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ZMF Verite

Discussion in 'High-end Audio Forum' started by heliosphann, Oct 3, 2018.
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  1. Spandy87
    I'm confused because people are saying that the verite is bright with the flat pads but darker than the Auteur, but the Auteur is by no means bright. I know people have different ideas of what this stuff means, but it's left me utterly confused.

    Looking at the FR, it appears that there's a bit more air up top when compared with the Auteur, and a bit of a dip at 6k where the Auteur doesn't. Then there's a bit more midrange energy as well. If this is accurate, I'm not sure how that makes it darker than the Auteur. So I guess I'm just confused about what to expect haha.
  2. pippen99
    As in many things it can be a matter of perspective. I found the Auteur bright with stock pads but not quite Utopia bright which I found extremely fatiguing. The Eikons pads brought more balance to the sound signature for me but of course was still brighter than my LCD-4. Again a matter of perspective.
  3. gLer
    I suggest every Verite/Auteur/HD800/Utopia/[your headphone here] comparison and impressions be accompanied by a mention of the amp/dac used in the chain. Because it seems these have a significant effect on the sound profiles of these headphones.

    I’ll start: on the R-28 I found the HD800 brighter than the Auteur by some distance, and the Auteur slightly brighter or about the same as the Utopia (with Auteur pads) and quite a bit darker with Eikon pads. Haven’t heard the Verite yet but since my placement of these headphones on the brightness scale differs from that of others, I’ll probably have to hear it myself on my system with my music to actually know for sure what it sounds like.

    Oh and the Auteur I heard was Teak, which plays a part in the whole brightness/speed discussion too.
    Last edited: Nov 20, 2018
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  4. Spandy87
    So while I don't find the Auteur too bright with the Auteur pads, my experience lines up with yours when it comes to comparisons with the Utopia and LCD-4. I guess my ideal headphone would be something similar to the Auteur in tonality with slightly faster transient speed and a bit more air up top (maybe just more open vs semi-open). I'm hoping the Verite could be that, just getting mixed messages on the 'brightness' front haha.
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  5. pippen99
    PS Audio Direcstream Dac with Bridge II Network Card>Cavalli Liquid Gold
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  6. gLer
    So if Verite is darker you’ll probably get one of the two (transient speed but not air)? I never quite know how these things work.
  7. Spandy87
    That's what I thought, but then measurements show that there's actually a bit more air up top on the Verite. So the brightness thing just doesn't make sense to me, unless 'brightness' is defined differently to the way I'm thinking of it.
  8. B1ll
    I'm not sure which pads I was using, I forget. :C Regardless, they are not sibilant, but I think they were brighter/clearer than my experiences at home with the blackwood Auteur. I'm not sure how much of this can be attributed to your A2 vs. my A1 Yggy, or how the FR charts look, these were just my gut reactions. I'd like to get more time with them, they blew past my expectations. I'm looking forward to that chance at ZMFestivus, a great opportunity to discuss preferences and try and get a live dialogue with other enthusiasts on how the new cans perform, what kind of gear synergies people have enjoyed, etc.
    Last edited: Nov 20, 2018
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  9. davisman
    Thank goodness it is 2018 and headphone makers have figured out how to do detail, speed, and space without making the headphone overly bright.

    It has been a horrible trend with some headphone makers that put out overly bright headphones and call them detail masters. No. just no.
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  10. phthora
    I actually can't tell if the first part of this is sarcasm or not...
  11. Spandy87

    I'm guessing it's not. I've always had that issue too. It's like "oh we want it to have lots of detail, so let's crank up the highs". If you compare the way some of that stuff sounds to the way it sounds in real life, it's not even close.
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  12. Pharmaboy
    I've messed around in audiophile 2-channel systems for years. This issue was always a big factor in my selection of gear. There has always been a split between those who want hyped detail, "flat" frequencies, highlighted transients VS those who want realistic/natural-sounding audio.

    It gets more consequential than usual in the headphone version of this issue. It's not easy to take a step back from headphones that sit 1/2" away from ones ears, shelling them w/too much treble & upper mids. Just as happened w/speakers, I had a couple experiences w/edgy, over-bright headphones and vowed, "never again!"

    This is part of why I respect what ZMF has accomplished with headphone design. Each ZMF headphone has its own sound profile, based on specific drivers, materials, & sonic objectives. But Zach always stays close to what I hear as a human-scale, naturalistic concept of sound reproduction. These headphones serve music.
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  13. phthora
    Right!? "It's soooo detailed!" Yeah, in the treble. There are other parts of the spectrum, people.

    I can't speak for the Verite, but the Auteur manages a tremendous amount of detail without aggressive highs or other artificiality in the sound. Very impressive, well-balanced headphone.
  14. felix3650
    While I haven't heard the Verite I'll add my thoughts on the Auteur (Blackwood, stock Auteur pads) that I own. My DAC/Amp is the Holo Cyan R-2R in NOS mode and balanced. The other day a friend came by and brought his HD800 with a balanced cable. VS the HD800 the Auteur has more bass, it's smoother, a more realistic headstage and tonally more fleshed out. The HD800 on the other hand is wider sounding, little more detail in the treble, more lacking in the lower octaves and fatiguing on some songs.
    To my ears the Auteur doesn't sound bright. The HD800 I do consider bright (I would not own it cause I don't generally enjoy its sound).
    Based on what I've had from Zach (Ori Cocobolo, Eikon Padauk, Auteur Teak) the trend has been towards neutrality so I would assume the Verite to be a little less neutral but not bright.
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  15. davisman
    I was definitely not being sarcastic. E2 was the first headphone that I have experienced that has incredible detail without being overly bright. I did not think it was possible before.

    Verite will be my first ZMF headphone and the only reason I pulled the trigger was the impressions from people about how it has a large soundstage, is very fast,very detailed, but has a natural/warmer presentation.
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