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Like a super small Subwoofer in your Ears - The tiny AAW Q

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Advanced AcousticWerkes Q

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The size of the housings is truly impressive.
Excellent review, thanks.
HiFiChris - thanks so much for this review. My wife has been in need of decent earbuds (though she wouldn't admit it) and she's very picky when it comes to style (she leaves the audio pickiness to me and trusts I'll find something decent!). She also has small ears (not freakishly small, you understand, but too small to comfortably try my Yamaha IEMs). So when I read your review I felt these might be a good match for her. Sent her the link and she was enthusiastic. Ordered them for her the next day, they just arrived today and she is delighted - as am I. Though the bass seems to struggle with Hip Hop (this could be alleviated by trying the foam tips - once we get home, I'll give them a go) other than that they are quite remarkable, especially given their size. Lovely clear sound, not bad soundstage for earbuds - just a quality package overall. She's super chuffed, so am I. Would not have known about them had it not been for your review, and you covered them so well I felt I could buy in confidence. Many many thanks!
Thanks for your comment and your impressions! I'm glad she likes them, and you too! I also think that the Q is a really nice in-canal monitor, but I can also relate to your comment about the bass struggling sometimes (it's due to the quantity that is sometimes stressing the tiny drivers a little when very low bass notes hit).
@HiFiChris I'll be asking this in all the reviews - any advice on fitting the foam tips? Flex tips come off and go on with ease, foam is nigh on impossible. Foam tips have a black inner piece - that stays there, right? MAny advice very gratefully received! Thanks in advance 
I'm really not a fan of foam tips (actually quite the opposite although I know how to properly insert them (so that the front part doesn't get squished -> compressing from the top and sides)), and usually also no tip roller because I want everything to be 100% "stock" and "with only the ear tips the manufacturer has included", however I tried some other tips just for you. :-)

Are you referring to silicone tips in general when you say "flex tips? 

I tried some different silicone tips first (Xiaomi Piston Colorful Starter Edition, the red core ones that come with the Titan 1/3/5, all of the three Noble Audio tips, the yellow core Trinity Audio Engineering tips) and they fit. Some other tips such as the Sony Hybrid ones however didn't want to stay on. With the ones that stayed on though (apparently the Q has a nozzle diameter of 9 instead of the more common 8 mm).

With a little stretching as well as carefulness and slowness, I was able to securely fit the Comply Foam and Crystalline Audio foam tips. The Noble Audio and LEAR foam tips also fit well.

With most third-party silicone and foam tips though, the result was a quite muffled and veiled sound (for my ears) compared to the Q's stock tips.
@HiFiChris Thanks so much for getting back to me on this - I actually meant the stock foam tips that come with the AAW Qs. My wife managed to get them on, but it was VERY tricky - compared to the (also stock) silicone tips which are super easy. Anyway, foam tips are on now and she is happy. Thanks once again for the response and for the review. These are the perfect buds for my wife (with her petite ears and her aesthetic pickiness) and she's delighted with the improved sound quality!
Oh, you were talking about the included foam tips - my bad. :-) 

Nice to hear that you managed to securely install them in the end.
Just wanted to add a couple of things here - HiFiChris' review covers everything so well, there's no point in me writing another one! Out of interest I plugged the Qs into my Cayin C5 (Fiio X5 as source) on the high gain setting - this is how I listen to my Nighthawks on the move and I find the high gain setting (still at low volume) brings another level of clarity and texture.
Well, the Qs absolutely came alive. They were fantastic before, now with the extra power they are incredible - especially given their size. The presentation is rich and musical, detailed without being harsh. Low end is handled remarkably well - forget what I said about not dealing with Hip Hop well, they have no problem. These buds work well across all genres.
I am very, very impressed and can say that if after reading the review above you are interested, you would do well to grab a pair. I do not think you would be disappointed.
I also wanted to let you all know that having seen my multiple requests for advice regarding changing to the foam tips, Dr Grace Wang (co-founder and technology director) got in touch with me via Head-Fi, offering advice and even posting a video on YouTube to show how best to change the tips. I am so impressed with this level of support and the fact that she takes such a direct interest in customer care. Other companies would do well to take a page from AAWs book.
Thank you again Chris for the review. I was able to buy with confidence and you did not lead me astray!!
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