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ZMF Verite

Discussion in 'High-end Audio Forum' started by heliosphann, Oct 3, 2018.
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  1. 2359glenn
    13D1 driver 6080 output sounds really good to me driving the Auteur.
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  2. FunctionalDoc
    Any specific brand of 6080's ? What is good price on 6080's? Is this 4 or 6 configuration of the 6080"s?

    Thanks Glenn
  3. 2359glenn
    Last edited: Oct 29, 2018
  4. Zachik
    @2359glenn Glenn - also, which rectifier?
  5. 2359glenn
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  6. Hansotek
    For your reference, Zachi, GZ37 Glenn mentions here is the same as the 53KU/45IU I mentioned a couple pages back. CV378 = 53KU = GZ37 = U54.

    As I mentioned before 45IU is identical to 53KU, but uses a different base. Glenn made me an adaptor that allows it to work in the GOTL. Just wanted to make sure you understood these were the same tube, just different years and brands. The Mullard GZ37s are more reasonably priced, the old Cossor builds with the fatter bottle come at a premium, but have a more open, airy treble.
  7. jinxy245
    I sure can, if I look back.

    My reply was meant to be semi-snarky/half serious.

    Of course there's always the next great thing.
    It also helps to remember that you can only have one pair on your head at a time.
    (insert weird funny exceptions here)

    Personally I've found it helpful to try & narrow it down to HPs that serve particular purposes...'fun' 'analytical' 'open/closed' for instance.
    yes you can mix & match & wind up with a dozen, but the object is to have headphones that I actually want to listen to.
    I'm at a point where I can whittle it down a bit, and that's good for me. But of course we all have our own audio journey.

    Good luck with yours
  8. Zachik
    Dave - thanks for clarifying. Seems like tubes is an endless (and bottomless) pit... I got lots more to learn!
    GZ37 seems to be going for $100-150... would 45IU or 53KU be cheaper? otherwise, why bother with adapter and all??
  9. LCMusicLover
    No worries, my initial (and subsequent) post was intended in the same vein.
    That’s what I’ve been doing with the dynamic vs planar sets I own. I’ve just had trouble deciding which from each category.
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  10. Hansotek
    To further clarify, its the same TYPE of tube, but Cossor 53KU and 45IU are the very best versions of GZ37 types (which is a variant in the 5U4G family). I think anyone who has owned both would tell you 53KU is a cut above, and arguably the best 5U4G-type rectifier, period.

    Cossor 45IU, as I said before, is identical to 53KU, but with 4V European base. It’s basically priced like a common Mullard GZ37, but it is really the ultra-prized Cossor 53KU, as long as your amp can run it... not all amps can, hence the much lower price.

    Sorry for all the tube talk... you can PM me about it, I don’t want to get the thread too far off topic here.
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  11. Fatdoi
    well, trading all 4 of your cans can easily cover the Verite and E2.... not sure if they'll bring you ultimate happiness but hey life's short, enjoy the moment
  12. 2359glenn
    Even though I make the ultimate tube rolling amps I do not tube roll myself. Find a set I like and leave them almost for ever.
    I did just switch from 6AS7s to Brimar 6080s first change in years.
    I would go with the GZ37 with no adapter.
    This is not the thread for this derailing this thread.
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  13. FunctionalDoc
    So is the same tube at a cheaper price: https://tubeworldexpress.com/products/6080-sylvania-rebranded-rca-1983
  14. 2359glenn
  15. FunctionalDoc
    How would the 6080's sound with my Hexafred rectifiers?
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