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Lumia 640 LTE RM-1072 Black - Factory Unlocked - International Version - No Warranty

Unexpected excellent audio quality


Pros: Excellent audio quality (and overall excellent smartphone with a fluid OS for a budget price)

Cons: Lack of native gapless playback (but Windows Phone 10 will have it), weak compatibility with Apple's OSX/iTunes

Lumia 640 LTE I never owned a portable device (apart from a Sony Walkman in the 80's) because I never felt the use of it. Just out of curiosity, not expecting much, I plugged my Sony MDR-Z7 in my newly bought Lumia 640 and started listening to Youtube videos and Spotify. "Pretty good sound", I was thinking and I decided to import some music to my phone. I bought an 64GB Micro SD card and soon...
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