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ZMF Verite

Discussion in 'High-end Audio Forum' started by heliosphann, Oct 3, 2018.
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  1. nishan99
    The verite has crazy bass quality and excellent extention, just EQ them and enjoy.

    If you want to stay purist get a fostex 900mkii.
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  2. ufospls2
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  3. JM1979
    Thanks for all of the feedback! I think an Atticus may be in my future because I just love the build and sound of ZMF as well as their passion for the hobby.

    With maybe a different way to ask this question, how does the Verite change during burn in?

    I’m currently burning in a new Verite via listening time, which is 1-2 hours a day tops. It went from a lot of bass (kinda loose) to more focused bass and overall cohesion and liquid ness. However, if I put on bass heavy music (hip hop for example) it gives me all the bass I could ever want. With some of the acoustic recordings i listen to, the bass has deminished in favor of tonal accuracy.

    Can anyone speak to the changes the drivers go through during break in?

    I always love listening during break in because the changes are fascinating to me. But with that comes periods where the sound is odd and will then change soon their after. I guess I should just hook them up and at least do 100 hours of burn in while I work.
  4. Monsterzero
    Speaking only for myself,when I first received the loaner ZMF sent to me for review,the bass was sooooo huge that it was drowning out most of the other aspects of the sound. I spoke about this in review I did. I hated the Verite. I put it aside and focused on the Aeolus. In my review I mentioned it was a poor choice of tubes on my part causing the issues,but I have since changed my mind as to the cause and believe it was from a lack of burn-in. On the Verite I currently own,I can now use the offending tubes with no problem.

    I can still get the Verite to thunder with specific tube rolls,to the point that I do not miss the Atticus at all,though I usually roll in tubes that provide slightly less midbass as thats my personal preference,but it still slams real hard.

    IMO burn-in is real. Others might have different results with their Verite than I did,but it was worth fighting thru the growing pains as the Verite is now my favorite headphone.
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  5. jinxy245
    I'm not an owner, but this thread is peppered with conformation, do a "burn in" search & you'll probably be overwhelmed. @zach915m had said that burn in is necessary with the Verite probably more than any other headphone he makes (I would assume this holds true for the closed version as well).
    Last edited: Aug 26, 2019
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  6. bryceu
    Congrats on receiving your pair @nishan99

    This forum is a little more active than the ZDT Jr thread so I'll ask here first, anyone got a good tube to pair with Verite? Cheers.
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  7. UntilThen
    I can relate to your experience. However as my Verite is still 2 weeks old, I'll refrain from commenting on the sonic experience. The Sansui au alpha 907mr has been retired and in it's place sits the ALO Audio Studio Six. Besides it sits the Glenn Super 9 OTL amplifier. Verite, LCD-3f and HD800 are plugged into both tube amps and interchange occasionally. I'm enjoying the burn-in very much. I'm in no hurry to rush to the 300 hours mark. It will come and I'll experience the change in tone on the Verite as I go.
  8. UntilThen
    Time to update with another photo. Once in a while something comes along and gets me totally engrossed. Verite is one of them.

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  9. UntilThen
    Life's little pleasure. These 2 tube amps are sensational with Verite. It's hard for me to pick a favourite. As much as I like the Sansui 907mr with the Verite, the Studio Six and Glenn's OTL amp are much better with Verite. These are not bloomy tube tone. It's tight, fast and dynamic with hard hitting bass. Sensational bass slam from these tube amps. It's so addictive listening to music with these combination.

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  10. Torq
    Just received my 3rd pair of Vérité in Cocobolo with the newly-offered copper rods/grilles, and have to say I'm thrilled with how they turned out:

    Verite (Cocobolo) - Cups Flat (1024).jpg

    Verite (Cocobolo) - Seattle - Left (1024).jpg

    So, having these set for home and my secondary rig, the next question is going to be what wood to go with for a pair of Vérité C (for which I have a review-set in Monkeypod) that I've been enjoying, and that have exhibited some interesting changes during burn-in ... which are apparent in measurements done when they first arrived and since with a bit over 100 hours on them).

    Why "3rd pair"? I originally bought the Pheasantwood set during the initial pre-order and loved them - enough to buy a 2nd pair for another location. I went with Ziricote for the 2nd set, and was so taken by the look of those that I decided I wanted to swap my Pheasantwood for Ziricote (posted here for sale/trade with that aim). Timing worked out such that the Cocobolo option just surfaced, and I liked those as much, or better than the Ziricote, so in the end I opted to order the set you see above. So, I only own two pairs ... but they're the third I've had in my hands and probably my favorite looking so far (they all sound fantastic).
  11. heliosphann
    Thanks from all of us for making our Verite's look less impressive. :rolling_eyes:

  12. Phantaminum
    Holy beautiful wood! Looks like Zach took Tiger Eye and molded it into headphone cups.
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  13. Rowethren
    Congratulations they are stunning!
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  14. wenbinbin2010
    That copper looks pretty good...making me 2nd guess my choice for brass with Cocobolo. But either way can't go wrong! That's exactly the type of wood grain I'm hoping to get!
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  15. Wes S
    WOW! That has to be hands down, the best looking ZMF, I have ever seen!
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