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Zynsonix Audio Cable Impression

  1. krumley7882
    Let me start by saying I love these cables!  
    Hey Guys-  I just wanted to create a separate thread so we had a spot to share our impressions of Zynsonix Audio Cables.  
    I have had the good fortune of using Zynsonix cables for about a 2 years now.  I speak confidently when I say that these are some of the finest HP cables and interconnects I have ever heard.  I use the Trebuchet and Xev headphone cables/ interconnects, as well as Zynsonix custom re-cabling work done on my Massdrop Foster THX00.
    I have owned/own other custom made cables for my LCD2f, including Forza AudioWorks, WyWires Red and anything I can find on Ebay, and Nordost Frey and Dynamic Designs interconnects.  Zynsonix are my go-to reference cables.  The clarity, speed, and natural texture presented all contribute to a more perfect rendering of the song.  I am a fan of any cable product and audio piece that allows not only for the greatest fidelity, but for the most enjoyment!  Anything that brings you back to the music!  Zynsonix brings out every note.
    Not to mention, you do not have to sell off body parts to experience great quality products.  At the price of 1/10 a Nordost, I can have just as superior a product.
    Thanks for letting me share my thoughts.
    I look forward to hearing your feedback and thoughts.
    Website: http://www.zynsonix.com
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  2. krumley7882
  3. krumley7882
  4. krumley7882
  5. Oink1 Contributor
    Could not agree more. I've been using Bryan as my 'go to cable guy' for years now & for a number of projects ranging from a custom IC to allow me to connect to my Naim pre amp to a cable for my Grados, Senn 650's and most recently my THX-00 (As yet unfitted to my eternal shame!) Bryan is a great guy to deal with and WILL NOT shine your just to make a sale. I trust his advice implicitly and his work has never failed to impress me [​IMG] If you are in the market for a re-cable, IC or anything cable related I urge you to contact him at www.zynsonix.com and see what he can do for you. You won't regret it!
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  6. krumley7882
  7. HiGHFLYiN9
    Thanks very much gents for the kind words!! As these fellas may know, it took a nest egg, selling off my go-to pair of LCD-3s, a Manley Stingray, and more to make the Ballista the best I possibly could. That level of trust to provide something great is really that important to me... and I always enjoy the conversations with other audio enthusiasts. Always nice to chat about a common obsession :wink:  
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  8. SSDIGI4me
    I listen mostly through loudspeakers, and sometimes through headphones.   I had been following the Zynsonix website and blog, and decided in early May of this year to try a pair of balance Trebuchet interconnects.   The look, feel, and neatness were all that I had expected from watching the blog  and the website.  Sound was very good at first listen and, after a few days, got better.  Dielectric burn in seemed to be complete at about 100 hours, and the sound did opened up even more.   It is clean at all frequencies, and does not favor any part of the audible frequency spectrum.  It is not cruelly analytical, yet sufficiently revealing to show me that I needed to make a small yet significant adjustment to the positioning of my loudspeakers.  As has been implied in previous posts, these cables punch way above their weight class.   Thank you!
  9. mangamonster
    Great site! Is there cable sleeving in this photo on the A8? Looks great!
  10. HiGHFLYiN9
    Thanks very much! [​IMG] There's no sleeving on that particular cable, it's actually just the Ballista wire (transparent jacket over a quad of wires, each with alternating UP-OCC copper and UP-OCC silver clad copper strands).
  11. krumley7882
  12. krumley7882
  13. krumley7882
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  14. krumley7882
    Just wanted to highlight some more amazing work by Zynsonix!  By far the best interconnect cables I own.  Thanks:)
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  15. wh01sjongalt
    Finally got my http://www.zynsonix.com/ Speaker-Level to Headphone Converter Box and a new longer 15' Ballista headphone cables for my HE1000V2. Bryan Fox has amazing customer service, excellent advice, and they produce a very well made product. Now I can drive my HE1000V2 cans using my Art Audio Diavolo SET Tube Amplifier as a headphone amplifier. Sounds incredible!
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