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ZMFestivus II: ----Chicago-October-Headphones----

  1. BooUrns
    Putting out some feelers for ZMFestivus II:

    Last year was a heck of a good time so we aspire to repeat that with at least 5% more fun*. Right now we think October sounds like a good month. Chicago should be balmy and no one really does much in October**.

    Questions that would be helpful in our planning:

    1.) Are you going to (try) to come-

    2.) Which day is better: Saturday or Sunday-

    3.) Feedback from last year/ Personal feelings about what makes a good meet-

    4.) Burbs/ Center City/ Don't Care- (this questions secretly gauges how much you care about parking)-

    * Fun is subjective
    ** Some people do things in October
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  2. Zachik
    Bevin - why Chicago again?!
    San Francisco is so much better... (and only 1 hour away for me) :wink:

    For people that come over by plane - I think closer to the airport would be better. Granted, I suspect most attendees would come by car.
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  3. theotherjude
    Every day I wake up and gaze out my window wondering when my beloved ZMFestivus will return. It turns out that day is today.

    1) Of course
    2) Saturday
    3) The first ZMFestivus was a great experience. Great venue, great people. It gave me a whole new outlook on life. The air was clearer after ZMFestivus, the sky bluer.
    4) We liked the city last time!

    But the JDS Labs boys are pretty chill dudes so we're ok with whatever the people decide. Super Excited!
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  4. Zachik
    I think getting to the Stanley Cup finals did that... Not doubting previous ZMFestivius was awesome, just saying... :wink:
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  5. theotherjude
    I'd be lying if I said recent Blues developments didn't put a little spring in my step! :hockey::smirk:
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  6. pippen99
    I think October would be good. Last year was fortunate for good December weather but why tempt fate.

    1) I will be there.

    2) Since I am retired it makes little difference to me. Depending on location traffic Saturday vs Sunday might be a consideration. It is a two day trip for me regardless of day.

    3) Last year was almost flawless. The only negative I can think of was you almost ran out of room. You might plan for those who RSVP and then add 15/20%. Ethernet availability would be nice.

    4) Parking was a little tight last year. I was fortunate to get a spot in the parking lot but I think more than a few had to park on the street. I think you know why I care:ksc75smile:.

    Chicago of course is a huge city but when picking a location and date it might be a consideration to keep in mind the World Series starts Oct 22. A decision on date and location sooner rather than later would be good for those of us making a multi day trip as far as hotel reservations are concerned.

    Very much looking forward to ZMFestivus II.
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  7. KcMsterpce
    1. Yes, I will try to be there.
    2. Saturday might be better. Flying out on Sunday saves me a day getting back to work.
    3. Things seemed to go quite well last time... and yes, capacity was at limit, but it was fa perfect fit. If more wanted to show up this time, it might get a little cramped (and muggy)
    4. Anywhere I can Uber to, or have a nearby hotel works for me.
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  8. Hansotek
    1.) I'm in.

    2.) Saturday

    3.) Last year was excellent. I have zero complaints.

    4.) Don't care, as long as parking isn't a big issue. People have to load and unload expensive stuff.
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  9. Wes S
    Man I wish I could join you all!

    I want to hang out with the ZMF crew so bad, that I am considering making a road trip, all the way from Texas.
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  10. Watagump
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  11. CyberAthlete
    1) I'll try to come

    2) Saturday works
    3) did not attend last year

    4 )Prefer not to have it in the city as the commute by car on a weekend can take up to 2 hours and then to find parking.
  12. abirdie4me
    Swing by and pick me up, I'm in Dallas!
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  13. ThePianoMan
    Suggestion - space for a small two channel setup?
    I can probs arrange a schiitkit for the meet as well as whatever variety of toys I happen to have lying around if folks are interested.
  14. Vex731
    1.Yes, after last year's experience, would definitely be attending.
    2. Saturday is preferable but Sunday is still no problem
    3. The experience last year was amazing. Its good to see fellow audiophiles in the area. Its also amazing for some flying in for the event.
    4. Parking did seem to fill up quickly. But I used Uber to get around the parking problems. I live 20 mins away from downtown.
  15. buke9
    Well I’m going to push for the 5th or 26th of October as I can make those Saturday dates and just love Chicago and ZMFestivus.
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