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ZMF Verite

Discussion in 'High-end Audio Forum' started by heliosphann, Oct 3, 2018.
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  1. Inoculator
    Drooling over both the silver grill and brass grill purplehearts. Tons of great b-stock options up on the site as well, and the camphor burl and zebra wood Aeolus/Auteur LTD look great, fun round of offerings.

    I honestly have a hard time imagining a headphone better than the Auteur (I guess my only other TOTL comparison is the HD800s, which did have some soundstage/treble pros)...anyone have some quick thoughts on Auteur vs Verite they would be willing to share? Pros and cons of either would be appreciated. I would probably keep both anyway as my Auteur is really special to me and a really unique offering, but some impressions from Auteur owners that made the jump would be appreciated.

    I was just feeling content with my Auteur/Eikon combo, but having a hard time passing up a purpleheart ZMF offering.
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  2. UntilThen
    Better than Norwegian Wood right? :wink:
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  3. UntilThen
    GOTL sounds great with Verite. That said, so does the Studio Six and Woo Audio WA22 with choice tubes. However the Pendant and Mogwai has pique my interest, especially the latter using KT66/77/88 or EL34/6l6GC type Power tubes, 6sl7 inout tube and 5u4g rectification.

    So many tube amps to try and I've no doubt they all will sound great with ZMF headphones. :)
  4. nishan99
    I still think it's the best looking wood for the VO.
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  5. aloki
    And idk about other woods, but the Pheasantwood also smells good.
  6. RMarks271
    Thanks - it really is (wonderful) minefield to tred through. I'm really torn three ways between the GOTL, Pendant and Feliks Euforia - that's what I'm trying to settle on now for the Verite. Any experience with the FE?
  7. RMarks271
    I'd really love to hear some of these comparisons too.
  8. jawks
    Hi, I’m just joining this thread and have been reading the discussion about OTLs and the Verite. I have been using a Decware CSP2 OTL with my Auteur (Verite open is en route) and have been very happy with the sound. I’m eager to hear how my VO will sound with the CSP2 and can let you know more if you are interested. These Decware OTLs are all made in the US.
  9. ustinj
    From an auteur review i posted a month or two ago:

    I’ve gone back and forth between these two headphones so many times in the past week that I wouldn’t even be able to keep track if I wanted to.

    Bass: My issue with the first Auteur Teak was that the bass wasn’t exactly cutting it for the electronic-focused playlists that I was grooving to at the time. The Vérité, while it still doesn’t have the extension and rumble of some closed-back cans, definitely outdoes the Auteur in impact and bass slam. Auteur is a bit lighter in punch, it doesn’t feel as tight, fast, or textured as the Vérité (though still clearly a notch up on the likes of the HD800 in this case).

    Midrange: The two headphones are both like works of art from a tonal perspective, but I would give the edge just barely to the Auteur in this case. It’s a more coherent sound, filling out the upper midrange dip that is clearly evident in the Vérité. This results in a more immediate sense of clarity in the Auteur, backed by greater sparkle and snap to instruments / vocals. At times, switching back to the Vérité was a bit jarring, as vocals and certain percussion just sounded somewhat spacially confined in comparison. However, the Vérité’s colouration quickly fades and the ears adapt; it somehow becomes very natural after less than a minute of listening. And the result is more engaging, intimate, and ’emotional’ rendition of vocals that the Auteur doesn’t do quite as well. The Vérité also provides more evident texturing to the midrange with cleaner transients, leading to a much blacker background in most tracks.

    Treble: I find that the Auteur’s treble feels to be a safer approach, maintaining good linearity and balance to high frequencies. Though the lower treble can sometimes border on being a bit splashy, this is opposed to the Vérité’s being noticeably dipped. Vérité maintains the same level of treble energy as the Auteur with its rebound into the mid and upper treble, just with the very noticeably presence dip that can be a bit jarring to adapt to at first. As a result, the Auteur takes the upper hand in coherency and balance; the Vérité is quicker, cleaner, more precise in treble notes.

    Soundstage / Imaging: Though I tend to avoid describing abstract concepts like soundstage, the difference between the two headphones became very clear as I A/B’d the two. The Vérité has an intimately engaging presentation that really throws the listener on-stage in the middle of the music, while the Auteur feels more like attending a live performance from the seats. I hate this audiophile cliché, but it is what it is. The Vérité is much more like an immersive VR presentation, and the Auteur is more like an incredibly large, cinematic IMAX screen presentation. This really is the best way to say it! But for a more traditional description: the Vérité’s imaging is very clear and three-dimensional, with a very immersive black soundstage and fantastic depth. The Auteur’s soundstage is noticeably larger, wider, and more spacious, though with less depth. I found myself swapping between the two, but zoning out and getting lost in the music with the Vérité more often.
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  10. nishan99
    Imaging ROCK SOLID!
    verite lambskin pads

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  11. RMarks271
    This is really great, thanks. Fantastic comparison and really informative.

    Do you have a favourite of the two?

    One thing that's really important to me is the effect that the dipped mids on the Verite has on vocals. I focus on vocals probably more than anything else in a mix, and although love everything about the Verite, this concerns me a little. Could you speak a little more to your feelings on that?
  12. ustinj
    It's just my opinion and how I heard it. The dip in the Verite is just slightly above the core vocal range IMO. It can be noticeable at first coming from the Auteur, but after a few minutes of listening that dip becomes natural-sounding. It kind of shaves a bit off the top where vocals get a bit of extra edge and sharpness, kind of like what I'd imagine a 'dampened room' to sound like. But it's not claustrophobic or congested.
  13. nwavesailor
    I'm amazed at how folks can listen to various hp and describe, in detail, what they are hearing between hp A and V! :thinking:
  14. jinxy245
    I think gear, preferences etc. play a major part in answering that question...but from what you did say, If you love vocals, I'd wager the Auteur s the safer bet. The vocal region is more present on the Auteur...it's a bit much for my tastes as I prefer vocals a bit more laid back. The Verite just about nails it for me personally, but if vocals are your thing you may be better suited with the Auteur.

    A demo is always the best route when possible of course (but it' not always possible I know).

    Good luck!
  15. UntilThen
    I hate to say anything perceived as negative concerning Euforia because I did know Lukasz of Feliks Audio very well in the past. I have owned both Elise and Euforia, together with La Figaro 339. Euforia is more bloomy, more blossomed out in tone. This is with various good 6sn7 and 6as7. Taken on it's own, it's very good. However compared to GOTL, it's lacking the bite, snap and speed. I love the GOTL with GEC B36 and 6 x 6bx7gt for that reason. So depending on your preference, your choice could be very different from mine. YMMV.

    Studio Six is in the same mould as the GOTL. Tight, controlled, precise bass that will also deliver the full impact when the music calls for it. Studio Six has better high end extension and a wider soundstage and an incredibly black background. Woo Audio WA22 with GEC U52 rectifier, Tung Sol 6F8G black glass round plates and Tung Sol 5998 surprised me. It's vivid, tight and punchy as the other 2 amps.

    My order of preference - Studio Six, GOTL, WA22. I could live with any of those 3 amps and Verite Open. I stop analysing and just settle down to listen to music.

    There will be better tube amps out there I have no doubt. It's best not to go too deep down the rabbit hole. :)
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