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ZMF Verite

Discussion in 'High-end Audio Forum' started by heliosphann, Oct 3, 2018.
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  1. UntilThen
    It was a time when I fell into the vintage amps rabbit hole - specifically Sansui amps. I bought 4 Sansui amps in 2 months. It's down to 2 now. Sansui AU-Alpha 907mr and AU-717. With so many amps, I thought it's best to cancel the Stratus until such time if I want to get it again. However next came the Studio Six and WA22, and now an Oblivion coming to me for review. So Stratus is not in the picture for now or I don't know when. :)
  2. heliosphann
    Oh no, what have you done?!? You just opened up Pandora's box.. . :L3000:

    Just wait until he starts talking about Berlin! :fearful:
    Last edited: Nov 30, 2019
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  3. heliosphann
    Don't know a whole lot about that amp, but I've heard good things. I need to break out my poor 800 more. The Verite's have been getting all the love lately
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  4. UntilThen
    Oh no the Pandora's box.... :sunglasses:

    The roadmap for Berlin has been pushed back ! I'm swamped with tube amps. Last week I let my son use the WA22 and HD800. He has a La Figaro 339 and a HiFiMan HE560 before. His face lit up when he listens to Hans Zimmer performs Inception 'Time'. Said the WA22 and HD800 is amazing.

    Of course I kept the Studio Six, GOTL and Verite Open to myself.
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  5. RMarks271
    Haha fair enough, wayyyyyy down the rabbit hole!
  6. nishan99
    Not a great recording quality but damn the drums are so satisfying.

    Last edited: Dec 2, 2019
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  7. jinxy245
    Love that 80's drum thunder...cheesy to be sure, but fun stuff!
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  8. qboogie
    For those who EQ, how many db are you boosting the 3 kh dip that is apparent with the verite open? I listen to a lot of music with female vocals and I just can't overlook the loss of presence. Any other recommended EQ adjustments?

    I put in an inquiry to Zach about the BE2 pads. I hope they help. I would like to not rely on the EQ
  9. bryceu
    What pads are you using? I use Verite pads almost exclusively and add about a 1-2.5db boost to the 3k range.

    Even without the EQ boost I have gotten quite used to the upper mid / lower high dip with the VO, but I still add it in for tonal balance.

    I can give you the specific details that I’m using when I’m home, but this is generally the FR I’m running with the THX887.
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  10. qboogie
    Sorry I should have mentioned I use the flat verite pads that came included
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  11. bryceu
    Yea that’s what I’m using also. The Suede Universe pads have a more linear response, less dip in the upper mid range, but I find them to forfeit some of the detail and blackness in the background, and sound a bit too busy at times.
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  12. nishan99
    I apply 4 dB
  13. Lasollor
    I’ve been using the PEQ below for a while now with the universe pads. My target was the HD650’s frequency response in this region. It’s not perfect, I’m still trying to get it better, but good enough for now.
    1600Hz 2.6db Q=1.8
    3200Hz 5db Q=1.6
  14. bryceu
    EQ from my RME ADI-2 DAC:

    B1 | G +1.0 | F 200 | Q 1.0 | >-
    B2 | G +1.5 | 3.4k | Q 3.3 | ^
    B3 | G +0.5 | 7.0k | Q 9.9 | ^
    B4 | G - 0.5 | 8.0k | Q 5.0 | ^
    B5 | G +1.0 | 2.5k | Q 1.0 | -<

    B1 is adding a shelf to the lower end up to 200hz to boost sub-bass and give a little more mid-bass warmth.
    B2 is adding a 1.5db boost to the 3k region that the Verite dips.
    B3 is probably inaudible but according to Zach's measurement with Verite pads there is a bit of a dip at 7k.
    B4 is probably inaudible again but measurement shows a minor peak at 8k. (6k also but RME only has 5 bands to work with)
    B5 is adding another shelf to the entire region past the 2.5k mark. This is bringing the treble a little more forward.

    I understand the little db adjustments so close together don't account for much change tonally, but I figure why not to "even it out."
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  15. qboogie
    Thanks for the guidance
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