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ZMF Verite

Discussion in 'High-end Audio Forum' started by heliosphann, Oct 3, 2018.
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  1. novisnick
    A fresh set of ears spoiled on speakers could bring a new perspective to reviewing HPs! Why wouldn’t we want the comparisons as two channel enthusiast are a nnew market to drag ~~down~~ this rabbit hole!

    Love what I’ve heard so far with the Auteurs and I’m ready to pad roll!
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  2. jinxy245
    My take has always been that speaker lovers expect the same experience with HPs when I see (hear) them as different tools to do the same job...the both have their pluses & minuses but in the end they are different experiences, and can both be truly awesome with the right gear.
  3. novisnick
    On the contrary. HPs are a different approach and sound. Anoway to enjoy and experience music we love!
  4. jgwtriode
    The Auteurs sound very much like a very high resolution pair of loudspeakers!

    They throw a convincingly large stage that seems to exist and present itself in front of the listener!

    Width and Depth; and even Height, as well as layering of that space albeit slightly smaller physically is comparably rendered. They are more resolving of subtle detail and seem to portray harmonics and tonality a bit more vividly.

    They lack the Visceral impact of Very Good Dynamic speakers but the Bass on Auteurs is surprisingly realistic and satisfying.

    Oh and as I have mentioned in previous posts my Graphene impreg Carbon Fiber cables have really improved the Auteurs staging abilities to bring it that much closer to creating that sense of loudspeaker size, space and yes even dynamic abilities.

    I used to have Talon Audio Khorus which I ran on a highly tweaked pair of Bottlehead Paramounts in a moderate size room.

    Sold those and went more modest with John Swenson DIY Bazooka's running Fostex FE 206's on a current feedback revamped version of same amp!

    That was a few years back and a couple of moves ago!

    I have owned a number of loudspeakers over the years and the Auteurs are better across the board than anything other than these two.

    Suprisingly I only really miss the visceral low bass thump in my chest. Other than that I actually prefer the Auteur Blackwoods in my current setup!

    That aside I am in no hurry based on space limitations and current budget consideration to get back into the loudspeaker game. But I am feeling very much like I need a pair of Verite's to get me even closer!

    Happy Listening!
  5. novisnick
    Bery nice well written review! I wont be spending that kind of coin on cables but I get your point. $800. A meter? Really? I only need a 3m cable!
    I do agree that the Auteurs do bring a lot of what a good set of speakers brings to the room.

    I look forward to your review of the Verite and how they differ from the Auteurs. And why I need them as well!
  6. jgwtriode
    Yeah I understand! These days I have been throwing a bit more money at my system trying to push the limits.

    Bob did these for me as prototypes...so that saved me some money! He is investigating putting out headphone cables!

    They are a bit different in configuration than the interconnects! I will leave that for Bob if he decides to market them at some point.

    I went 2M which is plenty long enough. They are substantially better than my Zenwave/Neotech Silver Gold! But Silver Gold does
    have this wonderful punch in the bass and a bit more prominent high frequencies, but it is not nearly as open or as evenly balanced
    as the FCG. I think that's what its called!

    The Verites may be the end game...but having said that who knows what Zach will have next year!

    Last edited: Nov 4, 2018
  7. novisnick
    Open question to you and all takers!

    what are proper cables? What % of the HP cost would/should you pay for a set of “proper” cables? I’ve been seeking this number and their abilities for some time.

    Also, I do require a 3m cable or I won’t use my HP, hetting old,,,,er,,, has a “few” drawbacks! LOL
  8. wazzupi
    What is ur amp/dac with the auteurs ?
  9. Mrstump5
    Id say 300-400$ should be plenty. But i do hear that dana cables actually do make a sound difference and those are like 1.1k
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  10. LCMusicLover
    Cables are a very contentious subject. I’ve gone down the ‘expensive cable’ path with my Utopia, and the differences I’ve heard are pretty small. Others claim otherwise of course. (Some will say ‘night and day’ while others will say ‘can’t hear difference’ in blind listening tests).

