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ZMF Verite

Discussion in 'High-end Audio Forum' started by heliosphann, Oct 3, 2018.
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  1. Monsterzero
    Now this Dave Hanson guy,whoever he is,can flat out write! Great,great review!
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  2. koven Contributor
    Fun read! Did you find the Verite easier to drive than the Auteur? Like less volume needed w/ same amp. I'm not positive on their sensitivity difference.
  3. heliosphann
    When I was directly comparing them, they were very close.
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  4. Hansotek
    They are within about 1-2dB sensitivity-wise. Both very high sensitivity in that 98-100db/mW range.
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  5. Zachik
    Agreed! :)
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  6. phthora
    I love my BL to death. It's the last piece of gear I'd ever get rid of. That said, you are absolutely right. The Auteur sounds drastically better on my 28.38. The difference is substantial. On the BL, the Auteur sounds very good. But, that's it. Just very good. On the Audio-gd, it sounds downright amazing. Unfortunately, the Auteur joins the LCD-X as headphones that I just won't be pairing with my BL. Neither comes close to their full potential with the iFi, and it's very difficult not to notice the downgrade in quality.

    I think you nailed the specifics of why the match-up doesn't work wonderfully, but I also found that the BL lacks the resolution of a higher-end amp and makes the Auteur sound glarey and peaky in the vocals. Now, that is IMO and I will readily admit that I am more sensitive than most to that band of frequency, but with the iFi the Auteur is just too forward for me. That's a problem I do not have with my Audio-gd.
  7. felix3650
    I can second you on that. When I had the iDSD BL I prefered it more with, believe it or not, the Koss PortaPro and the HE500. With the Auteur I too found it fatiguing in the upper mids/lower treble after 10-15mins..and that was with the 2K cable that adds a nice smoothing to the overall sound. Now with the Holo Cyan it's another story. It shines and lets all that R-2R NOS sweetness come through...even better from the balanced output.
    When I'll get the Veritè, I think the Cyan's OS mode with the little extra sparkle and extension up top would complement well the different tuning.
  8. Fatdoi
    Great review.. Looking forward to your comparison to Utopia.. As fellow Utopia owner, I'll like to see the difference between Be vapor vs pure Be drivers
    Last edited: Nov 29, 2018
  9. yates7592
    Thanks to all for all these recent in-depth reviews. All very helpful in my cable decision, but makes me very impatient to receive Verite...
  10. Monsterzero
    My slightly disjointed review of the Verite is up. I couldve used another month,if not more,to fully wrap my head around these headphones,but they were sent back to ZMF today,so it was now or never,so to speak.

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  11. Spandy87
    Already watched it. Thanks for your impressions! looking forward to mine.
    Last edited: Nov 29, 2018
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  12. erpguru
    For those who had listened to the Verite, how would you say they sound in solid state vs tube? I keep hearing that they love tube amplification, in what way? I have an amp that is switchable between tube and solid state, but if it is so much better with tube, may ditch it and get a Woo Audio WA22 which looks beautiful to me. Thoughts?
  13. FunctionalDoc
    I have a Glenn coming in the next couple weeks and I have C3G option and 6 tube configuration setup .
    So what tube setup did you like best with the Verite?
    I have some 6080's and C3G's , shipping configuration is going be 13D1 driver and 6BX7s GE a Pheasant wood version on order from Zach.
    I also own a Auteur's in Teak and was is favorite setup for those headphones?

    Hopefully the tubes you like don;t cost $300 a pair .

  14. Monsterzero
    Nah man,Im using Seimans C3gs,2 RCA 6080s(less than $20.00 shipped) and a Mullard GZ32 rectifier.
    The 6 pack of 6BX7s were the tubes giving me problems. They sound brilliant with the Auteur,but it was much,much too much bass on the Verite IMO. YMMV.
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  15. Bern2
    Do you still plan on reviewing the Auteur? Interested as your initial plans were to go that route.

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