ZULA, a modular audiophile multimedia amplifier.
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Feb 8, 2010
ZULA is a lightweight modular device of small dimensions, which enables you to hear the music reproduced from your wireless / wired streaming device through your home hi-fi very loud-speakers. With the addition of 1 to 3 optional modules it can be converted to a complete multimedia center for your home.
A powerful (2 X 120W / 4Ohm) B&O ICEpower ASX125 class D power amplifier module driven by a front end main board are the heart of ZULA and offered as standard in the basic version.
The front end board, designed and manufactured from Audioberry, is implemented with top quality components and includes a low output impedance buffer to the ICEpower amplifier input and a power supply with multiple outputs to feed with stabilized and free of ripple DC voltage all peripheral and add-on boards. The power supply is implemented around an ultra low noise Hi-End grade toroidal transformer which is capable to work either with 115Vac or 230Vac mains voltage. The mains voltage level is factory preset but can be easily changed through a header mounted on the main board. The buffer is necessary to isolate the sensitive input of ICEpower amplifier either from variable loads, like the optional volume potentiometer, or any peripheral with delicate output that could be connected at the provided Line Input. Thus a flat frequency response in the whole audio spectrum is ensured.
The optional volume potentiometer can be connected easily at a header provided on the main board.
The second optional, also designed and manufactured from Audioberry, is the microcontroller board which provides the ZULA with additional functions:
a) It offers power saving mode as can detects whenever a signal presents or not at the inputs and accordingly to switch on or off the mains supply line to the ICEpower amplifier through a power relay. This method has been preferred instead the DISABLE function offered by the ICEpower module, because the 6 Watts consumption of it has been considered too high. Therefore ZULA is a true green product. 
b) It offers optical indication to the user whenever the ICEpower amplifier detects an abnormal condition such as short circuited output or overheat, and activates its protections.
c) It offers parental control on max volume setting, through a rotary binary switch mounted on rear panel, when kids have access to ZULA. Therefore ZULA can be considered as a kid-friendly device.
d) It offers the capability of selecting between multiple input devices, through a switch also mounted on rear panel, thus adding flexibility to the ZULA.
ZULA is implemented at whole with THT (through hole technology) components and is also offered as kit in a "money saving" version. However this version is addressed to customers who have the basic skills and the tools for soldering the electronic parts on the PCB and to form the two metal sheets provided in the kit.
Several add-ons can be purchased separately and then can be easily mounted on ZULA at the offered optional metal bays.
The first is the Raspberry Pi minicomputer which offers four USB ports to connect your music streaming device, either smartphone, iPAD, AirPort, laptop, PC etc. The Raspberry Pi module can be purchased from Audioberry at a very good price.
The second is the necessary DAC converter board which can be purchased from IQaudio or HiFiBerry.
The third is a HDMI adaptor board which can convert the ZULA in a multimedia center.
In either case, Audioberry offers a complete kit of metal bays and screws to mount securely and power-up the add-on module in ZULA.
ZULA is an Open Source project and as such all schematic drawings are available free for download.
ZULA is offered from Audioberry in a very attractive price. Please take a look on the kickstarter campaign video here https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/824867891/zula-the-audiophile-amplifier-open-source-superb-s and visit the Audioberry site www.audioberry.com for additional information.
Thank you!
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