may be a little weak sometimes. I'm not a bass-freak so that's okay for me though. Replaceable cable is great, also the ear-pads are replaceable which is also great. I find the leathery ones to be most comfortable and fit my head the best.

Great for home use!!!!


Pros: Fantastic sound quality, Very comfortable, don't cause fatigue

Cons: Pretty much no accessories .Leak a lot of sound

These cans are super comfortable and the sound quality (amp'd) is very very good , i have not heard better! Although these are closed back they do let out a lot of sound if listening at high levels ,which i guess doesn't matter if you use them at home! I love these for home use and have even used them before in trains and they block out quite a bit of sound ! Would recommend ! I think these are not talked about enough on head-fi.

well balanced, comfortable closed headphone


Pros: good detail, good isolation, fairly fast, good high extension.

Cons: fairly costly in Australia, bass could extend deeper, can sound nasal when underamped, doesn't really shine with acoustic music

These were my first hi-fi close headphones, moving from Sony mdr-v700DJ (yuck).  I use these mostly for heavy metal for reference.   Firstly, bass is tight and punchy, at least as fast as Grados, but not as fast as k701 (is anything?) but doesn't have quite enough impact in the lower bass.   Isolation is great, no sound leaks out, and not much in.  Comfort similarly is good, they are light and don't threaten to fall off if you lean over - thats a good thing right?   They are not what I would call dark, not compared to ah-ad2000 or Shure 840, have a rather up-front presentation, but instrument separation is good.  Sound is coherent and fairly musical, and relatively warm Yes...
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Accurate and a tad sharp


Pros: Fast, low/high extension is good, detailed, comfortable, light, well isolated, shortcomings can be well overcome by equalizing

Cons: Benefits from an amp (although marketed as easy to drive), sometimes artificially sharp or 'nasal', deeper bass lacks impact

Every time I put these headphones on I have to get used to some little nuances. That's because with some records, the mid-highs sound ever so slightly more hissy than with my Audioengine A2 look-a-likes, and my subwoofer is way more muddy and loud than the articulate, accurate bass of the AKG K 272 HD. The initial impression wears off after the first few minutes, from which onwards I really start liking the sound of these cans.[EDIT: I confess, I didn't want to write this because I thought all the hi-fi people in here would flip at me but honestly, with equalizing by +3dB at 20-80Hz region and a -2dB at 14kHz onwards or by just putting the bass boost to level 2 from FiiO E7, the sound...
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Not bad, but not my cup of tea


Pros: Retro look, Fair isolation, Durable (?)

Cons: Dark, Not comfy because of head pressure

Not much to says here, it's not a bad headphone, but it's not up to what I was used to.   Unfortunately, my 3 years-old daughter killed my Audio-Technica ATH-A900. I hesitated a lot between going to a higher end AT, going DT770, or going AKG.   I Chose AKG, and it's not in par with my expectation, Ath-a900 beats it in every way in my humble opinion.   Sound is dark and oppressing. Electronica has got good beats, but it's not joyful enough.   Tonal balance isn't that bad, maybe a slight bump in 60-80hz to hide lack of lower end bass   I often read that ATH-A900 got recessed mids, I prefer to say that they are not proeminent ;) But I swear K272hd are even more...
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