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ZMF Verite

Discussion in 'High-end Audio Forum' started by heliosphann, Oct 3, 2018.
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  1. nishan99
    PSA: I do not recommend this method with the ZMF Verite.

    I use this method(I reduced it to -4dB) to burn in my dynamic headphones/speakers with no problems, it was an easy and efficient way to burn in, but not with the Verite.
    The Verite right driver just failed and I am waiting for return labels for a repair. I think it's heat related issue as the failed driver was facing the wall and the sound one was facing the AC.

    I think the same will happen if you burn them in with heavy bass tracks, just burn them with normal use or normal tracks.
    Stay safe :)
  2. Biscuitboy
    My pair is in the Assembly phase. I'm thoroughly excited at this point. Hopefully I get them in time to get to use them for a little while before I make bad decisions and buy the closed back version...
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  3. Hansotek
  4. Wildcatsare1
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  5. bryceu
    I’m not sure if anyone’s received rose gold pairs yet since they just were introduced and the wait time for headphones to be built right now, but I might be wrong.

    I do know that the Aeolus LTD in rose gold from the site look stunning!
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  6. TonyNewman
    [​IMG] Just picked up my Verite Open. Spend half an hour demo'ing it with a Chord TT2. Knowing that the Chord unit is slightly on the lean side of neutral, I wasn't concerned by some minor issues in the treble. Sure enough, when I put the Verite on my home rig it is as spectacular as I expected, without any treble bother.

    This headphone is what the Focal Utopia should have been. I jumped on the Utopia hype train and bought one way too early without demo'ing it first. I could live with the small (but very precise) sound stage, but I could not live with Focal's tuning. Not my thing.

    Almost pulled the trigger on the E2, but decided to wait for someone to build a headphone with similar technical capabilities to the Utopia, but with tuning more in line with my tastes. The Verite seems to be ticking that box for me. At last, a headphone worthy of the hype.

    The headphone is the store unit, but I was the first customer to try it. Only one or two of the store staff had used it, briefly. So it still has very few hours on it. Should become more relaxed with a few more hours on it - however it is stunning as is.

    This headphone rewards upstream components. My home rig is detailed below. This is giving results significantly more pleasing than the TT2 I used in store.

    PC->ethernet->Metrum Ambre->I2S->Metrum Pavane->GS-X Mk2

    My Pavane has been upgrade to Adagio standard with DAC TWO modules. Superb R2R NOS DAC for those that might be in the market for one. I found the move to I2S feed with the Ambre unit well worth the money. It improves on the Singxer SU-1/AES feed significantly.

    Will fire up the Glenn 300B amp shortly and see how that performs.

    EDIT - to get the image working. My Gorilla hands struggle sometimes.
    Last edited: Aug 31, 2019
  7. TonyNewman

    Firing on the Glenn 300B (please excuse the dust - I am a lazy sod).

    Vocals are about as good as you would expect with a custom 300B amp from a craftsman like Glenn. In a word - spectacular.

    Running the EML mesh 300Bs at the moment. These are a very fine tube, especially for vocals. Not quite the magic of the TA300Bs, but still an excellent tube and well worth having in the tube arsenal of any 300B fan.

    This is the amp where I replaced the rectification with solid state. This upped the transparency of the amp, particularly with bass punch and slam. My GS-X Mk2 beats the 300B in the technicalities, but not by much, which is rather amazing for a tube rig.

    The PY500s are still being heated as I love the glow of the PY500 tube. The extra switch to the left of the volume knob is the soft start resistor switch. It has a big red patch under it to remind me to check it prior to start up. Going to SS rectification will create a start up current surge without the soft start, and that is very, very bad for the 300B tubes. I damaged an Elrog 300B as a result - an expensive act of stupidity.

    I love this headphone. Dynamic headphones seem to match well with powerful tube amps, and the Verite is responding beautifully to Glenn 300B amp. Previously my best tube amp pairing was the HD800S, but the Verite is stomping all over it, particularly in the low end.

    This amp can throw 8W - enough to drive the HE6 with authority.

    Paint me happy and content with the Verite
  8. TonyNewman
    Last pic - this time with the Taks. Wonderful tubes, but the price is wallet destroying.

    C3gs are naked, as they should be

  9. Monsterzero
    Nice tubes. Nice amp too. Welcome to Verite/Glenn club.
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  10. TonyNewman
    Thanks. Glenn does great work, as you know. Little plug for Glenn - anyone in the market for a kickass tube amp should explore the option of a custom build from Glenn.
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  11. UntilThen
    Tony, my Verite is 12 days old and it’s great with the Glenn OTL amp but now you got me thinking about the 300b amp.
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  12. heliosphann
    The indecency. Cover those C3g's up!
  13. TonyNewman
    It's a great amp, but there are some downsides. It is expensive (contact Glenn for the latest pricing), chucks out quite a bit of heat, and tube rolling with 300Bs is an expensive habit to have. My amp weighs 24kg - so not fun to move around.

    On the upside, it can throw 8W - that is enough to drive anything (including the HE6), looks great, and the 300B SET sound signature is very addictive.
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  14. UntilThen
    The 300b will happen but not so soon yet. Just got ALO Audio Studio Six. 24 kgs is not a problem after lifting my Sansui at 33 kgs.

    Now I need more impressions from you on Verite with the 300b after you have more time. :)
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  15. TonyNewman
    Will do in a few weeks. Likewise, will be very interested in your thoughts on the ALO Studio Six.
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