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ZMF Verite

Discussion in 'High-end Audio Forum' started by heliosphann, Oct 3, 2018.
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  1. ProfFalkin
    I'll chime in on that. Email Brent Jesse and see if he has any vintage Mullard 12au7 long plates. I've rolled about 20 tubes through my Crack, and that one is special. I was debating between the mullard and amprex 12au7's he had, and I eventually bought both. Brent was spot on with his recommendation to me:

    "Mullard long plates are the best choice for good bass and warmth without loss of any detail at the top end. The short plate Mullard tubes are more rolled off in this respect.

    The Amperex are not quite as warm as the bass on the Mullard tubes. However, the Bugle Boy Holland tubes are nice and sweet with an airy top end, just not as deeply warm."

    The mullard makes the Auteur wonderfully musical, and really brings the fun out of the VO. If you're looking for more neutral, the amprex leans more in that direction.
    Last edited: Oct 19, 2019
  2. bryceu
    @ProfFalkin What a load of tube information on Jesse's site. Thanks for that.

    My neck's been feeling the effects of all the head time the Verite has been getting since it's arrival so out of curiosity I put mine on the scale and they came in at 554g.
    Anyone else weigh their Verite's, ltd or silkwood?
  3. kumar402
    I measured my Ziricote when I got it and it was around 550g without cable.However I don't feel much weight because of clamping pressure and even distribution of weight thru headband and that's why I ordered even heavier iron wood VC
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  4. ProfFalkin
    Like any under-used muscle, it may feel strained after steady use. Do 30 neck rolls, head bobs, and 180 look left / right exercises while wearing the Verite. Soon, you will be able to pull a Chevy truck across a parking lot using nothing more than a necklace and force of will.
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  5. attmci
    You should ask the Q at the Crack thread instead of here. There is also a huge tube rolling thread at the Bottlehead site.
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  6. mixman
    Yeah my Zicote is also exactly 550g. I also use high clamping pressure so they don't fall off of my head when I fall asleep with them on.....Which i did last night. I had a lot of weird dreams though, very spacey.......comes from listening to EDM on the Verite.
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  7. nishan99
    It's really comfy but unfortunately the soundstage depth always collapses when I lay down on the bed, on any headphones/IEMs. It's seems a psychological thing, my brain can't process a sound coming from the bed.
  8. mixman
    Well I try not to fall asleep with them in bed, just at my desk in my big comfy office chair.
  9. woodcans
    I use mDave->Pendant->VO/Auteur. Absolutely world class.
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  10. kumar402
    This is a really nice combo
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  11. Bonddam
    did they revise the verite like dms said in his review? if they did what did they do to it?
    Last edited: Oct 20, 2019
  12. kumar402
    I am not aware of any revision of Verite
    Last edited: Oct 20, 2019
  13. tommytakis
    I'm pretty sure he heard the pre-production version at RMAF. All the released Verites should have the same tuning. I wouldn't worry about it.

    Here's the story behind it extracted from the "other site" regarding some initial Verite impressions from RMAF. I put the relevant text in bold for you.

    ZMF Verite - This one turned out to make for a humorous story. When I first put it on, it sounded pretty darn muted on the top end...and I suppose just muted overall. Zach had me try with a different pair of pads. This made them a little more lively sounding, but something still stood out. I couldn't tell if the treble was shelved or if the midrange was really forward.

    So, Zach explained that he was using some pretty aggressive front damping over the drivers. What he had at RMAF was just his latest iteration. He eventually took that front damping off a pair entirely and removed a bit of particular damping in the cups to see what I thought. Spur of the moment iterative tuning at RMAF! I'm a bad influence.

    I thought the Verite sounded a lot better with the front damping removed entirely. Really crisp and fast overall, clear, good dynamics, and probably the least colored of the bunch. The only thing I noticed was a bit of a metallic sheen on the top end, which I mentioned would probably just need the lightest amount of front damping to tame.

    @Misterrogers came by and heard a non-changed pair. I bullied Zach into letting him hear the same changes I heard, so he made the change. @Misterrogers seemed pretty happy with that. Then @Elnrik inadvertently heard the same changed pair and liked it a lot as well.

    Before I knew it, Zach started taking out damping on the spot on all the Verite pairs. I came back a little later, and he said impressions were largely positive in favor of the change. He's going to revisit some lighter damping materials for the front. He made some comments about how he had been getting fatigued trying to tune the headphone and ended up with some pretty extreme front damping. I know that feeling. Trying to tune a headphone will drive you crazy and mess with your hearing.

    Because of that, it's hard to comment much on how they'll really sound at launch, but I commonly heard the phrase "planar-like" tossed around due to the speed of the sound. Tuning was more similar to Auteur if anything.
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  14. Bonddam
    So it's possible Z reviews reviewed the wrong one? He's getting the Verite for review number 2.
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  15. heliosphann
    No. I'm pretty sure Zeos had a pair with the final tuning. I think we would have heard otherwise.
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