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Beyerdynamic DTX 102 iE In-Ear Headphones (Silver)

Some nice stuff right here

Zero Decibels

Pros: COMFORT, Sound Quality

Cons: Build Quality, Sub-Bass

TL;DR : Don't be lazy, I already made the review super short   Let's just keep this short, I got the MMX102IE (same version just with a mic and 1 button remote) for about 40$ cuz of a discount (You could still get it at about 70$ in my country) I will be judging from 4 aspects : Design, Build Quality, Comfort, and Sound Quality   Design (4 out of 5) Decent design, doesn't scream...
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My dear monster
My dear monster

Koss KDX200

Pros: Good seperated & big & powerful & high quality bass, Bright and aggressive treble, Wide soundstage with big & clear mids

Cons: Treble attack duration is a little short

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