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Zorloo Ztella USB C DAC impressions thread

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by peter123, Oct 22, 2019.
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  1. peter123
    Last edited: Oct 22, 2019
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  2. peter123
    Last edited: Oct 23, 2019
  3. peter123
    Reserved for future impressions
  4. luyil
    Interesting, like my Zuperdac-S so also keeping an eye out.

    Sorry complete audio noob here, just curious how the automatic output will work, it will just automatically adjust when something is plugged in? Seems like might be still difficult to drive some <150 ohms headphones with only 1V.
    Last edited: Oct 24, 2019
  5. ChrisHeld1989
    Which ESS DAC chip works in this little cute thing?
  6. iMongui
    The kickstarter its live, who's going to join? Im with some doubts, im not sure if its worth or not even worst the cae that im not sure if buy it with MQA or not...
  7. Koei
    I ordered the MQA version. I'm happy with my Zuperdac-S but my new phone has USB-C only and I prefer a cable that is mounted to the DAC instead of using a separate cable as I'm using now. I also use the Zuperdac-S on my computer at work. I don't care about MQA, but the chip used in the MQA seems to have better specs.
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  8. peter123
    190 backers already, looks as if the vast majority go for the MQA version.
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  9. a1laserboy
    I've gone for the MQA given the cost difference isn't really that much. Hopefully it'll work well with my new OP7T.
  10. Nolbert0
    DSD support piqued my interest, no use for MQA for me. Anybody know if it's DoP or D2P?

    Haven't pulled the trigger, tho

    I wonder how warm this thing gets while handling DSD or DXD...
    Last edited: Oct 24, 2019
  11. TimeSnow
    Just pulled the trigger on the MQA ver. Will report back.
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  12. archy121
    Damn.. limited funds and it’s either MQA version of this or Fiio BTR5 I been waiting.

    Will price stay similar/same after Kickstarter ?
    Last edited: Nov 7, 2019
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  13. TimeSnow
    For the standard version it's the 9270. For the MQA ver it's the 9281.
  14. TimeSnow
    Only 23 of the MQA vers left out of 600!

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  15. peter123
    Looks as if Alm 600 are gone now, still some other perks available though.

    Seems as if the campaign has been very popular, only six days left of it now....
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