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ZMF Verite

Discussion in 'High-end Audio Forum' started by heliosphann, Oct 3, 2018.
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  1. felix3650
    I find Zeos to have some strange tastes in headphones, like I can't pinpoint exactly what his preferences are. However his opinion counts too in the end.
    And yeah, he's a very fun entertainer. I do watch his videos mostly for that and for having an idea of what a product looks like :)
  2. SHAMuuu
    I was very suprised by his views on the TOTL ZMF since he loves ZMF products pads and such past models. He did say "Aeolus was GOD" in one of his previous videos so look forward to that.

    Can you imagine being in his position, reviewing his friend's TOTL product and not liking it, and having to tell the world? He was being honest (but i think he also held back a bit), so thats why people watch him.

    But it seems he liked the other Aeolus, Auteur etc,

    This is exciting to see all the dynamics in a row.

    Sound is subjective; heck i picked up a backup of my favorite set for like 30 bucks.:D
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  3. UsoppNoKami
    Never watched another one of his hyperbole reviews after this experience. Loaned that headphone out to other friends with good gear (and good ears imho), and we all came to the same conclusion, so that's our 1 cent of distrust in the hat for Z.

    Back to the Verite - still anxiously awaiting the day the spreadsheet updates with news of my unit being prepped. :)
    Last edited: Dec 12, 2018
  4. Spandy87

    I'd be happy to do all 5 haha

    Honesty is great, and you're right he is that in his reviews. But that doesn't necessarily mean he didn't make a mistake somehow with his evaluation (pads or burn-in or otherwise). When he says the soundstage is confined and tight, which is literally the opposite of what every single other person has said about it... it makes me feel like he has a bit more work to do with the Verite. He didn't even mention the different pads in the review, and on top of that he had 4 other ZMF headphones to evaluate so it's no wonder he jumped to the next one. He probably tried them out for a few hours and then made up his mind, which is simply not enough for something like the Verite.
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  5. SHAMuuu

    Well it's only day 1.

    Plus ZMF seems to have a 99% favorable rating, which is unlike anything i've seen on here before, so the z review is one nefative vs 99 favorable.

    A head-fi Member has somehow taken down Beyerdynamic, Sennheiser, Focal and MADE IN THE USA. Are the drivers also made in USA? Hopefully they are

    Fun watching all the reviews of ZMF flooding the net now.
  6. ProfFalkin
    Well, I appreciate his honesty. For the record, I call my friends (and myself) idiot all the time, and I don't actually think he has the mental capacity of a 6 year old, so don't take my previous comments literally. I do think it is a ridiculous expectation that the Verite have TH900 bass though.
  7. gLer
    Are you sure he didn’t compare it to TH909 bass. That would be more apt one would think. His one consistent criticism was that it didn’t sound as ‘open’ as some open headphones. That’s not something I haven’t heard before. I don’t think Zach’s ever claimed his open headphones were 100% open, so there’s that. Zeos doesn’t do his homework, but that’s nothing new either. He’s very entertaining and I appreciate him for who he is and what he does.
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  8. ProfFalkin
    I don't think so, but I could be wrong.

    I thought I was wrong once, but I was mistaken. =P
    As for the Verite not sounding as open, from the Audio Technica, HD800, and AKGs side of the hobby, I could see the point as kind of valid. From the HD650, Eikon/Atticus, LCD2C, side of things, they are far more open than average. I seem to recall he might be in the former camp in terms of preferences. Well, kind of, considering his fondness of the hd650.
    Last edited: Dec 12, 2018
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  9. Spandy87
    Yeah don't get me wrong, I appreciate a lot of what he does. I can't imagine anyone having more audio.... stuff than him. I kind of want to turn my place into something like that, it's inspiring.
  10. ahmedie
    Well when I demo them they lacked bass and so was the other Japanese guy who demo said they lacked bass. I prefer aeolus by a mile
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  11. Fatdoi
    Zeos is interesting guy...
    Actually I got the 58x based on his review.... took both inside/outside foams out, changed pads, cable and it played old school Jpop like a boss
  12. Fatdoi
    I put Z in special youtube category..... an audio commentator..... some i agree with and a lot i don't....... like he doesn't believe in cables, and daisy chain all his hardware hoping they still sound good....
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  13. nishan99
    I watched almost all of his videos on both channels and also on his stream, so i am kinda a fanboy :D

    his preferences are a warm or slight v-shaped sound and very rarely neutral, so if he liked a neutral hps/speakers they are for sure fantastic enough to convince him.

    His review methods go for the extremes not for the minors, for example if he did not talked about the imaging that means it has good imaging, he. only talked about the thing that stand out for him.

    He also make the comfort number 1 before everything else which also goes for the treble and agressive sound comfort, for example he did not liked the LCD4 because it has agressive sound(dry too much details shuved in) and also hated the m50x, hd800 and dt990 for the treble peaks.

    For the claim he did not like expensive stuff, yes but not to the point where he ****s on them dor the price tag, for example he said the LCD4 worth the $4k price tag and recently he reviewed a $1300 dac and said it does worth the price tag, same goes for a crazy expensive speakers(~$80k) he listened to at RMAF he said it was worth it.

    So i am sure all of his disappointment is due to the lack of bass imapct especially after he reviewed the TH909 or a burn in problem.
  14. Wes S
    Who knew you could get famous, from a bad review?

    I never understand how people can put on a 2,000 dollar headphone, and use a cheap amp/dac setup. Especially doing a review, of a TOTL headphone, you would think that the amp and dac, should be in the same ball park?
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  15. franz12
    Interesting to watch some people are souring on Zeo. I know his name, but I never saw his reviews because I found watching youtube video boring in general. Still no interest to see it.

    But I don’t think unleashing on him helps anything. It is just one man’s opinion. Ultimately, you want a headphone that sounds good to your ears, not to his ears.
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