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ZMF Verite

Discussion in 'High-end Audio Forum' started by heliosphann, Oct 3, 2018.
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  1. bryceu
    Yea I was stoked to see mine update :dt880smile:
  2. nishan99
    Me waiting for my Ziricote

  3. bryceu
    What date did you purchase? Was the estimated shorter, or longer?
  4. nvmadamada
    chiming in with my order,
    it was placed on June 22th, Ziricote,
    so it's been about 7 weeks. hopefully ships out this week c:
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  5. bryceu
    Nice dude, soon!
  6. nishan99
    30 June, longer :)
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  7. mixman
    Got some Verite suede pads. I can say they are a nice addition to the palette of Verite tones. They add an extra bit of top end that's great for metal and any recordings that are too warm or dull sounding. They make the Verite less laid back sounding. Now, the only negative part is that it does reduce some air as it brings the music, especially the vocals, a little more forward and thus lessens the 3D staging somewhat. I still generally prefer the Verite leather pads but there are definitely cases where the suede can sound better.

    Has anyone tried the Auteur suede pads on the Verite? If so, how does that sound, especially in comparison to the lambskin Auteur pads?
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  8. JM1979
    I ordered mine on the exact same day. :gs1000smile:

    I can’t remember what the quoted time frames were but I do know I feel like a 10 year old waiting for Christmas Day to get here.

    Hoping they ship this week. I can’t wait to own a pair.
  9. Roasty
    Need some advice.

    I have the utopia and the empyrean, both if which I love for their own sounds and characteristics.

    I've been to the headphone shop and have listened to the verite in their stock wood (I can't remember if it was silkwood or pheasantwood). I listened to them once, and couldn't bring myself to like them. So I gave them a second chance and went back a few weeks later to listen to them again, but I still could not "get" the sound sig of these headphones. Very mid bass emphasised with funny tonality and weird soundstage and imaging. Felt a bit muddy/veiled.

    After listening to the verite the second time round, I used the shop's Utopia and Empyrean on the same dac/amp setup and immediately had a smile on my face..

    Could it be because of the wood used on the verite that I auditioned?

    Basically.. I'm seeing the cocobolo verite and I'm so close to pulling the trigger. It looks so damn good and am thinking of it plus some rose gold grills.

    But I'm really worried that if I didn't like the verite in stock wood, I won't like the verite in cocobolo. Does the wood make a big difference? Or will I be making a big mistake.

    I did quite like the sound of the auteur in stock wood form. But I only had a few minutes with the auteur.
  10. UsoppNoKami
    The wood won't change the sound much on the Verite. Rolling pads will. If you love the Utopia / Focal house sound, go back and try it with the flat Verite pads before deciding. And yes, auteurs are lovely, will actually complement the Verite. Spent some time with a friend's teak Auteur recently and decided I would like one this Christmas to go along with my Pheasantwood Verite
  11. nishan99
    Don't pull the trigger yet, go to the shop and try the flat verite pads. Too much mid bass and weird staging are reported for the stock angled pads, try the flat ones then decide.
  12. mixman
    Yep like others mentioned, sounds like you listened with the universe pads, which I do not like. Definitely try the Verite pads. Also coming from the Empyrean also. The Verite will sound different, but give it time.
  13. Roasty
    Yes you guys are right! I remember now, they were using the angled pads.

    Looks like I'll have to go down and give them another listen!
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  14. bryceu
    Dang. Well almost there

    Definitely recommend trying the other pads and verifying you enjoy the sound before pulling the trigger. I personally had the opposite experience listening to both Verite and Empyrean, I did not love the Empyrean’s sound but I really appreciated the Verite.
    Last edited: Aug 12, 2019
  15. bryceu
    Might need to add these to my order :]
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