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ZMF Verite

Discussion in 'High-end Audio Forum' started by heliosphann, Oct 3, 2018.
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  1. Roasty
    Another issue with my zmf order..

    The 10ft xlr cable is either terminated wrongly or labeled wrongly, as the L and R channels are flipped.

    Have checked with my other cables and cans, with familiar music.

  2. attmci
    Even you didn't say, I know you are comparing it with the TC..........Give it a break man. LOL
  3. Roasty
    how does making a gripe over a cable issue make it a comparison with the TC?

    I spent a good amount of money on these headphones and I think these are issues which shouldn't be there in the first place.
  4. attmci
    Did you ask for the return window? Or exchange?
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  5. Roasty
    I'm in the midst of working out a solution with the local distributor who brought in the verite for me.
  6. Bonddam
    Contact Zach not us we can't do anything for you. Zach handles this like a pro. I had a issue with cable and he sent me a replacement with no out of pocket expense.
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  7. Roasty
    Err.. I'm not asking you guys to do anything at all. I'm just sharing this particular experience purchasing headphones.

    Or is it only the good stuff you guys wanna hear or see? I figured people would wanna know potential issues and manufacturing issues that may arise when purchasing from a business/company but if not, then that'll be the last comment on defects/issues from me.
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  8. nishan99
    Keep sharing bro. I dig seeing any negativity on Head-fi threads, damn I search for them when I researching my next purchase.
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  9. Bonddam
    There isn't any negatives about ZMF. See how Zach and Bevin handle it.
  10. Darthpool
    I think, you posting issues are fine, but you are now posting multiple issues spread over the forum. Which can come off “ranting”, I think a good approach would be to state “hey I’ve had these issues, I’m in the middle of working them out with the entity I purchased from, plus I’m contacting ZMF directly for possible resolution solutions. I will update once I’ve heard word from both the dealer and ZMF”. That way it isn’t just hey I have problems posts, but a, I have a problem let’s give the dealer and ZMF a chance to respond and I’ll keep everyone posted on the resolutions. Kind of like if you have a problem try and come with a possible solution as well. If you just come with problems it can come off as “whining” which I don’t think was your intent, you have legitimate issues you are reporting, let’s just keep everything civil, yeah, from all parties =) you have spent a lot of money on a luxury “hand crafted” item, you have every right to post your opinion and any issues, but it is also good to give the makers, sellers the opportunity to make any issues you are having the opportunity/time to resolve/respond to you.

    First impressions can be tough to get past, but give the Verite some time and work with your dealer and ZMF I’m fairly positive you will enjoy these, or if not, request a refund and return them...me personally I do not prefer the sound of the Empyreans, but the build quality is very excellent. I do greatly prefer the VO and VC sound and find them beautiful even with any flaws, as I look at them as “sculptures” almost and pieces of handcrafted art. But to each their own, we all are wonderful unique snowflakes floating in a blizzard after all :wink:
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  11. Roasty

    Ok that's fine and all and I get where you are coming from. But I fail to see how my two posts on this particular headphone and a cable defect in this one single thread comes off as posting multiple issues spread over the forum? I posted one single picture of the notable defects, and the other pictures I thought were actually quite nice.

    I'm working out the issues with the local distributor. I don't see how me not posting that earlier changes anything at all unless people are expecting everything to be explained and/or sugar-coated. It doesn't change the fact that there were issues with my purchase.

    Anyhow i guess some people like to hear experiences, negatives, and others don't. That's all I have on the matter. Will be dropping my headphones and cable off at the distributor so they can sort it out for me.
  12. JLoud
    Darthpool, I too had the Empyreans and didn't care for them. Too much mid-bass for me. How would you compare the VO and VC to the Empyreans?
  13. Darthpool
    Way more detail, imaging and stage. Also for me they have better tonal balance and engagement factor. The Empyreans were lovely to have on the head and to look at, I just couldn’t get past the incoherence that they presented sound to my ears.
  14. Darthpool
    =) do you broseph! I was just trying to help no hard feelings
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  15. JLoud
    Thanks for the comparison. Which do you prefer, the VC or VO?
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