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ZMF Verite

Discussion in 'High-end Audio Forum' started by heliosphann, Oct 3, 2018.
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  1. heliosphann
    Standard pads are Verite Perforated Lambskin and Universe Perforated Lambskin

    You can request different pads though. Zach and team are very accommodating.
    Last edited: Sep 11, 2019
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  2. Roasty
    I believe I tried the verite again with the verite perforated lambskin.
    If you could choose only two to go with your verite, which would it be?
    I'm not really a fan of swapping stuff out so most likely I will end up using only one type of pad..
  3. mixman
    Me, I preferred the Verite Lambskin over the Universe Perforated Lambskin although the Verite Suede Perforated pads were a close second the the Verite Lambskin.
  4. jinxy245
    If I'm not mistaken the "Verite" pads are the stock configuration, but I'm pretty sure Zach will throw in any pads if you ask.

    EDIT: Damn you @heliosphann you always beat me to it!
    Last edited: Sep 12, 2019
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  5. nvmadamada
    I've been enjoying my Verite with the universe perf. pads. The Verite with the verite pads makes letting go of my Utopia surprisingly a lot easier than I thought...
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  6. johnnypaddock
    These days I'm finding that I prefer the Verite perforated lambskin pads in my setup. The warmth of the Universe pads was nice, but I felt there was something missing with the mids. It can be a bit of a strange presentation. With the Verite pads, I can play anything and it sounds perfectly balanced. I've always been more of a speakers guy, but these headphones are extremely addictive. I've become a huge fan of ZMF.
  7. Tinola
    My Verite has been ordered. Now the wait begins! Pairing it with the Leeloo amp!
  8. alvin sawdust
    I'm also very much enjoying the Verite pads over the universe. Still surprises me how the Verite unearths plankton that the HD800 barely hints at and in an unforced manner.
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  9. pippen99
    Should be a good match. The Leeloo is my favorite Ampsandsound amp!
  10. jinxy245
    If I'm reading it right, I just read on the Aeolus thread that his Pendant was based on the Leeloo.
    To quote Zach:
    "We have used the Pendant at every show except for CanJam London (because I didn't have a 240V at the time) - and at Socal I had the MonoBlock version of the Pendant, which is called LeeLoo Suolo I believe"
  11. Tinola
    Yep, the Pendant is based on the Leeloo.

    Quoting ampsandsound owner: "The Pendant is based on the D/C'd Leeloo, however so much of amp had to be redesigned it got a new name.
    All the transformers were redesigned. The Power transformer was upgraded to accommodate a tube rect. The outputs were respec'd. This was perhaps the biggest area of development. Multiple output transformers were tested (Similar bench results) and then were sent to ZMF for listening tests without Zach knowing which of the amps had the various changes... an attempt at a double blind experiment.
    New feedback network was also employed.
    The amp got Possitive changes we then have incorporated into our other amps.
    Sockets have labels behind the tube (not visible when looking at your amp).
    power supply was revised, spent a few hours combing through Mouser finding caps we liked/could fit. Increased filtering, coupled with new larger choke makes the pendant as quite or quieter than any ampsandsound amp before.
    The 1V P-P in for full power also means its easy to drive using a DAP.
    The pre out is also adds to the versatility of the amp."
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  12. heliosphann
    I personally like the Universe Perforated Lambskin the best. As for a second pair... Not quite sure on that. I've got most of the other pads for the Verite and plan on doing a little write up on the differences.
  13. Ranathum
    whats the difference between zmf verite for verite ltd?
  14. johnnypaddock
    Just the type of wood.
  15. jinxy245
    Exactly right, the Verite has what is considered a "limited" because Zach buys a certain amount of a type of wood, and once that's used up, it's done, whereas the "stock" wood (that does also change due to availability & other reasons only Zach is privy to) is restocked & available for a longer period of time.
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