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ZMF Verite

Discussion in 'High-end Audio Forum' started by heliosphann, Oct 3, 2018.
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  1. franz12
    Don’t understand why there is so much discussion about the term ‘laid back.’
    You can just say Vertie has laid-back (or recessed) presence region or laid-back upper mid/lower treble, or laid-back treble, or etc.
  2. Monsterzero
    I dont know on either count. My pair that I have is the silk. Im guessing its a harder wood,and thus quicker decay,but that is just a guess.
  3. Monsterzero
    When ZMF comes out with a big dollar flagship model with an all new driver type the hype and interest will of course be on it,but dont sleep on the Aeolus. It is a great sounding headphone.
    If you loved the tone and slam of the Atticus but thought it could use better imaging,detail,air and versatility youre gonna love the Aeolus.
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  4. Hansotek
    Neither do I.
  5. omniweltall
    And that price of the Aeolus! One of the best value can out there.
  6. Blase
    There's been 4 of us explaining why. Other people who have heard it wouldn't describe it that way, that's been consistently the point.

    Anyway I keep revisiting the measurements & am becoming more afraid of that upper midrange dip. I hope when I listen it doesn't bother me as much as the graphs suggest it will but if it does I'll be pretty sad.
  7. Pink Freud
    I'd like to bring attention to a different topic which could be related to this-critical and non critical listening. The auteur are the first headphones I tried that allow me to be satisfied both when I want to pay attention to how they sound (dynamics, timbre, impact), both to when I want to just get myself lost in the music... I guess it is the tuning of the headphones that makes this possible. Would love to hear if the verite has this same quality :)
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  8. Spandy87

    You could try it with a more 'neutral' can and then compensate the curve to simulate the dip? Just a thought. I might try this with my Andromeda tonight to get an idea of the type of sig.
  9. Hansotek
    I wouldn’t worry about it too much until you try it. Zach dialed it back to a level that people liked better based on early feedback.
  10. ProfFalkin
    I heard the early version at RMAF, and the dip was much bigger. It's dialed in very nicely now. Don't let the measurements fool you. If this wasn't measured by people I know and who's ears I trust, I'd tell them their rig is trash. It doesn't sound like the measurements show.

    Enigma. Just saying.
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  11. gLer
    Yeah I’m sure the Aeolus will be a hit, and the Atticus definitely needs each of those ‘improvements’ in my book. Pity the Aeolus is the ugly ducking of the family (as far as a ZMF can is ‘ugly’, meaning it’s still better looking than most headphones). Just can’t quite connect with the flat grille and exposed screws. A more luscious wood like Cocobolo will definitely help its cause.
  12. gLer
    Just out of interest and from a technical perspective, how does Zach ‘dial in’ or ‘dial back’ the tuning of particular part of a FR on a headphone. It’s not like he’s programming flash rom or something, so how is it physically achieved? Driver distance, damping, angles? Would be fascinating to see a YouTube video of how it’s done.
  13. Hansotek
    All those things make a difference and pads of course too. In this case, I believe it was just adding some damping material in a particular spot that made the change.
  14. ProfFalkin
    Don't lie. Please. We deserve better.

    He puts the headphones into the magical ZMF EQ machine, recites a musical incantation, and presto! Tuned headphones.
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  15. felix3650
    I'm for Cocobolo. That's some tasty looking wood. And Blackwood? I'll just say that my Auteur is Blackwood and it looks fantastic.
    For me the best looking woods including the Padauk (contrasts great with the black parts).

    The wood mostly affects the tone and timbre in general. It gives that small particular nuance. As for speed, frequency response and distortion, those are majorly attributed to the driver itself.

    I should add wood thickness, internal geometry, complessive cabinet air volume, air slot diameters etc. I've designed and built speaker cabinets in the past and from that experience playing with one of those variables had a perceptible effect on sound.

    Wasn't that the elf's job? I see...reduced work-force this year.
    Last edited: Nov 25, 2018
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