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ZMF Verite

Discussion in 'High-end Audio Forum' started by heliosphann, Oct 3, 2018.
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  1. xiorath
    any of you guys do any gaming with these? trying to aim for a pair of end game gaming cans, currently own the HD800S but really looking for something with more punch and fun factor in general and really eye balling these lately...
  2. nishan99

    They are great with gaming, but I doubt they will be better than the hd800S at this category.

    You can EQ the bass with the hd800s and save a lot of money or go with the ovoid shaped hifimans for bigger scall of the environment like the arya or the he1000se.
  3. Darthpool
    Well, the problem is, what type of gam g are you doing? If “competitive” I.E. multiplayer majority of the time the HD800(s) is good for the wide stage...but I’ve found for me detail, and imaging is actually more important, I am not good at multiplayer but I’m good at being tactical(ish) and using sound cues to my advantage.

    anyhow, for “cinematic” gaming I.E. Skyrim’s, PvE, action games etc...I’ve found the Verite, and Aeolus to be quite fun. But I actually spend most of my gaming with one of these three: Audeze Mobius, Audeze LCD-GX and the Vokyl Erupt.

    1. Mobius: the DSP is crazy fun, this is my go to PC gaming headphone, mostly because I don’t have any of my DACs or amps hooked up to my gaming PC. It is kind of a jack of all gaming headphone, music is good but not great. The head tracking is super cool. The fact I can just USB them directly into my Gaming PC is the reason they are there...and because I’m lazy about swapping my headphones DACs over to the gaming PC lol
    2. LCD-GX: newer “gaming” headphones, these are very cinematic centered headphones with a very “V” shaped signature, great for movies and single player gaming...multiplayer is good but the others beat it out.
    3. Vokyl Erupts: these are the closest to the HD800, but for whatever reason...I can pinpoint footsteps, and movement/ direction of sound better with these. Played the COD:MW beta on XB1X with these plugged into the controller, it felt like I was cheating a lil bit, due to picking up sound cues and being able to setup ambushes ahead of time...not that I would survive my own ambush lol.
    4. Verite: this is essentially even more overkill than the HD800 when gaming, better imaging, and detail with more engaging sound...definitely a fun cinematic game experience, that would be excellent with multiplayer as well... but you might miss some cues due to that engaging sound, also it is not as wide a stage as the HD800
    5. Aeolus: these are just plain fun to game with, or even watch a movie, I stand by my words regarding these as the jack of all headphones, they just work, and are an excellent all-arounder. They might not be as wide, detailed as the Verite or HD800 but they are pretty close.
    These of course are just my opinions on the matter, gaming is supposed to be fun and enjoyable, unless you are competitive and are making money doing it any of the above (to include your HD800s) are excellent. Best choice is to demo them if able to.
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  4. heliosphann

    I personally don't like the majority of planars with OTL's and even some transformer coupled tube amps. There's a lot of different factors to take in account of course, but generally I always pair planars with SS amps.
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  5. mixman
    Is it because of dynamics and bass that you prefer planars with SS amps?
  6. heliosphann
    For the most part.

    Dynamics, bass control and speed are big factors. Some of that does have to do with power, and I do use very robust ss amps.

    Most planars biggest strengths are their low distortion, speed and bass response. I personally like to maximize those traits as much as possible. But as always in the end, it all depends on the sound your looking for and what type of coloration you desire. Besides using EQ (which I don't care to use), your amp is most likely going to affect your chain more than anything (besides your headphones of course).
    Last edited: Oct 14, 2019
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  7. nishan99
    Which planars are you talking about?
    Modern hifimans prioritise the upper mids and treble, is that the case with those also?
  8. ufospls2
    Verite order placed. And now the wait begins...:)
  9. heliosphann
    I was referring to planars in general. More so the attributes of the actual orthodynamic drivers as say opposed to a regular dynamic driver.

