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ZMFestivus II: October 5th, 2019

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  1. Zachik
    That's what you get for staying at the frat house "hotel"... :wink:
  2. Darthpool
    At Taste of Colombia getting coffee before walking over! Very cool little coffee roasters and coffee shop, standing room only it seems
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  3. biglazymoose
    and we begin...
  4. PopZeus
    Running late to the meet up. Ironic for being a local. This is typical of my life it seems. Apologies!
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  5. buonassi
    Sorry I did not RSVP because I wasn't sure I'd be able to attend. However I am in route and should be there shortly!
  6. Monsterzero
    Remember...photos,or it didnt happen!
  7. cprime
    Ughhh.....so close yet so far. I really wanted to attend but things didn't line up for me. I hope everyone there is enjoying the experience. My hype for this has not subsided so please share photos and impressions if/when you can :L3000:
  8. UntilThen
    Did Zach bring the Glenn EL3N amp to the show. I need someone to listen to Verite Open or Close with both the Glenn 300b amp and the EL3N amp and post their impressions later. Thanks very much !
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  9. Darthpool
    Unsure which Glenn I heard but it sounded amazing...it was the one across from the JDS and Vokyl guys (I spent a lot of time with those two, super awesome meeting them, great gaming headphones guys! My go-to for gaming).

    The Glenn deserves the hype it sounded phenomenal....also the ZMF Pendant was another highlight for me, it is more easily attainable and is an amazing sounding amp with the VC

    And here are the VC @zach915m made for me...just works of art, like usual Zach blew past my expectations and created a work of art! So excited to get more head time with these!

    It was great meeting everyone @Zachik Congrats on winning the raffle and great meeting you!

    @zach915m and @BooUrns It was awesome seeing you two again, you two are just awesome, I really appreciate more and more what you two bring to this community *insert applause here*
    Last edited: Oct 5, 2019
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  10. biglazymoose
    This was the one Zach had setup.
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  11. UntilThen
    OMG the nicest colour Zach has ever produced !
  12. UntilThen
    That's Glenn 300b amp. So Zach didn't bring the EL3N amp which has red tubes.
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  13. Monsterzero
    Yep,the 300B is Zach's new amp,so he wanted to show it off. I dont blame him.
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  14. bryceu
    @Darthpool Wow crazy looking VC there. Congrats!
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  15. Admiral Kolchak
    Hahaha beautiful, the Joker's VC!!! Oh to be there!!!!
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