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ZMF Verite

Discussion in 'High-end Audio Forum' started by heliosphann, Oct 3, 2018.
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  1. mixman

    Man, those look great, I should have jumped on these when I saw them, didn't think they would have come out looking like that. Hopefully mine will look cool when I finally get them.
  2. mixman
    What's a good companion to the VO.....Aeolus? I know Monster will say the VC, but I am not so sure if my wallet can handle both so soon!
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  3. Pharmaboy
    Just staying in the ZMF models, my vote is the Eikon, for 2 reasons:
    • It's closed (vs VO being open)
    • And IMO the Eikon was the 1st ZMF model that began the "fast+neutral+still very musical" path that led directly to the VO
    I have the Eikon & have been consistently impressed (if not actually bowled over) by it: a dramatic, dynamic headphone that still manages to be quite musical.
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  4. bryceu
    I made it. Nothing else to do with audio while I wait for the VOs... :frowning2:
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  5. mixman
    Yeah, I was thinking the Eikon, Aeolus or Atticus. Leaning more so towards the Aeolus or Atticus, because their sounds are supposed to be more fun and less warm/neutral like the Eikon and Auteur, but I am not sure not having heard any others than the VO.
  6. Darthpool
    This is my go to combo, I find the Aeolus to pair very well to the VO. Honestly the VC is like the superhero version of the Aeolus, at least for me...or maybe the VC is the best parts of the Aeolus and VO...hmmm. Either way, they all are fantastic headphones. I’ll have all three in hopefully a month or so...I’ll be able to better compare then =)
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  7. Monsterzero
    If you dont want to drop the cash on a VC,I think the Auteur pairs up exceptionally well with the VO.
    Auteur has those fantastic mids and has a more neutral sound vs. VO.

    I love my Auteur,but the VC has usurped it,and my lovely pair are in the classifieds. *hint :wink:
  8. Tinola
    So, I removed the universe pads to try out the Verite pads not knowing that there is a L/R designation for the universe pads(After reading the VC thread). Is there a way to tell? I'll mark it off once I figure it out.
  9. Darthpool
    I usually go by the stitching... and assume stitching is facing outward in the direction you would be looking with the headphones on. Or when you hold the headphones in hand the stitching is facing you when the left cup is facing the right ear and the right cup is facing the left ear. Hopefully that thoroughly confused you lol.

    adding a picture to help...also @zach915m please correct me if I’m wrong...

    Last edited: Oct 3, 2019
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  10. nishan99
    Yes the stitching is facing forward
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  11. mixman
    That’s a smoking pair of Auteur you have. Too bad you are giving them up, but you might have convinced me to hold out until I get a pair of VC........after my open arrive. Just have to be diligent about saving for the VC.
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  12. Monsterzero
    Yeah,I love them,but apparently nobody likes them enough to buy them. I dont have to sell them,but seems rather silly to have such excellent headphones and not be using them.

    FWIW I think the VC is def worth holding out for. I could easily have the VC as my only headphone and be more than content.

    In case you havent noticed...I friggin love the VC :wink:
    Last edited: Oct 3, 2019
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  13. mixman
    It’s not that nobody wants them.......it’s just that you did your job too well and everyone is selling their other cans and saving for the VC like you recommend. Ha!
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  14. Monsterzero
    Well,my credibility is on the line here. Being (still)the only review out on them,I realize that a few members have purchased the VC on my recs.

    I recall back when I first got into this hobby,and knew nothing,I watched a review from some bozo who claimed the Beyer T1.1 had perfect bass,mids and highs. I bought them based upon that review alone,and disliked them from the get go,and sold them fairly quickly. I never want to be viewed as 'that guy'. Were all going to have reviews that some folks disagree with,but I try to be as honest as possible,so that yall can make educated purchases.

    Every time I sit down with the VC im blown away....seriously.
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  15. KcMsterpce
    I don't mind disagreeing with people's opinion when they do their reviews. What I like is when someone can remain consistent with their tastes/preferences with the type of sound they like. Moreover, they can describe what they're hearing while not knocking the product if it doesn't fit their preferred ideals.
    Finally, if they say they don't like them personally, but still describe them in a way that someone else - who does like that type of sound - will have a good impression of them... that's an effective review. I don't mind if my tastes are completely different from the reviewer... if I have a solid impression of how the product performs, then I can trust that we may have different opinions, but I still have a more concrete idea of the items' characteristics.

    EDIT: Some day I may get the VC, but I will not sell off any of my ZMF headphones. They're too beautiful. I love the tuning of each pair as well, and that pedigree of diversity can help me enjoy the same songs, but for different reasons. Using different equipment in the audio chain - paired with the music I'm listening to - also provides a significant change in sound signature... but it still has the fundamental ZMF sound that I can feel, but can't describe in a single word. (Lush? Inviting? Smooth? Alluring? Caressing? Bah. I give up.)
    Last edited: Oct 3, 2019
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