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ZMF Verite

Discussion in 'High-end Audio Forum' started by heliosphann, Oct 3, 2018.
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  1. JM1979
    Does anyone have any feedback on running either the GOTL or ZMF Pendant off a Chord DAC?
  2. nishan99
    I see you have both, do you think it's worth it to go for the LP from the THX?

    I am getting the he1000se soon and I don't know how to upgrade from the THX LOL.

    I don't care about coloration as I EQ everything.
  3. Torq
    Not yet, but I will next week (Hugo 2, Hugo TT 2 and DAVE ...).
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  4. JM1979
    cool. I’m excited for your feedback and I’m sure you are excited to hear the pairing. I’d imagine it’s great. My main question is how it sounds versus the chord amp/headphone out.
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  5. Torq
    It should be a fun one.

    In the office I feed a pair of Ziricote Vérité straight out of an M-Scaler -> Hugo TT 2 setup. There's no lack of power, drive or precision there. So putting a tube amp in there (which is where I'm thinking about putting the Pendant) will be more for other "tube" factors. Same at home with the DAVE and the Cocobolo Vérité (though I run a Woo WA234 MKII MONO for my tube amp there).
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  6. DrpsDrpr
    For what it’s worth, I use the LP with the Vérité and rather like it. It has better synergy with my Auteur, but it’s still great with the Vérité.
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  7. kumar402
    I like LP more then THX. THX 789 has flat or 2D soundstage and the mids are recessed. In contrast LP has very good mid range and better soundstage. Infact I like the soundstage of ZDT Jr compared to THX 789.
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  8. nishan99
    Wait, the LP has better soundstage than the ZDT Jr?
  9. kumar402
    I never compared LP and ZDT Jr. directly But 789 with ZDT Jr and found ZDT Jr to have better soundstage
    Last edited: Oct 19, 2019
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  10. Darthpool
    The BHC+SB I think depending on the tubes rolled is the best bang for the buck OTL, it just has a “wow” factor to it (might be biased as I built it, so that colors things a bit too lol) especially when it has good synergy, which so far all the 300ohm headphones I’ve tried with it have been great. Standouts are the HD800(sdr mod) as probably my favorite synergy with the BHC, but the ZMFs are right there both the Aeolus and both VO and VC.

    The EC ZDT Jr is probably the best bang for the buck entry into the tube world, adds a decent amount of tubey goodness, but does seem to be lacking at times, plus limited tube rollin options. But it sounds damn good and an easy recommendation for those dipping their toes into the tube world.

    Cayin HA-1A MK2 is for me the most neutral tube amp I’ve heard but I’ve only rolled Tung-Sol Russian made tubes into it...it is basically for me an upgraded EC ZDT Jr on all fronts.

    Now take all of the above as my opinion and not a definitive statement or anything, as we all hear these things differently especially with tube rolls being so unique to each amp and in the nature of tubes. Hope it helps a bit.

    essentially Cayin HA-1A mk2 is more neutral for me of the three, the BHC is the most engaging and fun and the EC ZDT Jr is if the other two had a baby lol not quite up to the level of the other two but splits the difference. Once again just my thoughts on it :) best bet is to try and hear them for yourself if able =)
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  11. bryceu
    Hooked the Mimby up to the ZDT Jr and threw on the Universe lambskin pads for a very enjoyable sound for some relaxed couch listening, listening to Lord Huron - Vide Noir, reading Bill Bryson - A Walk in the Woods. The album definitely has a dirty/distorted sound that Mimby, ZDT Jr, and U-l pads help tame, and let the Verite create a pleasantly relaxed ambiance. *note: I did feel a significant improvement in imaging and holographic stage switching from U-suede to U-lamb with this setup.
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  12. bryceu
    Sweet. Might be picking up a BHC+SB with a Tung Sol 5998 on Sunday.

    Any particular tube recommendation?
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  13. Darthpool
    Honestly @Wes S would be the better person to ask...I’m away from home but I’ll check the tubes I have...but I basically just bought the recommendations that Wes S posted on the Aeolus thread. I’m using an adapter for the front tube... tubes are hard for me to keep track of lol...so I usually just go with recommendations from people that seem to have a relatively similar preference to sound that I do, or tubes that are universally recommended from different threads. =)
  14. mixman
    I tried the Liquid Platinum with my old set of Verite and honestly I thought the Verite paired better with the THX 789 than the LP. The LP with the Verite just sounded too thick and seemed to take away some of the detail of the Verite. The LP paired better with my HEK SE, because it added some needed thickness and the HEK already has an abundance of detail and high end. At best I consider the LP a sidestep from the THX. Brand new, it is just way overpriced. It does some things better and others not so well as the THX. I am also looking for an "interim" amp, probably a hybrid or full tube. I was also wondering if the Mjolnir 2 was any improvement over the LP or the THX?

    If I did buy an inexpensive tube amp the Cayin HA1 looks like the best candidate as some OTL's might have issues with planars. This will be an interim amp on my way to something like a Pendant, WA22 or I may decide to stay with SS and get something like a V281 or GSX mini.
    Last edited: Oct 19, 2019
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  15. Rowethren
    I am using my VCs with a Schiit Gungnir Multibit and Mjolnir 2. More than enough power, the loudest I have listened was still only around 12 o'clock, hits nice and hard too with plenty of extension at both ends.
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