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ZMF Verite

Discussion in 'High-end Audio Forum' started by heliosphann, Oct 3, 2018.
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  1. bryceu
    Also, any db adjustment from the PEQ of the RME is far more effective than db adjustments in software EQ like eAPO. Which would mean my net 2.5db boost to the 3k range is equivalent to say about 5-6db in software EQ. (guess-timations)
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  2. nishan99
    I always felt like that with the EQ APO. its dB equals 0.66 dB to my ears.
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  3. Karnicopia
    Just wanted to say that Zach does some really great customer service even for people that didn't buy new from him which I really appreciate. I ended up buying a used Verite open from a someone upgrading to the Verite closed and I kept hearing some high frequency distortion out of the right ear and I thought there could be an issue with the driver but Zach said to use painter's tape and look for debris on the driver and sure enough I had a couple small specks of lint that probably weren't doing too much but a bigger piece of debris by the dome and that seems to have fixed things. I was having trouble getting that black grill off and didn't want to damage the driver so I ended up wrapping an end of a q-tip in painters tape and I could go through the grill with that and remove debris without messing with the grill. Wasn't the easiest thing in the world but I also didn't want to try and pull the grill off with pliers so it seemed to be the easier way to go for me and was still able to get to and remove everything it was just tricky for some spots.

    I just picked up a RME ADI pro with the $500 off deal. I like the look of the DAC and remote but I could use the AD conversion so being able to digitize audio well is a good benefit for me. The fact that they may come out with a new version with upgraded DA/AD chips and a remote I should probably care about but I don't think it's worth $500 to me so they were smart with their pricing. I really love this so far the ability to EQ so quickly and effectively is really amazing. The only real thing I have added is a 2-3 db cut around 7-8k to handle that peak that I believe I am particularly sensitive to and I haven't gotten too far after that. I think this peak was one of my issues with the Universe pads so this may make me enjoy that pad more so I'll have to go back and re listen to those again and you can save different EQ for headphone so I think I could make a Verite setup a Universe setup and a Universe Suede setup, so far I prefer the Verite pad but this could really change things. I'm also enjoying the loudness feature which adds in bass and treble proportional to low volume you get really precise controls for dialing this in and it really helps with listening at lower volumes.
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  4. bryceu
    Congrats on your new setup! I love my Verite and love my RME as well. I think buying the PRO with the $500 off discount is the smart option as the new chipset refresh won't make much if any audible difference :)
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  5. Felix the Cat

    Like the suggestions here re: EQ, curious to see what other settings people use when/if EQ'ing the verite open...I have a THX 788 and very much enjoy the ability to EQ when I'm feeling the urge. I have a -2db and 8 kHz (Q 1.0) similar to what you have here - for me this improves the ability to listen for a long while and work at the same time. If I am listening to bluesy rock (which is fairly often), I sometimes will add a little around 11 kHz (+1 or +1.5db, Q 1.5) to help brighten things up a smidge.

    What EQ settings do others have?
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  6. Empyah
    Sorry for barge in like this into your coversation, but may i ask which gen Wa22 you own?
    Have you maybe heard both an can tell any differences?
    I own the 1st gen and like it alot, but am pondering to upgrade caps and maybe even the transformers or just get the 2nd gen or just skip the hassle and get something from DNA or EC.

    Edit: for my futute Veritè of course.
    Last edited: Dec 16, 2019
  7. bryceu
    I think you may have seen mine already but lately I’ve just been running a +1db shelf up to 60hz and a 1.5db peak at 3.3khz. Feel like that’s all I really need for the VO with V pads and mostly electronic music. I’ll throw in a +1db shelf after 2khz when critically listening to liven the top end up a bit, but I’m otherwise content with the upper end when casually listening.
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  8. K3cT
    I'm a bit conflicted about the Vérité. Tonality-wise they're perfect but the HE1000SE outresolve them and their soundstage is a bit lacking. But then the HE1000SE are also quite a bit pricier.
  9. mixman
    I have both and just view them as different types of headphones. One light, airy, and more analytical and the other a more laid back, natural sound.
  10. K3cT
    Thanks for the input, @mixman. Given the choice if you were to keep one headphone, which one will they be?
  11. mixman
    That's a tough one. Right now it would probably be the Verite, because it is a more unique sound and more unique type of HP (looks and sound).
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  12. Karnicopia
    So it appears that I have a high frequency sensitivity to around the 7-9 k range and after extensive googling it is due to having ear infections as a child. Honestly I never knew about it until I got into headphones but what it amounts to is if I listen to higher volume for a period of time I get fatigue and start to hear high frequency distortion out of the right ear and it's due to a bone in the ear that probably had issues from the ear infections. If I don't agitate this though through sheer volume or that particular frequency it doesn't really bother me so piecing things together I did have a piece of debris that was causing distortion in the right ear cup no matter which ear I put it on, Zach's suggestion of the painter's tape worked great but then over time I could start to hear distortion out of that ear that was based on fatigue of my ear and not the headphone. So for the RME I can basically add that frequency cut which I bumped up more to 8k and this greatly improved my listening experience (G -3 8.6k Q2.7 seems to sound good to me). Maybe not useful to anyone else unless you had a lot of ear infections early on but it's actually pretty easy to work around with EQ and these headphones really work beautiful for me now. I can also only add in that cut on my right ear which means the left ear can fill in those frequencies a bit. So I guess this makes me a big believer in EQ and while I appreciate the voicing that Zach gave to these it's cool to use EQ to get to what I personally hear best, this small change made a big difference to me.
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  13. nishan99
    He is my HE1000SE ($3.5k) vs ZMF Verite ($2.5k) impressions after 2 weeks of the HEKSE arrival:

    • The HEKSE is more comfortable thanks to their light weight
    • The Verite is way better built and feels like a real fancy product
    • The Verite has much mmmuch better stock cable
    • The HEKSE is more detailed in the bass and treble
    • The Verite has more natural timbre and sweeter sounding
    • The HEKSE is slightly V-shaped favoring the treble
    • The Verite is slightly darker sounding with a dipped upper mids but still has way more accurate frequency response (Verite lamb pads)
    • The HEKSE has more peaks and dips requiring a more complex EQ
    • The Verite has noticeable better imaging and deeper soundstage
    • The HEKSE has slightly wider and taller SS with bigger sound images (things sound big)
    • The HEKSE has much better subbass extension and power
    • The HEKSE is the most open sounding headphones that I've listened to.

    Without EQ I would not recommend the HEKSE, it sounds off without it.
    Here is my current EQ settings for both to make them more natural/warmish sounding

    The Verite:
    The HEKSE
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  14. bryceu
    Been enjoying browsing through genres, new and old to me, that I don't often listen to. The Verite continues to handle pretty much everything well.

    I used to think the RME was more on the analytical side of the spectrum, but with the THX887 + Verite, I'm finding the setup altogether quite forgiving and enjoyable. It's definitely transparent, but there doesn't seem to be any rough edges or problem areas.
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  15. jawks
    Been doing the same with my Verite. It took me a while to get used to its sound after coming from the Auteur, but I like the immersive, holographic experience. I found that I preferred using it with the amp in my iFi iDSD Pro rather than my Decware CSP2 OTL amp (which I prefer for my Auteur).
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