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Sony MDR-Z7

Sony's MDR-Z7 is a very solid entry into the market that has fantastic imaging, quite a bit of detail and importantly, fantastic design and comfort.

A review on: Sony MDR-Z7

Pros: Detailed bass, very good imaging with a spacious presentation. Very light-weight and beautifully made. Balanced and aftermarket cabling too.

Cons: The darker, somewhat bass-heavy and mid-thin sound doesn't work well with a lot of music.

Videos only at the moment. I'll do a write-up later. Apologies if you were hoping for something to read.   Unboxing and design details:     More details about the cables, sound and possible mods:    
Unf#*%! Believable, for the money!
Unf#*%! Believable, for the money!

Schiit Valhalla

Pros: Buttery smooth unfatiguing tube sound; built like a tank.

Cons: Farts tube noise and possibly DC offset when 1st turned on...

Not great.  Just okay.
Not great. Just okay.
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