    Personally, I’ve gotten to the point where I focus on great ergonomics as much as sound differences. I’ve got a Silver Dragon & a ZMF OCC copper cable (what is now the Atmos C I think) for my Auteur. While silver vs copper creates a small delta, it truly is quite hard to quantify, and it’s more different that better or worse. Those cables cost $375 & $200 respectively. Silver Dragon cost more for extra length.
    Last edited: Nov 4, 2018
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  11. novisnick
    I’m using a Mytek Brooklyn first gen. (Balanced duel mono 800mA preamp with 6 watt HP amp)
    Are you familiar with it?
  12. LCMusicLover
    Yes. Sabre 9018-based — do you find it at all bright? I’m just curious, since so many talk about the ‘Sabre glare’ (kinda like the ‘Sennheiser veil’.) I haven’t heard any thing like that out of my Sonica DAC (before or after EVS mod).
  13. gLer
    Like someone said above, cables are a very contentious issue. Personally I’d rather invest the money in cleaning up the source and getting as clean a signal as possible to your dac. Do that right and to my mind the cable won’t really make a difference, as long as it’s well made, oxygen free and well shielded.
  14. jgwtriode
    My DAC/AMP is an OPPO Sonica mostly rebuilt by Ric Schultz at EVS! Additionaly he rebuilt the output stage and turned it into a Class A high output current gain stage!

    It started life as about the least expensive decent implementation of the 9038 and I have listened to it through 3 itterations of changes. Each one substantially improving upon the next.

    I could speculate all day about how it compares withy Yggy and Brooklyn etc.etc.etc. I don't really know! I can tell you that it is so far beyond a stock OPPO sonica you would find it hard to

    I throws an immense, in all dimensions, layered soundstage. Tonally it is far more musical and engaging than stock, notes bloom and flow. PRAT is wonderful. Bass is solid extended and textured! There is no hardness or brightness. It is exceedingly neutral while remaining very musical. It changes drastically relative to the quality of recordings. Devastating on DSD's. Mostly Blue Coast and some OPUS 3! I use the on board digital volume control. I adjust output using JPLAY's bit perfect stepped output. Runs in 6db increments. That allows me to minimize Bit loss by keeping volume control as close to 0 as possible. Carbon Fiber cable has about a 1.5 to 2db loss compared to Silver Gold cable!

    One of the real shocks was finding a USB cable that sounded better than running any of my cables including it with an LPS 1.2 and Uptone Iso REGEN! That made a hell of a difference especially in terms of PRAT and musical enjoyment. The Iso Regen/LPS 1.2 was pretty damn good but taking it out of the system and just running the Black Magic USB was a substantial improvement! FWIW the Iso regen is a good bit better than the Galvanic 3.0 with Iso disabled on REGEN. Tried it both ways. Also in my system the best result of that combo was running Galvanic after the regen. Go figure that??????. Also the Galvanic pulls a substantial amount of current so running it before REGEN I could not switch in the inline filter in the JCAT Femto USB(which definetly sounds better but limits current to the next device inline).

    Its amazing how the sound just got so much better by optimizing isolation of all the components in the system including the SSD drives and even the LPS 1.2 that drives my JCAT Femto USB card. People don't tend to believe that the computer would be affected this much...but it is. It's not hard to hear the difference. Isolating LPS 1.2 is subtle but its still there. SSD drives would shock you! All conections are liquid graphene enhanced.

    I get frequent snickers from various folk on this and another notable sight....but my System sounds insane and I am beyond pleased with it!

    There is an overly longwinded explanation. ooooooppppssss! LOL. Its all in good fun...its only audio after all....not politics or religion. HaHa!

    Happy Listening!

    Last edited: Nov 4, 2018
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  15. jgwtriode

    Indeed I would agree with all that...but cables do make a difference. OCC copper especially Litz is quite a bit better than even good OFC, so for the money thats a good place to be.
    Silver is a bit bright although I really like the detail. Silver/1% gold is better than either, surprisingly musical and liquid without artificial warmth! Good as OCC is...its a touch to warm comparitively and a bit opaque across the board but arguably a better choice than silver. Never tried silver platted. Graphene Carbon Fiber. Smooth, Liquid, detailed, Neutral, No noticeable frequency emphasis, Better soundstaging and layering than any of these. Just plain and simply more involving....but quite expensive. Connectors make about a 10 to 15% difference going from nickel brass combination to Eidolic Rhodium Berylium Copper or Furutech Rhodium Alpha(cryo POCC)phosphor bronze! Solder changes the sound as well...although thats personal taste I suspect. I like Mundorf supreme. But hell its pricey and hard to melt. No soldering station...dont even try!

    Just my thoughts FWIW!

    Happy Listening!
    Last edited: Nov 4, 2018
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