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A Review On: Adidas OMX 680 Sports Earclip Headphones with Volume Control and Adjustable Earclips

Adidas OMX 680 Sports Earclip Headphones with Volume Control and Adjustable Earclips

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Pros: Decent, clear sound; extension cable with volume control, build quality, appropriate price

Cons: Lack in bass, uncomfortable for extended duration (for small ears anyway)

I bought these headphones for running and sports in general. 


Overall I am pretty happy with my purchase, as they do their job well. Sound is nice and clear, adequately detailed for the money, but they lack in bass. They are still ahead of a standard ipod buds. They only do a moderate job in isolation as they are not in-ear, so if your work-our environment is rather noisy, then you should look further. (I personally avoid in-ear buds because although sound is better and they isolate nicely, I think they damage hearing the most out of all headphones)


Construction seems adequately solid, and the extension cable is a very nice feature as when i run I have a armband and when I work out i keep my ipod nano in my pocket. Length of the cable is just right for both situations. They fit nicely too, as the clips are easily adjusted. I can confirm that they are resistant to sweat or water. I also like the yellow and black color scheme.


Comfort is ok, as long as you don't wear them for long. I have small ears so all ear buds hurt me after a while so I might not be the best example, but they seem pretty large in size.  


My only major minus is the unsatisfying bass, which is partly due to this type of headphone usually not having much of and partly due to my small ears so I have a hard time inserting them as they are probably intended. 


But for sports or commuting is a good pick. 


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