    The tuning of various planars is another matter entirely, but overall it fits in with matching your gear up with other complimentary components. I touched on that some in my follow up post.
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  10. xiorath
    Ok cool! I think I'll end up going for the Verite, trying to get the best experience possible when Cyberpunk 2077 releases around april next year. I'd use the HD800s for more competitive play like Rainbow 6 siege or COD. I don't mind saving a few more months for something I can truly enjoy :) Now to just find a good dac/amp combo at or under 2 grand lol, I don't feel like my Modi Multibit / Valhalla 2 will do it justice. Was looking at Questyle Twelve but there are no reviews on them
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  11. Darthpool
    Ooohhh....yes Cyberpunk 2077 has me very excited! Maybe tonight I’ll try and move some DACs and amps around, for a gaming session with the ZMFs
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  12. heliosphann
    My gaming computer is also my music playback/streamer, so if I wanted to I could use any of my headphones to game with. But, I never do. I already have several dedicated HPs for gaming and I just stick with those.
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  13. xiorath
    lemme know how it goes!!!!
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  14. Darthpool
    Hooked up my El DAC and Eddie Current ZDT Jr. played a lil bit of Destiny 2 with that combo and the Aeolus and Verite Open, VO was excellent easily picked up sound cues and it had a nice engaging sound profile, it actually reminded me of the HD800 but more engaging and better detail, imaging but not as wide of a stage. The Aeolus was also excellent but gave for, me, a more cinematic experience, while still having excellent imaging and detail, stage was also good but not as wide as the HD800. Hope that helps =) might throw the VC on here in a bit after the daughter goes to sleep.
  15. aminus
    I’ve been looking for a summit-fi headphone to end my spending into this hobby for the time being, and the Verite happened to be one that came into my interest. A couple weeks ago I auditioned it along with several others, ZMF and not, and it stood out to me as the best of the bunch. But I ended up not getting it.

    The Verite had a really sharp attack with bass and mids which sounds really good with drums. The other standout thing as well was the tactility of the whole setup, not just with sharp hits but with sustained notes. Tremolo picked guitars have a physical feeling to them like the real deal. I coined the term “presence” to describe this, and I honestly can’t think of much else that can match it.

    However, I didn’t walk out of the store with a Verite for a reason. The less dealbreaking issue was the treble tonality being too warm and not having enough stick impact with cymbals. The major issue that I had with the Verite lies with the general upper midrange recession on the thing, and how it affects the technical ability of the Verite. I tried quite a few tracks with the Verite, starting out as always with Talk Talk’s After the Flood, Charles Mingus’ Solo Dancer, Yes’ Close to the Edge, Stravinsky’s Le Sacre du Printemps, and it actually did alright on them. The breaking point was Wretched Wisdom by Krallice, a track I don’t actually use very often for demoing. I originally wanted to use it to test the bass slam and tactility of the Verite (which it passed with flying colors, unsurprisingly) but the second the center panned guitar solo came in the rhythm guitars immediately faded out of focus, almost like a camera refocusing. In that instant the Verite shat the proverbial bed and fell flat on its face. I strongly suspect this to be an inverse of the IER-Z1R’s (my daily driver IEM) midrange clarity trick, with the upper midrange on the Z1R being boosted rather than recessed to provide the opposite effect of the Verite.

    Now, here comes the little idea I’ve been toying with. I think it’s apparent that the Verite was impressive to me, but not quite impressive enough. The attack speed and “presence” stuck out to me as very good. It’s clear that the driver obviously has a tuning in mind and you can’t change that too much. However, it might be possible to tweak it slightly with a wood choice that aids the upper midrange a bit and a good cable. I don’t know to what extent it will work, but if has a considerable enough effect and my theory about the Verite’s technical ability being hampered by the tuning is true, it might be possible to actually “fix” the Verite and put it back in the running as a genuine consideration.

    There’s also the Verite Closed variant to consider as well, which I haven’t personally heard but have seen impressions from “hollow and boxy” to “identical to if not better than the Verite Open”. Curious how the midrange will be like on that and if it might rectify my general gripe with the Verite. Any thoughts?
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