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ZMF Verite

Discussion in 'High-end Audio Forum' started by heliosphann, Oct 3, 2018.
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  1. humzebra
  2. Monsterzero
    WOW! These are really....Intense!

    Hansotek was spot on the money when he said that sounds jump out at you. Parts of songs that kinda hid in the background on other headphones just leap to life with these.

    A conscious stream as im listening..........

    *Classic Rock*

    The Band- "The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down"-16 bit lossless- The harmonica that starts @1:09 just comes to life,wow! I have never heard that harmonica sound so vibrant before.

    Patti Smith-"We Three"-16 bit lossless- Bass guitar has a nice deep satisfying rumble. Tom drums@ 1:09 slam hard,with no lingering. Theyre there,and then theyre gone...fast decay. The piano strikes,sound like strikes,as opposed to *plinks*.

    Outlaws- "Green Grass & High Tides"-24/96 lossless-Holy hell! The greatest guitar song ever written sounds sooooo damn good! I can easily pick out all three guitarists parts,and once again,the notes are leaping out at me. Bass has a deep growling tactile feel. Guitar lead @5:25 is behind me to the right,each note is slamming in,with zero fatigue. I literally have chills.

    Robert Plant-"29 Palms"-16 bit lossless- guitar parts are once again well defined and vibrant. My foot cant stop tapping.

    Queen-"Great King Rat"-16 bit lossless/2011 remaster- These headphones def do not lack bass. Roger Taylor's drums are thumping all around my skull.


    Accept-"Princess of The Dawn"-24/96 lossless- Guitar has great fwd>back 3D.

    I-"Bridges of Fire" -16 bit lossless-guitar has great texture and definition. Im beginning to think these are a guitar lovers dream,as the guitar seems to leap out on every track I throw at it.

    Falkenbach-"Gjallar"-16 bit lossless- I threw on this track specifically because the mastering isnt the greatest,but jeez,it sounds epic! Opening battle horn just rattles your skull with intensity. Great slam and texture throughout.

    Judas Priest-"Steeler" Live~British Steel 30th Anniversary tour-16 bit lossless-Okay,this track doesnt sound great here,the bass is overpowering everything else. Poorly mastered,and it shows.

    *Folk & Americana*

    The Highwaymen-"Highwayman"-16 bit lossless- Oh this is great. Little details Ive never heard before come to life.

    Johnny Cash-"Hurt"-16 bit lossless- No surprise,guitar sounds incredibly lifelike,nuanced and detailed.

    Goa Trance

    Medicine Drum-"Slipstream"-16 bit lossless- Very holographic presentation,vibrant,tactile,deep diving bass. This song doesnt have great slam for trance,but it sounds pretty slammin' now.

    Thats all for tonight,getting late. All listening done thru my Glenn OTL fed by Vinshine R2R Ref DAC. Going to run 10 hours of pink noise thru them while I sleep and see if I hear any changes.

    Any questions or comments,feel free to ask.
    Last edited: Nov 14, 2018
  3. gLer
    Brilliant impressions as always @Monsterzero. Look forward to your full review. My only question at this stage is how they compare to the other ZMFs (differences/similarities), particularly the co-flagship Auteur.

    Edit: would also be great to get impressions of the Verite from a solid state amp (and preferably one that doesn’t cost $2000). :)
    Last edited: Nov 14, 2018
  4. omniweltall
    What a beauty.
  5. whirlwind
    Thank you sir, was wanting a nice report on these headphones using Glenn's gear....great report actually as i like a lot of the same music.
    Thanks again, much appreciated!
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  6. Mrstump5
    Mother of goooood. Is that the pheasant
  7. heliosphann
    Adamantium. Zach don't go cheap!
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  8. KWWJ
    I tried the silkwood verite for a short period over the weekend and was pretty much blown away. I heard it out of a feliks expressivo and the dac of an ALO CDM.

    Not good with technical impressions but will try to describe some of what i heard. As a benchmark, I have the Blackwood auteur which is super lush and organic so my references to the auteur will be based off that.

    The Verite is incredibly light and snug on the head. I’ve tried most of ZMFs heavier wood headphones so this was refreshing.

    Soundwise, the first notes of a song hit me like a wave and engulfed me. I heard a very expansive and holographic soundstage with precice instrument imaging. To some it may sound a bit forward as the sound engulfs you, but I felt it was wide and open.

    Mids: the auteur Blackwood in my opinion is the king of mids in the ZMF lineup so far. I tried the auteur in silkwood and found the mids were lean and dry, so I wasn’t expecting much from the silkwood verite. I was surprised to find the mids surprisingly smooth with a decent body to them. It was not as thick and lush as my Blackwood but by no means was it lean or dry.

    Bass had slam. Not as much as the quantity of the Atticus or Aeolus, but definitely enough and the quality and texture was superb.

    Treble was interesting. It extended very well and was super detailed, but it was not at all strident or harsh as I usually find for other very detailed headphones. Coming from a guy who is treble sensitive, I was very impressed.

    The verite is super fast, very detailed while still keeping that organic and smooth sound. It kind of felt that Zach has struck almost a perfect kind of balance. For those who have listened to stax, it felt as if the Blackwood auteur and a stax headphone had come together to make a baby.

    Really impressive but pretty pricey. I may have to get one though.
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  9. Slim1970
    So are they a step up from the Auteur’s or more like a side grade? Based off your mini review there are something’s you like about both.
  10. wazzupi
    You would replace the Blackwood auteurs with them ? I wonder how the pheasant wood sounds mids and lush wise, if its closer to the blackwood auteurs.
  11. wazzupi
    Looking forward to more impressions !
    Last edited: Nov 14, 2018
  12. KWWJ
    I would say that soundstage, imaging, speed and detail are an upgrade from the auteur. Because my Blackwood Auteur is on the warmer and thicker side of the auteur sound spectrum, the super fast, electrostatic feel of the Verite is different enough to actually justify having both in my collection.

    The silkwood is a lighter wood, so a heavier wood could probably give you more warmth and body, at the expense of detail and stage. I really love mids on the blackwoods so it is hard to part with now, but a Verite in a slightly heavier wood may just be the sweet spot.
  13. Mrstump5
    You think the pheasant wood will allow for the speed, detail, and soundstage to still shine? Or do you think the pheasant wood will make it thick like blackwood
  14. Mrstump5
    Also can you please post a picture of what the silk wood looks like. I want to compare it to the picture of zachs site. They always look lighter in person
  15. zach915m
    The Verite in general shines through speed/detail/stage regardless of wood, what you get with the Pheasant is more of that "weight" to each note at the cost of a slight ethereal decay. The Be driver is so fast that switching between woods changes the weight and impact more than anything.

    The silk does vary a bit, I forget how dark the set we sent Zeppelin & Co, but the Silk seems to vary from dark caramel/amber to deep amber. I'll try to get more pics posted soon. When ordering if you state a preference for how dark you want the wood we can get as close as we can.
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