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ZMF Verite

Discussion in 'High-end Audio Forum' started by heliosphann, Oct 3, 2018.
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  1. bryceu
    I'm looking for a closed-back solution but I'm currently not in a position for a second Verite.
    If you could only have one closed-back headphone to pair with the VO, and you can't pick VC, what would it be?
    It doesn't have to be limited to ZMF offerings. I would appreciate anyone's experience/suggestions.
  2. heliosphann
    What tubes did you have in the LP? That can make a pretty big difference.
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  3. Phantaminum
    I think they're about the same. From memory the MJ2 has more slam but other then that they're both a bit different in their presentation.

    The LP is more laid back while the MJ2 is more aggressive. As an example: I did not enjoy the Hifiman HEX V2 on the MJ2 but thought the Ananda sounded great out of Liquid Platinum. Flipping it around, I thought the Aeon Flow Open sounded fantastic out of the MJ2 but found it really boring out of the LP.
    Last edited: Oct 27, 2019
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  4. Torq
    My first choice, if Vérité Closed isn't an option, would be the Focal Stellia:

    Stellia - Side (1024).jpg

    If the reason for not being able to go for a Vérité Closed would also preclude the Stellia, then of the other flagship closed-backs I've owned, I would probably go with either the HD820 (which very much doesn't work for everyone) or the the Eikon - though both are quite a departure from the Vérité (and Stellia):

    HD820 ZMF TH900 Z1R (1024).jpg

    All pictured are mine ... or were at the time, the TH900 MK2 and MDR-Z1R have since been sold (they were never going to get any use after the Stellia showed up, let alone once the Vérité Closed arrived).
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  5. mixman
    That's just it.....I didn't think the tubes changed the sound enough. I had the stock EH, Gold Lions and JJ tubes. I was advised that most NOS tubes wouldn't be for me because I already thought the LP was too laid back. The problem was is the very nature of the LP could not be changed even with tube rolls....which was it's laid back overly warm sound.

    So basically, most amps at this price point just offer a different set of compromises, strengths and weaknesses as opposed to a clearly better sound than others at this price point?
  6. JLoud
    I have the Soy Z1R and really like them. They have great bass slam and dig deep. But are a very relaxed sound. Easy to listen to for hours, but still detailed. They just don't scream "Look at Me!" as so many other TOTL headphones do. A nice contrast to my LCD4 and Abyss Tc. Just my 2 cents.
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  7. Phantaminum
    That's the way I see it.

    I'll say that the MJ2 is a little more sensitive to tube rolling compared to the LP so it's about pairing it with the right headphone that really makes the biggest difference. With the caveat - to my ears of course.
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  8. bryceu
    Thanks @Torq for the suggestions. Stellia is out of my budget as well. HD820 got a brief listen at CanJam but didn't leave much impression. Definitely considering Eikon. Your photos are always so nice!

    @Phantaminum I feel like the Mj2 changes from tube rolling more than I expected considering its hybrid design. More so than the Valhalla 2 did, more than the ZDT Jr, but not as much as the BHC does.

    @JLoud Cool thanks. I'll watch some reviews and look more into the Sonys.
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  9. nishan99
    Nice impressions and I am looking for your LP vs MJ2 impressions.
    Although I advise you to try and use low gain with some amplifiers, ideally keeping the volume knob around 12-1 o'clock, it does sound better that way in my experience.

    You may look at this amp (not in the same price point :)
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  10. mixman
    I see you both own this amp and I would gather this is a real step up from something like an MJ2 or LP? I like the look, although it seems large. How long is the wait for the build?

    Right now I am probably still looking at more of an interim amp, or at least a different flavor form the THX until I get to the over $1K amps.
  11. nishan99
    No I don't, I just stumbled upon this amp when I was searching for an upgrade from the THX.
    Yeah it's huge and the build time is around 1 month. i didn't buy it because of its massive size and shipping cost.
  12. nishan99
    When you the feel texture thawing down your chest!
    (verite lambskin pads+EQ)

  13. Darthpool
    Personally, I daily used the Focal Elegia, they aren’t going to wow you, but they shouldn’t disappoint either! I find them to be the closest thing to a closed back Clear. But depending on your sound profile preference, another really fun closed back is the Campfire Audio Cascade (I recommend getting the XL pads for it). Or depending on use case...a pretty good Bluetooth option is the Audeze Mobius...has a ton of tech built into it...but is “gamer” targeted. Hope that gave you some options to research and rabbit hole on :wink:

    edit: I really need to get better at reading ahead before responding lol @Torq suggestions are spot on, I’ve not owned the Stellia but it is probably my second favorite sounding closed back. 1= Verite Closed, #3 is HD820 (with proper fitting/seal) #4 Focal Elegia, #5 CA Cascade, #6 TH-X00 (but these actually feel more semi open/closed, as they leak noise both in/out)
    Last edited: Oct 28, 2019
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  14. bryceu
    Right on, Maybe I’ll just have to wait awhile and pick up a VC, and settle for in ears in the meantime.
    Last edited: Oct 28, 2019
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  15. Marutks
    Is ZMF Verite as comfy as Focal Stellia headphones? Can you wear them for long time with no issues?
    Do you know if Verite cans had discounted price at CanJam London?

    I bought my Stellia cans at CanJam London. They are super comfy. So much better than audeze!
    Last edited: Oct 29, 2019
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