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ZMF Verite

Discussion in 'High-end Audio Forum' started by heliosphann, Oct 3, 2018.
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  1. ufospls2
    Its untreated I think, so the green patina will probably appear over time. I'm guessing it can be polished back to the way it looks currently though, but I'm not sure.
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  2. mixman
    Love it. Great description. Hopefully the MJ2 can be subtle at time too. I can also see why @bryceu likes them both since the LP is more passive and laid back while the MJ2 is more in your face.
  3. ProfFalkin
    It can do subtly and nuance, but I think this is where tube selection is important as there are some dull, warmbutt, or rolled off tubes that can affect that.
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  4. UntilThen
    I took my Verite out for a bit of sunshine and it's sounding brighter. :)

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  5. nwavesailor
    Heck, even headphones can benefit from a bit more Vitamin D!:relieved:
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  6. UntilThen
    You bet ! Getting lots of sunshine today. Can you see that bird on that lamp post? It's eyeing my Verite. Maybe it's a Robin?

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  7. nwavesailor
    So your VO are Pheasant wood with brass grill/rods, not copper?
  8. UntilThen
    I have no idea it's brass. I thought it's copper. I take whatever Zach gives me.... even if in GOLD. :smile_phones:

    @zach915m I want my Verite Close in 24 karat gold .... for the same price. :)
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  9. nwavesailor
    I haven't chosen my grill color yet is why I asked which 'yellow' metal it was...........didn't think about the possibility of your hp being GOLD! :pick:
  10. Marutks
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  11. UntilThen
    On a closer look mine does look gold in sunshine.
  12. Dipesh
    IAM getting mine on Tuesday..along with Naim Uniti atom
  13. Pharmaboy
    I have several ZMF cases. Each one fits on my head. And I must say, they make me look gooooood....
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  14. ustinj
    I recently started using an LCD-4 and it's surprising how relative sound impressions are... will any source setup make the Verite sound as complete in the subbass and as forward in the midrange as the LCD-4? Or am I better off just keeping both of them? :wink:
  15. CorvetteGarage
    Had both the Verite and LCD4's at same time... sold the Verites.
    Verite's eq and scale very well, but could never get enough midrange and treble out of them, mainly treble. Too dark sounding for me.
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