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ZMF Verite

Discussion in 'High-end Audio Forum' started by heliosphann, Oct 3, 2018.
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  1. bryceu
    Congrats on the new phones!
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  2. johnnypaddock
    I briefly owned a DNA Stratus. It's really a beautiful amp. The layering was insanely good, and the resolution was right up there. I found it to have a full, rich sound signature that might have been too much of a good thing when matched up with the Verite. I ended up preferring the Pendant in my system. I found that the speed and dynamics were better, with the presentation being more "up front". I could get more of a visceral impact with the Pendant. That said, I was using stock tubes in the Stratus and upgraded NOS tubes in the Pendant so I'm sure that was a factor.
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  3. Bonddam
    I’m using the Pendant with NOS tubes and it’s amazing. The amp is a good power house. Do you get any hum using the Verite? Myself and another have issue with hum coming out of the high z output.
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  4. RMarks271
    Thanks for this - going to PM you.
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  5. johnnypaddock
    Agreed... It is a perfect match for the Verité and has a ton of power to spare. Mine does have hum especially when used with the high Z output, but it still sounds amazing. After performing so well in direct comparison to the Stratus, I stopped looking for an "upgrade". I'd still love to hear a GOTL and/or an Eddie Current at some point, but I'm definitely happy with the Pendant.
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  6. Bonddam
    Another Pendant owner claimed after switching to bigger power cable hum mostly disappeared. I only have the hum in high z and only with my verite all other cans the amp is dead silent.
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  7. Bonddam
    My dream amp is the audiovalve solaris. Been researching it, and it puts out 8 watts per channel. If I go through my refinance on my house I'll have to pick one up.
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  8. biglazymoose
    I have a Moon Audio Inspire IHA-1 that I've been using with Aeolus. Can't wait to try Verite with it.
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  9. heliosphann
    I've got a Stratus and VO's and it's a fantastic pairing. Listening to it right now in fact. Paired with a good DAC this could easily be an endgame for some people.

    Also Zach has a Stratus, so that should also give you an idea of how well it is regarded with ZMF headphones.
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  10. UntilThen
    Also I have always regretted cancelling my Stratus order after waiting 8 months.... so when heliosphann is sleeping, I'll do an Italian job and get his Stratus.
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  11. heliosphann
    That'll be quite the trip for you. Make sure you leave some Cherry Ripe's, Crunchies and Cheezels for me. You can keep the Tim Tam's, we already get them here!
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  12. Pharmaboy
    In recent weeks I've listened to a loaner VC, then last week began listening to a loaner VO. Both have me in a daze. Call it paradigm shift, future shock, or new toy syndrome: but the Verite platform impresses me as something completely different. I'll eventually post sonic impressions. But at the moment, I struggle to understand (much less explain) how different these sound compared to other headphones:
    • I've not sure I ever heard this much detail, resolution, nuance, transient speed and immersive soundstage in any headphone--and I've heard some good ones, including electrostats
    • At the same time, all this resolution is conveyed in a musical, ear-friendly manner. This is endgame detail & speed wrapped in the ZMF house sound.
    ZMF gets plenty of praise for craftsmanship, especially those beautiful wood earcups. But I don't think ZMF gets enough recognition for sonic innovation. What I hear w/the VC & VO strikes me me a rare thing: endgame resolution that's also highly musical. Naturally, music is the real test of these headphones, and so far, they both kill it on every genre I try.

    Hat's off to Zach & ZMF: these headphone designs are a true achievement. I can only hope their sales #s reflect that...
  13. UntilThen
    So I don't have a Stratus and an Italian job seems difficult seeing I have to cross the oceans to get to you. However I have a brand new amp coming to me for review and I will be evaluating it with Verite Open and HD800. It will be an interesting Christmas.

  14. RMarks271
    I'm sure it must be a phenomenal pairing - I'm certain whichever I end up going with, either the DNA or the Pendant, it will be a dream match.
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  15. RMarks271
    What made you cancel, out of interest? And have you heard the Verites on the Pendant?
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