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ZMF Verite

Discussion in 'High-end Audio Forum' started by heliosphann, Oct 3, 2018.
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  1. Bonddam
    Then it doesn't make sense to review it again.
  2. zach915m
    There have been no revisions of the Verite since it was released. The versions at RMAF in 2018 were prototype sets.
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  3. Bonddam
    Thanks for clarifying.
  4. bryceu
    Listening to the VO with Verite-Lambskin pads with the Bottlehead Crack + Speedball (w/ Tung Sol 5998) that I picked up yesterday is quite remarkable. Far better synergy with the Verite (to my ears) than the ZDT Jr. The BHC has much more authority, especially in the bass, as well as a much sweeter/lusher sound. It doesn't feel overly wet though as I was expecting and the detail is far less rolled off than I was expecting as well. I think the BHC is actually doing resolution and detail better than the ZDT Jr. The upper-mid dip of the VO is much less noticeable on the BHC than the RME or the ZDT, but the trade off is that the lower/middle mids are a tad bit too thick. The BHC+SB is definitely faster in regards to transients and returning to black. The ZDT does seem to have more depth (frontal), but the rest of the stage presence and atmosphere of the BHC feels is vastly superior.

    On another note I went to the Schiit Audio store yesterday before picking up the BHC listened to the VO on the Jotunheim, Asgard 3, Valhalla 2, Lyr 3, and Mjolnir 2. I wrote some notes down on my impressions of those amps which I'll post another time when I get the chance. But as a spoiler, the Mjolnir 2 was miles ahead of anything else for me, with the Jotunheim as the second best.
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  5. nishan99
    I read multiple times that the Liquid Platinum is better than the Mjolnir 2 except for the gain control and noise floor.

    I am interested in your Val2 impression vs the BHC.
    Last edited: Oct 23, 2019
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  6. heliosphann
    I had the M2 briefly a few years ago. I think it's a good amp (a tad on the bright side), but I think it's not quite on the same level as the LP. Especially at that price point. I also didn't try any ZMF's on the Mjolnir 2, so I can't comment specifically on that.
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  7. mixman
    Well then I guess I may as well forget the MJ2 since I thought the LP was about equal to the THX 789, in many respects. Sounds like neither of these amps is clearly superior.
  8. bryceu
    Interesting... might have to work on getting an LP to compare once I get the Mj2 in.
    As far as the Val2 vs BHC, I could easily recommend the BHC over the Val2 except my BHC has a “significantly” upgraded output tube compared to the stock Val2 tubes. But I don’t think tubes make nearly the same difference on the Val2 as they do on the BHC. I’ll share full impressions of both when I find time!
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  9. Roasty
    I get a message from the shop saying my Verite Ltd cocobolo has arrived... at the very same time I just touched down in another country for the next few days.

    Words cannot describe..
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  10. bryceu
    Here's a summary of my notes I took from my time spent at the Schiitr with my ZMF Verite (VO) a couple weeks ago. Hoping this serves some people to get impressions of how the VO pairs with various Schiit amps. All listening was done with the Verite lambskin pads, and any amp that features XLR output, only the XLR was tested.
    • Jotunheim (+ Multibit Card) - Hi-Gain 9:30 o'clock - Nice dynamics. Bright. Nice detail resolution. Very nice slam/impact, bass transients are fast. Layering and separation could be better, can get congested sounding. Black background.
    • Asgard 3 (+ Multibit Card) - Hi-Gain 12 o'clock - Not as dynamic as Jotunheim. A bit lacking in sub-bass, full and present mid-bass. Somewhat busy and congested. Treble seems uneven, although not as bright as Jotunheim. Slam is good, but not as fast as Jotunheim. Stage is more 3D than Jotunheim, felt similar to ZDT Jr in this regard, more frontal depth to stage. Seemed "powerful" but didn't have full control of driver.
    • Valhalla 2 (+ Bifrost) - Hi-gain 11 o'clock - Slight noise from tube + scratch from volume pot. Highs are dry and pronounced. Bass has quantity but also bloomy. Stage depth is good but imaging is blurry. Poor dynamics. Mid texture is good and engaging. Highs uneven, somewhat aggressive sound. Upper-mid dip of Verite is more noticeable here. Feels V shaped.
    • Lyr 3 (+ Multibit Card) - Hi-gain 10am - Coherent sound. Significantly rolled off detail. Lacking snap and speed. Poor micro-dynamics. Flat stage, poor imaging.
    • Mjjolnir 2 (+ Gungir Multibit) - Hi-gain 9:30 o'clock - Major improvements to separation and layering. Powerful and full sound, while maintaining excellent detail and texture. Very articulate and fast. Bass texture is great, slam is excellent. Micro-dynamics are superb. Mostly linear sound, although some songs felt slightly bright. Pleasantly airy. Nice stage width.
    *As a side note I felt the Gumby is creating a good deal of the sound improvements with the Mjolnir 2. I tested both the Gumby fed into Jotunheim, and the Jotunheim's MB Card fed into the Mj2 as well. The layering and separation of the Gumby is clearly superior, as well as detail retrieval and staging. However, the Jotunheim was unable to deliver these improvements in the same fashion that the Mj2 was. Tonally the Mj2 was superior to the Jotunheim when paired with the Jotunheim built in MB card.

    Overall I spent about 3 hours listening to the various amps and DACs.
    In order of preference I would say; Mjolnir 2, Jotunheim, Asgard 3, Lyr 3, Valhalla 2.
    The Lyr 3 suffered from too much detail roll-off to be worth considering with the Verite in my book.
    The Valhalla 2 had that least linear sound signature with too many other faults.
    The Asgard 3 was generally "good" but didn't excel in any area other than nice stage depth.
    The Jotunheim had a lot of positives but it was definitely bright, but since the Verite isn't a brighter headphone I think this pairing was good.
    The Mjolnir 2 (with or without the Gumby) had the least negative adjectives in my notes, and the most positive. The Mj2 seemed to have the best control of the VO driver and nice stage benefits of having tube (hybrid) design.

    *Another side-note: FWIW, I've previously owned the Modi 2 Uber, Modi Multibit, Magni 3, Asgard 2, Valhalla 2, Jotunheim. I wouldn't call myself a proponent nor opponent of Schiit products. I have had success and enjoyment from owning their gear over the years, but I wouldn't go out of my way to own their products either.

    Since my visit to the Schiitr I purchased a used Mjolnir 2 and have been enjoying it. I have a Liquid Platinum coming in the mail tomorrow as well and look forward to spending a good amount of time comparing those two.

    Last edited: Oct 27, 2019
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  11. Richardhoos
  12. kumar402
    Gungnir Balanced out has very good separation, air between instrument, deeper staging and would help any amp in this regard.
    Go Balanced in and out with Liquid platinum, it will give you good slam. But those who own both Aeolus and Verite have confirmed that LP is better match for Aeolus then Verite.
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  13. mixman
    I am definitely interested in hearing your opinion of the MJ2 vs the LP. Both similarly priced hybrid amps. I also didn't think the LP was a great match with my first set of VO. Might sound better with my new set though.
  14. Phantaminum
    LP is too laid back for the VO. Had me yawning at times.

    The LP does pair nicely with the Aeolus but the MJ2s more aggressive nature will synergize better with the VOs. Neither are better it’s more of what synergy you’re getting with which headphone.
  15. mixman
    Great just what I thought. Yeah the LP did the Verite no favors. I thought that the LP was not clearly better than my THX, just more laid back, less detailed. Just wondering how much better the MJ2 is as far as detail, treble extension and soundstage?
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