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ZMF Verite

Discussion in 'High-end Audio Forum' started by heliosphann, Oct 3, 2018.
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  1. Musickiks
    What is the consensus between the Auteur vs the Verite?

    Just got my Auteurs a couple weeks ago. Loving them but now I’m wondering what the Verite does better/differently?

    Touch more clarity/image scale/soundstage or anything like that?
    Last edited: Nov 27, 2018
  2. Monsterzero
    Hard for me to explain. They are similar and entirely different at the same time.

    The Verite is def warmer and has a lot more slam. The 3d imaging is crazy on Verite as is the presentation...Alomost like its coming at you from in front of your head and feeds into you.
    The Auteur has more air and wider staging to my ears/gears. The guitar and vocals are more forward,and pronounced.

    There are other things Ive noticed,but those things stand out to me.
  3. heliosphann
    Working on that as I type this. I'll post tonight some thoughts on the Verite including an Auteur comparison.
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  4. yates7592
    Still pondering over the copper vs silver cable question for the Verite. My hunch is that silver might well fare better,, but I haven't heard Verite yet so really have no idea. Any thoughts anyone can give? For info I have a warm-ish vintage amp so in my chain that's why I'm guessing that silver might be the way to go with apparently warm Verite headphones?
  5. Hansotek
    I like them a lot for metal. More different vs. straight-up better than Blackwood Auteur. It is definitely all those things: warmer/darker tilt, more micro/macro dymanics and detail/bigger stage. Blackwood Auteur is more accurate to the actual tone as recorded because Verite has some coloration to it. Better recordings sound more dynamic. Bad recordings don't sound less dynamic, per se, but if you're coming off a good recording, you're gonna be like, "Damn, this is a little compressed." With Auteur the difference on those recordings is less noticeable. So I'd say Auteur favors black, poorly-produced death and grind, and older thrash tracks that aren't tip-top production. Verite will favor progressive, power, symphonic, metalcore, djent, etc...which tends to have shinier production qualities. Blackwood Auteur's strength is it's a 9/10 across every genre of metal. Verite is like 11/10 in its best genres and 7.5/10 with poo-poo production stuff. Make sense?
  6. Hansotek
    What cables are you considering? I have.... a lot of cables.
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  7. yates7592
    Not fixed yet, but looking at the ZMF silver cable (I forget the name), or maybe the Headphone T2 silver litz, or another. I realise some silver cables are better and less harsh than others but I guess this is just a basic copper vs silver question, unless any reviewers have specific A/B experience which seems unlikely at this time.
    Last edited: Nov 27, 2018
  8. heliosphann
    Patience... I'll address this later tonight in my post as I compared the 2K/Michanikos/Atmos yesterday.
  9. yates7592
    Thanks in advance, look forward to your thoughts.
  10. Hansotek
    I've used the ZMF Mechanikos silver, 2K copper, stock and Danacable Lazuli so far on Verite. Of the ZMF cables Michanikos will make it seem a hair closer to neutral, but 2K has a touch more detail and microdetail and overall refinement. I really like both cables a lot. The Danacable is my favorite, of course, but it is the warmest and most costly option. @heliosphann has probably spent more time comparing...
  11. pippen99
    A minor part of ZMF's appeal is that Zach uses the same connectors as my LCD-4. I will be switching a DHC Prion4 back and forth.
    Last edited: Nov 27, 2018
  12. Spandy87
    It's interesting that you say this because a lot of people still claim the whole "cables are placebo" thing. I'm more willing to trust users who have actually done the testing such as yourself. It also seems that with higher end gear, the cables become more relevant to the sound. So it's likely the debate just comes down to experience, or lack there-of for the 'no' folks, and those who have tested it and are still naysayers haven't tried it with equipment like this. At least, that's what it looks like to me, I'm happy to be presented with evidence to the contrary. Thanks for your input on this!
  13. Hansotek
  14. LCMusicLover
    I've found relatively small differences between cables. For my Utopia, I have:

    Cardas Clear
    WyWires Platinum
    Danacable Lazuli Reference

    All 4-pin XLR terminated to use with my balanced amps.

    Clear and Lazuli are a bit warmer vs WyWires. And the Lazuli and WyWires produce a little more plankton than the Cardas. But honestly, I'd probably struggle to pick them out in a blind comparison, especially if I wasn't very familiar with the music. I also have a LQI OCC copper cable which is 2.5mm TRRS terminated for use with my DAPs. When I plug that into a TRRS-to-XLR adapter and use it from my Bryston, I do hear differences. Stage gets a bit more 'intimate' and reduces plankton a little. But still, small differences.

    For comparisons sake, if I call the sound difference which Elex vs stock pads produces '10' then cable changes produce differences of 2 - 3, at most.
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  15. Hansotek
    Most people have almost zero understanding of cable physics whatsoever. I wrote a couple very brief overviews in the Auteur thread that you may find helpful:

    There's a little overlap here, but I made a couple points toward the end in this one that might be helpful in clarifying the whole thing:

    Hope that helps a little! :)
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