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ZMF Verite

Discussion in 'High-end Audio Forum' started by heliosphann, Oct 3, 2018.
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  1. Richardhoos
    I currently have a Qutest that I’m using with a Gilmore Lite amp and my ZMF Verite.

    I do love what I’m hearing but I just came into a balanced cable and am considering the AURALiC Taurus amp (used) as upgrade over the GL. I had considered the HeadAmp GSX-mini but it’s out of my price range. Any thoughts on the Verite + qutest + taurus pair?

    I’m concerned it would be too bright? I’m a bit treble sensitive. Any thoughts? Thanks friends!

  2. bryceu
    I've heard good things about the GSX-mini, but yea definitely a pricey unit compared to Gilmore Lite. I don't know anything about the Taurus, but the Verite does not run very bright comparative to most headphones. If you're fine with the Verite out of the Gilmore I don't think you will have any issues with it out of the Taurus. I've run my Verite out of many different amps and have never thought it too bright. I'm not treble sensitive but even headphones like Focal Clear could be a little bright for me at times.
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  3. jawks
    So I did more dedicated listening this evening with my Verite alternating between the iDSD Pro and the CSP2. Oddly enough, the Verite sounded great with the CSP2 tonight, in contrast with how it sounded a couple of days ago. I can't explain why - treble was not as recessed as it was previously, and there was less of a difference this time between the CSP2 and the iDSD Pro. If anything, there was a little more robustness to the sound through the CSP2. More testimony to the mystery and magic of this hobby?
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  4. bryceu
    Also testimony to the mystery of the Verite. Mine seemingly "changed" (changed post burn-in) a lot over the first few weeks of listening to it, as my ears started getting accustomed to it. But... I've owned mine for a couple months now and it still throws me occasional pleasant surprises.:)
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  5. jawks
    I'm still getting acquainted with its soundstage. It's quite different from that of the Auteur. I feel like the Auteur has a natural soundstage that's spread out nicely in front of you. The Verite feels more immediate and seems to envelop you in the sound.
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  6. heliosphann
    So true. The Auteur has a more traditional feeling soundstage as opposed to the immersive Verite. Another reason why I like having both.
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  7. jawks
    Yes, I was wondering if I would be giving up my Auteur upon acquiring the Verite. Like you, I think they offer different enough listening experiences so I'll be keeping both!
  8. bryceu
    I had to give up the Auteur to fund the Verite. While I do miss the Auteur in its own right, the Verite is keeping me completely satisfied.

    Random: I know another user kept their Auteur after receiving their VO, but then gave it up after receiving their VC.
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  9. RMarks271
    Can anyone who has matched / heard the Verite with the DNA Stratus or Starlett share their experiences? I've been going back and forth between a number of amp options and the Verite, and think I've come down to these two options - but finding any first-hand information is very difficult.

    Thanks in advance!
  10. wenbinbin2010
    Exactly a year ago, I bought an Audeze LCD-i4 on impulse during their Black Friday sale. That launched me into a yearlong journey experimenting with 30+ different headphones, going from mid-fi to summit-fi. Finally, the journey has stopped (hopefully) with the ZMF Verite. Fell in love first with the standard silkwood Verite, and eventually placed an order for my own brand new Cocobolo version. In all it's glory:


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  11. bryceu
    Beautiful! Really nice photos of all your gear as well. Cheers on finding something that is feeling like your end-game!
  12. LCMusicLover
    That is the most amazing headphone inventory page ever! While some folks have impressive lists on their gear pages, your picture is way more impactful.

    Takes a lot of dedication to trial that many headphones in a single year.
  13. wojpol
    What, no photo of Final Audio D8000 headphones? They are fantastic. I have ZMF Verites on order.
  14. ProfFalkin
    I was just thinking that. Takes a deeper wallet than I have as well. =)
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  15. biglazymoose
    Funny, I sold Auteur a couple weeks ago knowing the November sale was coming. Picked up Verite in Ziricote with steele grills and rods in the sale. Cant wait!!
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