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ZMF Verite

Discussion in 'High-end Audio Forum' started by heliosphann, Oct 3, 2018.
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  1. Pharmaboy
    The right person to answer this would be Jack Woo.

    Can't be sure w/o researching the respective circuits and launch dates of these amps--but I doubt the WA3 is a copy/modified version of anything else, despite the similarity in cases. It's more likely to be the other way around: Darkvoice being a mod of the WA3.
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  2. Pharmaboy
    Just looked at the Darkvoice again. The case is not as tall as WA3 & there's one driver/power tube, not two like the WA3.

    Again, can't compare actual circuits, power output stats, etc--but these amps don't appear all that similar.
  3. Àedhàn Cassiel
    I'm an LCD4, HD800, and Eikon owner dealing with FOMO on the announcement of the VC. Everyone so far is saying it sounds the same or better than the VO, so I feel safe asking here. The LCD4 gets the majority of my use… the HD800 is for occasional pallette refreshing, the Eikon mostly on the go (car rides, while washing dishes, etc.… plugged into FLAC files on a rockboxed iPod). What are the chances I'd really want to sell/trade either the LCD4, or HD800 and Eikon, towards the VC?
  4. Pharmaboy
    Excellent review! Appreciated the section on pads & their effect on sound.

    Your picture shows a beautiful headphone. The combination of ziricote & stainless hardware is subtle & very attractive.
  5. Darthpool
  6. Klonk
  7. Roasty
    I just saw that pic! You are right. It looks amazing on the aeolus Ltd. But then again that wood is so dark. It makes the rose gold really stand out and pop.

    Still on the fence with having it on cocobolo as it looks like a rather bright wood compared to the aeolus. Worried it will look "too loud" with Rose gold..

    I'll wait on Zach to upload a pic of a completed rose gold cocobolo.
  8. Wildcatsare1
    If it isn’t, it should have been!
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  9. Wildcatsare1
    Only if you want to drop the dishes on the floor :ksc75smile:! I don’t have the Eikon, but do have the VO, Aeolus and the Atticus (had the Autuer) and the VC close falls into its own class. The speed of the VO and Utopia, clarity of the HD800 (without sounding like a tortured cat), honestly I can see keeping the VO and VC as complementary headphones and calling it quits!
  10. Zachik
    So you're saying having VO is not good enough reason to pass on the VC?
    My collection is very very similar to yours, and I am going to audition the VC in 4 weeks (cannot wait!!!)... My wallet is terrified :astonished:
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  11. Wildcatsare1
    It should be, I could probably let my Atticus go, and keep the VO, VC, and Aeolus, but it’s too early for absolutes.
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  12. Darthpool
    This is what I’m doing lol, I’m going to keep the Aeolus, Verite O, and Verite C. These are going to be my go to headphones along with my SR1A. I’ll keep some other headphones and IEMS for niche use =)
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  13. UntilThen
    I currently own the HD800, LCD-3f and Verite Open. I owned the Eikon for a year and sold it. I heard the LCD4 at MiniDisc (a headphone speciality store in downtown Sydney). The Eikon is good. Not sure why I sold it but I sure have seller's remorse after I sold it. Having said that, Verite Open is much better than Eikon from my recollection of Eikon.

    Having had the Verite Open since the 18th of August, I have to say that the VO is the most enjoyable headphone for me with my tube amps. I can listen to music with it for hours and not feel fatigued. Resolves as well as Utopia (which I have heard on 2 occasions), the VO midrange and mid bass is really good. Sub-bass is not lacking too. In short, it's a very good all rounder. For want of a better word, it's musical.

    Sadly my HD800 and LCD-3f are kind of neglected now.
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  14. Wildcatsare1
    I’m going to do the same, the Vérité C isn’t going anywhere, the speed, imaging, and downright scary dynamics are irreplaceable!
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  15. Wildcatsare1
    Taking time to listen to the Lampizator Amber, with solid state rectification, with my WA5 and the VC. Oh, my goodness (putting it mildly, this is a PG Site), the dynamics are absolutely head rattling, this is a scary good synergy! Thanks @Monsterzero and @Gopher for setting up the tour!
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