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ZMF Verite

Discussion in 'High-end Audio Forum' started by heliosphann, Oct 3, 2018.
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  1. Wildcatsare1
    A trip down memory lane tonight, a bit of Iron Butterfly’s In da Goda de Vida, a dash of Curtis Mayfield’s, Superfly...the VC’s dynamics and punch are, well, tripn’ man...
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  2. alvin sawdust
    Yes, this is my nickname for the verite, trip. Listened to Amon Tobin's Bricolage last night and got totally lost in it. Another album which I love is Spirit of Eden by Talk Talk. It can be unbearable at times on the HD800 but the Verite just makes it a beautiful experience and the dynamics are startling.
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  3. UntilThen
    Thanks for Amon Tobin. Listening to 'Fear In A Handful Of Dust' now on Tidal HiFi with Verite Open and it's amazing.
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  4. UntilThen
    Make that 2 wonderful recommendations in a row. Listening to Talk Talk - Spirit of Eden now. Sounds absolutely brilliant on Verite.
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  5. alvin sawdust
    They allow you to hear the musical intent on any album you throw at them, wonderful cans.
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  6. nishan99
    Brown Cocobolo is the best!
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  7. Phantaminum

    What are you currently running your Verite out of? I finally got the tubes dialed in with the Teton and now the Verite sounds glorious out of it.
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  8. Bonddam
    I'm currently using ifi pro ican but would one day get a tube amp. The ifi has built in tube stage but not interested in it. The whole tube thing is alien to me. How does one know what tubes to get? Would it be buy the amp and find out which tubes work with it? How long does it take to burn in a tube before you hear the difference? I've decided to turn on the tube section of my ifi pro ican to see difference.
  9. Bonddam
    The ifi pro ican tube stage is an improvement, the sound is more alive. It isn't stale anymore, I'm most likely going to get a Pendant if it just gets better.
  10. Phantaminum
    Read up on the threads on the particular amp you’re looking for. Most amp manufacturers will have a list of compatible power, driver, and rectifier tubes that can be used in the amp. The amp threads are there to give you an idea of how a tube brand/type may affect the sound.

    Start with the basic tube provided by the amp mfg and then ask in the thread what would you like to improve. Head-Fiers are very helpful here. Tubes usually take about 40 hours and more to burn in. Some take about 100 but it’s all in the research and reading over other people’s experience.
  11. Bonddam
    Thanks you, Ill be training my ear with the ifi for some time until I fork out the cash for a real tube amp. At this point I don't know what say to improve the sound to my licking.
  12. Monsterzero
    Is there something you feel is lacking,or some aspect you want to improve?
  13. Bonddam
    no, at the moment things are fine. I have to train myself to know what's missing. If I chose signature it would be liquid sound if that makes any sense.
  14. Monsterzero
    Tubes are whats going to give you the liquidity. Solid state typically is tight and clean. That being said,not all tubes sound the same. You will have to research what tube types your amp can take,and then get recs from that thread for a tube that provides the sound you're looking for.

    On my GOTL,with the VC,the Ken Rad 6SN7GT gives the mids a lot of creaminess,and fantastic bass response. On the Verite open,I prefer the Tung Sol 6SN7GT BGRP in the driver spot. Not all tubes sound the same on each amp,so again ask for recs in the dedicated thread.
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  15. Bonddam
    So much too learn..:L3000:
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