Zorloo ZuperDAC-S

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by nelly, Jan 23, 2018.
  1. nelly
    Um is this even the right section for this?

    Thought this might have garnered some discussion in here, no?

    This is Zorloo's follow up to their 1st dac the zuperdac. Currently listed on indiegogo for $45 + $8 shipping to most places worldwide. I brought one for myself look forward to getting it in like 2 months time lol, To find out more info and/or purchase click the following link:

  2. Ynot1
    What you said is true today? What happened?
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  3. nelly
    Finally got my Zorloo ZuperDAC-S today looks good. I'm waiting for a new phone to arrive so sadly won't be able to try it for a few weeks. :frowning2:

  4. bassct
    Have mine. Works as advertised. No hiss. Volume buttons work very good and are convenient. Looks sturdy. Very small, light. It heats up when in use, gets warm. Sound quality seems just fine. For how much it costs and how it performs it is a nice little device. Ive had Dragonfly Red and i liked it a lot. It worked 100% as well. Id say ZDAC is more versatile. Also 55$ vs 200$. Cant speak of sound qiality, havent done much testing. My songs are in 320 and below mp3. Very few good recordings.

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