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Cayin C5 Portable HIFI Audio Headphone Amplifier

Great competitor in sub $200 range


Pros: vintage look, unusual design, sound, 3d stage, can be used as powerbank

Cons: battery life could be better, but now it's just OK

First of all, I'd like to thank Cayin for opportunity to review C5. As usual, main review is in Russian, here I'll share mt impressions in brief. There is not so many good portable amps in sub $200 range. It's almost completely dominated by Fiio E12, which is really good. Now, Fiio have really strong competitor. Cayin have lots of experience in "serious HiFi", their amps, both tube and...
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Shure can do.
Shure can do.

Shure SE215

Pros: Clarity, Great Mids, Detachable Cables, Comfort, Flush Design

Cons: Rolled-off Treble

Shure done a good job. ;)
Shure done a good job. ;)

Shure SE425 Earphone

Pros: Clarity, Balanced, Noise Isolation, Comfort, Flush Design, Detachable Cables

Cons: Subdued Bass

Sony's MDR-Z7 is a very solid entry into the market that has fantastic imaging, quite a bit of detail and importantly, fantastic design and comfort.
Sony's MDR-Z7 is a very solid entry into the market that has fantastic imaging,...

Sony MDR-Z7

Pros: Detailed bass, very good imaging with a spacious presentation. Very light-weight and beautifully made. Balanced and aftermarket cabling too.

Cons: The darker, somewhat bass-heavy and mid-thin sound doesn't work well with a lot of music.

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