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ZMF Verite

Discussion in 'High-end Audio Forum' started by heliosphann, Oct 3, 2018.
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  1. Darthpool
    Yeah, the other problem is I never know what the right price to put things at is... I usually just go off what the last one went for, of whatever I'm selling. I have the Clears up for sale now, with 0 interest it seems. But in all fairness, the big Focal sale is going and mine are priced right around the same... so bad timing as well. I guess I'll have to just lower the price to move them along quicker =)
  2. SmashBruh

    Not for nothing, but perhaps it might help if you could add impressions/comparisons to more mainstream gear in your product description? That DAC in particular (I'm assuming we're talking about the vinshine) is super unknown and hard to find reviews for and it's hard to say how it compares to say, a Gungnir multibit A2 with USB Gen 5 which can be found used for around the same price point.
  3. mixman
    Just do a search in the for sale forum and get a general consensus on the price for your item. If you you need a quick sale, sell on the low end, if you want the most money and can wait it out, sell on the high end, but I tell everyone to be realistic and it especially depends on whether what you are selling is hot.......or not.
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  4. Monsterzero
    Yeah,you have a valid point. I thought about adding sound impressions,but ultimately I decided against it as I didnt want to come off as someone who is desperate,trying to sell an inferior product to better known products,such as Schiit or Chord.

    A fellow owner already chimed in his thoughts,so as I said above,eventually it will sell when someone PMs me with questions of which I will be happy to answer
  5. Biscuitboy
    Just wanted to share another picture. Just got my stand and cable in today!

  6. UntilThen
    Wow love that stand and height. I need to get one. :)
  7. Biscuitboy
    Yeah Zach threw one in with my order which I placed before they were out. I was interested in the Bocote and Katalox and I'm really happy that the stand that I got is 98% dark Katalox because my pair of Verite Cocobolo is a dark wood too.
  8. UntilThen
    Where's the stand on ZMF website? It's disappeared.
  9. kumar402
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  10. UntilThen
  11. UntilThen
    At least there's someone who likes HD800 besides me... in the past that is. We're in the minority though.
  12. Biscuitboy
    I'm coming from a pair of HD800s not HD800, but the Verite has definitely been an overall great upgrade to them.
  13. TonyNewman
    The last couple of days I have been playing about with my system with my new Verite and noticed something strange happening in the treble. So I rolled amps / rolled tubes etc... did all sorts of things. Took me a while to figure it out. I have 2 source chains:

    1) PC (Music Bee)->USB->Singxer SU-1->AES->Metrum Pavane->GS-X Mk2 / Glenn 300B->Verite
    2) PC (Roon)->Ethernet->Metrum Ambre->I2S->Metrum Pavane->GS-X Mk2 / Glenn 300B->Verite

    The differences between these 2 chains when using my HD800S / HEKv2 / HE6 were small. Chain #2 is superior, but I can listen to either without any trouble.

    Moving to the Verite changes that. Chain #1 has a nasty treble aspect that I just don't hear with the other headphones. Only the Verite reveals the deficiency in my upstream gear. I tried using EQ on Music Bee to knock down the treble a couple of dB - that didn't fix it.

    Chain #2 is awesome, however the USB->Singxer SU-1->AES setup of chain #1 no longer cuts the mustard when using the Verite. If there is a downside to owning a headphone as revealing as the Verite its that your upstream gear, and source material, had better be up to snuff. I am very glad I spent the ducats to get the Ambre and the I2S chip for the Pavane.

    Anyone else find that their gear gets put under the microscope by the Verite?
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  14. Monsterzero
    Yes,but more so with the VC. Im not hearing and treble issues in my system,but the VC isnt kind to poorly mastered,or low quality rips.

    I just upgraded most of my Zeppelin,Dylan and Hendrix library to the newer remastered 24 bit files. All is good now :)
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  15. TonyNewman
    I think I might need to do something similar in the future. Good recordings sound fantastic, but the not so good stuff is terrible.
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