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ZMF Verite

Discussion in 'High-end Audio Forum' started by heliosphann, Oct 3, 2018.
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  1. gLer
    I think it already has, even before shipping! I can’t think of one other dynamic that can do what these reviews and impressions tell us the Verites can do. The only two ‘cons’ I can see coming from die-hard ‘audiophiles’ is 1) the need for a high-end tube amp to really make the Verite hit the heights it’s hitting in these reviews, and 2) that it strays a bit too far from neutral for the ‘purists’. Both of these will be regarded as positives by many, of course. Either way, this is THE dynamic to own if you’re going straight for Summit-Fi.
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  2. Luxifer
    Thanks a bunch! I'm excited to read your thoughts on the Verite soon.
  3. gLer
    I only have one question: what’s a Vertie? :p

    Seriously though, great review. Your use of solid state amps and detailed comparisons with the Auteur are exactly the information I needed. Much appreciated!
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  4. koven Contributor
    Verite seems quite Utopia-esque judging by the reviews so far.
  5. gLer
    Only in terms of speed and shared driver material. The Verite by the sound of it is warmer, fuller, and more rolled off up top and with a much bigger stage. Time will tell when head-to-head comparisons are done, but having heard the Utopia the Verite sounds much more appealing to me personally if I was in the market for a TOTL super fast dynamic headphone.
  6. heliosphann
    Da fuc... That was weird. I was using a new WP app for writing most of it and it must have started auto-correcting to that after misspelling it a few times. I knew I wrote that disclaimer at the end for a good reason. LOL
    Last edited: Nov 28, 2018
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  7. Musickiks
    Hell of a review!

    On your post-thoughts here it’s interesting. You say the Auteur has a wider soundstage. Maybe I’ve just been comparing to the HD800s’s I have, but a smaller soundstage, even just width-wise sounds like it would be much too compressed/squished. I love the sound of my Auteurs to death coming from nearly a decade with HD600’s it’s warm lush organic yet accurate and just massively enjoyable, but my only qualm is what is no question to me a more squished soundstage than both my HD800s’s and if memory serves my HD600’s as well. (Listening with Atmos cable and Micro iFi Black Label). It’s more musical and cohesive but lacks a scale of instruments and sense of space I’m getting with my HD800’s and I think my HD600’s as well. Yet bass, slam, and fullness is much better on the Auteurs compared to the others.
    Last edited: Nov 28, 2018
  8. xenithon
    Two things to consider. Firstly I suspect the Auteur is being woefully underserviced by the Micro iFi - not that it is necessarily a bad amp or bad pairing, but I found that as good as the Auteur can sound with mid-fi gear, it starts to shine and sounds phenomenal on higher end gear. This includes, amongst others, wider and more articular soundstage, instrument nuance, vocal texture, and all round heft.

    The second thing may be related to pads - which pads are you using at the moment? I noted a not-so-subtle difference in soundstage width and placement using Auteur pads over Eikon pads, as an example.
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  9. Musickiks
    Thanks! Exactly why I noted I was using it just incase someone had some insight.

    Yeah I need an amp that I can take on business trips, and to listen on the couch or bed. Don’t have a nightstand in couch area to place a big nice amp so it would stay at my computer desk. Looks like the Oppo HA-1 would be a good choice for that one day, seeing it everywhere here, but if you know of a better mobile option I could save up for, please let me know!

    It seems to me if the HD800’s are wide deep and spacious and even the 600’s have a wider feeling (haven’t A/B’d in weeks), that that’s still how it all might scale? Glad to know that better amps don’t just increase SQ but soundstage as well though.

    Haven’t tried my Mojo on them yet, would there be any reason to? Is the Black Label not considered better overall?

    So I’m not sure if they shipped with the Auteur pads or Eikon pads. I requested they ship with one but think they may have been shipped with other. Anyways, it is pretty hard to tell visually to me, but I’m pretty sure I’m currently using the Auteurs. When I changed them out and did a size comparison the ones I thought were the Auteurs had the bigger ear hole space. When I tried what I think are the Eikon pads, I felt like the sound just got noticeably duller. I know they’re supposed to be warmer but that’s just what I initially picked up on. I was too excited about how they intiallly sounded and didn’t give those pads a proper try and switched back after about maybe ten minutes!

    But mannnn I hate changing pads out. I keep thinking I’m going to rip the thin leather and it’s just an excercise in mental endurance I swear! You get one side on, and then it slips off. I figured out to start in one place and slowly creep it around little by little from that spot. I wish there was a tool or something to help...anyways, lol.
    Last edited: Nov 28, 2018
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  10. Phantaminum
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  11. Zachik
    I agree with @gLer - I have auditioned the Utopia in multiple canjams / meets, using various amps, and could never understand the hype.
    Granted always auditioned in showfloor conditions (ambient noise, etc.), I could never understand why people are so excited about it. And to make it clear, it was paired with Chord Dave, Woo WA22, and many other flagship / summit-fi amps.
    Now, Verite is a whole different story! To me, it was love from first note...

    Bottom line:
    I am not trying to say that Utopia is crap. All I am trying to say is that those 2 cans, despite similarities in spec (driver materials) - are very different sounding!
  12. jgwtriode
    Wow! My Auteur Blackwoods are at least 20% larger in all dimensions. That is with a completely rebuilt oppo sonica with custom ouput stage direct driving the Auteurs through a soldered silver gold stranded cable. When I switch to graphene impreg carbon fiber it bumps the Auteurs up another 15 to 20% never ran that cable on my HD 650s, which are highly tweaked and throw quite a bit more stage than stock . I think the 650 and 600 are fairly comparable in staging . As good as the modded 650 is the Auteur at least beats it marginally to substatianly in every category except the heart of the mid-range. Their is something particularly wonderful about female vocals on the Sennies and for that reason alone I'm keeping them. Soundstage just isn't that close. The Auteur is at least substantially better when fully burned!

    My two cents!
  13. Gibson59
    Wow this is high praise! Which other dynamics have you compared them to? I’ve been looking at ZMF for a long time so it might be time to take the plunge.
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  14. heliosphann
  15. Hansotek
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