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Aiaiai TMA-1 Reviews

Positive Reviews


Form Meets Function to Deliver a Surprising Aural Experience


Pros: Sound quality well exceeds the price of admission, responds well to EQ adjustments, scales very well with the proper equipment

Cons: Soundstage limited by closed-back design, EQ necessary to balance sound for non-DJ use

*Previously posted in the Full-Sized Headphones forum.  I only recently became aware of the review section of Head-Fi.*     PREFACE   This is largely intended to be a review of the AiAiAi TMA-1 with using the Audio Technica ATH-M50 as a point of reference.   A forum member asked for this comparison in the main TMA-1 thread.  I ordered the TMA-1 as a possible replacement for my M50 as my "banger 'phone" (i.e. a multipurpose headphone that could come along with my MacBook Pro wherever I go, use to just throw on unamped for a quick listen in the living room or bedroom, and wouldn't necessarily mind if it incurred any damage in...
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Negative Reviews




Pros: looks

Cons: poor sound quality, comfort

Very unbalanced and distorted sound. They are falling off my head.

More Reviews


I finally found MY headphones.


Pros: Portability, Comfort, Sound (for me), Durability, Design (look amazing; replaceable parts)

Cons: If I have to complain: a little pricey, long cord, if my glasses are in just the wrong spot they hurt

*Skip the first paragraph for the actual review* *My tastes may be very different than yours*   Alright, quick history. Went from earbuds to mediocre IEMs to PortaPros/M50s. I loved the sound portability, and comfort of the PortaPros. However, they offered no isolation. Initially, I was under-impressed by the M50s. After some burn-in they slowly grew on me. And after a DT250 pad mod they became more comfortable (but still not the most comfortable with my glasses). They were also too large for traveling and commuting (for me). Therefore, I was looking for something with competing sound and isolation, with better portability and comfort. But I did want a 'new' sound just to see...
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TMA-1 not for everyone


Pros: Design, bass, speed, resolution, portability, comfort

Cons: Highs, cold sound, not an allrounder.

  I got an incredible deal on the headphones and had to try them. I was looking for a pair of closed cans with a detachable cord that would be my goto cans for my commute to and from school. Aiaiai's brand is among my circle of friends. The story of dj's participating in the design process and the fact that the company is located in my home town and has a cool profile made my friends jump all over it. I was actually put off by the tie in with dj's as most dj's are half deaf. listening to the headphones I was initially underwhelmed and felt the people who bought the can had to be half deaf themselves to enjoy a can without any treble.   Studying the...
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New headfiers review on the TMA-1s


Pros: Durability, Clear engaging sound, Good features, Comfortable, Nice looks

Cons: recessed highs, foam pads, coiled cable, not good on all genres.

~some TMA-1 eye candy~ ~Introduction: I am not a regular at headfi but I took the time to write this review. Before purchasing these headphones I had a very hard decision to make and that was between the Sennheiser HD25-1 ii, Audio-Technica ATH M50, and the TMA-1s. I like the fact that the HD25 are so roughed and every part is user replaceable. Being a new company and the TMA-1 just being released a year ago there was not much feedback on the durability of them so I was really skeptical. I had for a very short time the Audio Technica ATHM50s and loved their crisp sound but sadly they were not mine so I had to return them to my friend. I finally made the decision to go with the HD25s...
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Pros: Price/value, compact, efficient, ballanced fun sound

Cons: foam pads, heavy coiled cable

  The AIAIAI (eye, eye, eye) TMA-1 was designed and marketed primarily as a DJ club headphone.  I am not a DJ so I purchased the TMA-1 as a portable headphone, and this review is based on that function, not as a DJ headphone.   Function: The TMA-1 is made out of a rubberised plastic type of material, which results in them being fairly flexible with a sturdy, durable feel to them.  The design is based on a simple one piece headband and the cups do not fold up in anyway (they are flexible enough that DJ’s can bend/flex one cup off the ear easily).  They do fit comfortably around the neck when not on your head and they are small enough and come with a carry bag to make them...
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The Underdog


Pros: Sound Isolation, tone, natural bass.

Cons: The highs could be a bit better

Amazingly balanced, beautifully designed. 

Aiaiai TMA-1, Pure breed DJ Headphones


Pros: These are DJ headphones designed by DJs

Cons: None... unless you are using them as an Audiophile reference or a consumer headphone

Today, I am reviewing my old partner at work, the Aiaiai TMA-1 "DJ" headphones and I am putting an emphasis on the word DJ. There have been many good reviews on this headphone, but none has actually pointed out to their true nature as DJ headphones. Remember from day 1, these headphones are designed by DJs for DJs, not for producers, not for general consumers, not for audiophiles. This is a pure DJ headphone, unlike the Sennheisers HD25s which caters a wider variety of professional uses like broadcasting and studio monitoring. So what's the main difference with other professional headphone monitors? These are designed and tested for the field which means mixing and DJing in a...
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Great Sound vs Shure 840's


Pros: Everything

Cons: Nothing

I would just like to thank the sales girl that recommended me these after i returned my Shure 840's (THEY SUCK!!!) lol ok now for my review. I LOVE the overall clarity of these, PLUS the powerful bass. I use these babies on my FiiO E07K Portable Dac, connected thru micro usb on my Samsung Galaxy S3 playing my music on PowerAmp app ^_^ with a few tweaks of the EQ & i have these babies sounding like $1M lol playing 320kbps MP3's right now, but i can only IMAGINE how FLAC files sound (: BIG recommendation to all you Audiophiles & Head-Fis out there. Enjoy, i know i am
DE Nefta

Aiaiai TMA-1 for heavy duty and comfortable to wear


Pros: Nice design, matt black color, comfortable to wear, durable and a nice all-round sound

Cons: Heavy and long headphone cord

A very all-round headphone for me. Just the right one to take on the go or on holiday. Also as a DJ, nice noice isolation. Very durable so you don't have to wonder if it will break if you throw it in your backpack. I'm very happy with it.  

Thank you Aiaiai!


Pros: Just enough bass, stylish, easy to drive, removable cable

Cons: Uncomfortable after a while

As a quick overview for the reader who wants it over and done with in a sentence:   These made me love on-ear headphones again.   Firstly, they look really stylish in the fact that they're not tatted with "Aiaiai TMA-1" logos everywhere. The only branding on it is on the cable terminals, and the inside of the headband. I actually love how they look in the mirror, even with me and my big afro. They have a nice matte finish too, so you're not gonna be getting a problem with fingerprints, and if they get wet a quick wipe to get rid of the splashes will make sure it dries off uniformly and looks good.   As well as that, they isolate pretty well for the clamping...
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Thanks Denmark!


Pros: Amazing sound quality (tight bass and great spectrum), low fatigue, low impedance

Cons: Bit tight on small ears (but not bad)

Well engineered with love and care for great sound quality any audiophile will attest to. They are slightly tight on small ears but that is as it should be because these are meant for DJ's who might jostle them around a bit (they don't stay super tight after a week or so but don't loosen up either). I haven't tried any of the earpads that don't come in the (remarkably classy) box. Also includes a replaceable cable for those who want something better than the already top of the line gold coated cable, although this makes it very easy to replace if put under habitual stress (many headphones are much more tedious to repair). I would suggest to anyone who can afford the price to get these...
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